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История роста
История роста
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Конкуренты и синергии
Конкуренты и синергии
Конкуренты и синергии
Конкуренты и синергии
Конкуренты и синергии
Конкуренты и синергии
Конкуренты и синергии
Конкуренты и синергии
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Конкуренты и синергии
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Конкуренты и синергии
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Сл Текст Эф Сл Текст Эф
1YOU TUBE INVESTMENT PROFILE SUP V.3 CONFIDENTIAL.0 22when the page is accessed. These simple cut-and-paste0
Discussion document. September 2006. options are popular particularly with users of
2Резюме. – самый популярный онлайн-видео0 social/networking sites. Poor experiences have however
сайт web 2.0, огромная мультимедийная библиотека ~100 been cited by members of such sites, where autoplaying
млн файлов, бесплатный сервис, позволяющий пользователю embedded YouTube videos has been reported to slow down
выкладывать любое видео, искать по категориям, смотреть page loading time or even to cause browsers to crash.
и выставлять оценки. Доля на рынке online video – 43% General concerns: Videos can be downloaded off
13-й самый посещаемый сайт в мире 60% всех YouTube's website and viewed offline with various video
просматриваемых видео в интернет просматриваются на player applications, however this may be a violation of Компания: частная, основана в феврале 2005, copyright. Copyright infringement YouTube policy does
портал запущен в декабре 2005. Персонал – 60 чел. not allow content to be uploaded by anyone not
Головной офис находится в Palo Alto, California, USA permitted by copyright law to do so, and the company
Основатели: трое выходцев (27-30 лет) из Pay Pal frequently removes uploaded infringing content, but a
(типичный «стартап Силиконовой Долины»), венчурный large amount of it continues to be uploaded
капитал получен от Sequoia Capital в сумме 11.5 mln USD nonetheless. Generally, unless the copyright holder
Трафик: темп роста один из самых высоких в мире (~ 150% reports them, YouTube only discovers these videos via
за последние 3 месяца) ~ 20 млн. уникальных indications within the YouTube community through
пользователей в месяц, 11.2 pageviews/ user. Ежедневно self-policing. The primary way in which YouTube
загружается 65 000 видео, среднее время посещения сайта identifies the content of a video is through the search
– 17 минут. Портрет пользователя: 18-49 лет, география terms that uploaders associate with clips. Some users
– весь мир, мужчин приблизительно на 20% больше женщин have taken to creating alternative words as search
Акционеры: Sequoia Capital, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, terms to be entered when uploading specific type of
Founder, Jawed Karim. Структура не афишируется files (similar to the deliberate misspelling of band
Инвестиционная возможность: Предлагается рассмотреть names on MP3 filesharing networks). For a while,
возможность приобретения YouTube за $1,2-1.3 млрд. 2. members could also report one another. The service
3Обзор рынка: топ 20 сайтов по посещаемости в0 offers a flagging feature, intended as a means for
интернете. Website reporting questionable content, including that which – might constitute copyright infringement. However, the feature can be subsceptible to abuse; for a time, some users were flagging other users' original content for copyright violations, purely out of spite. YouTube proceeded to remove copyright infringement from the Country Global Global list of offenses flaggable by members. Community
Global China China (Asia?) Global China Japan China censorship model YouTube does not have a centralized
(Asia?) Global Global China Global China Global Global model for monitoring the content of videos uploaded to
Global Global Global UK. Main options personalized the site, instead relying on a "YouTube user
content and search dialup access and content provider community" to handle the task. Votes counted
search search content and search social network blogs against a video cause it to be blocked or marked
сontent and search сontent and search сontent and "inappropriate." While seemingly sensible,
search windows live search auction сontent and search videos that contain nothing other than an unpopular
video sharing сontent and search microsoft content free point of view or similarly nonsensical transgressions
encyclopedia сustomer-centric website friends/dating are flagged regularly and are more difficult to view
search blogs search. Online since 1995 1994 1997 1999 for most visitors as a result. 22.
1995 1996 1998 ? 1997 1994 1995 1998 2005 1998 1991 23YOU TUBE’S ONLINE VIDEO MARKET SHARE IS 43%. *. *0
2001 1994 2002 1999 1999. 3. Source: Alexa TOP 500 as Daily reach (per million) – доля пользователей (xx
for 11/09/06. тысяч) в каждом миллионе интернет-пользователей мира,
4История роста. DAILY TRAFFIC, Thnd visitors / day*.0 которые ежедневно посещают сайт. Alexa.Com имеет MySpace. From исследовательскую базу мировых интернет-пользователей,
«0» to … 45 000 visitors / day 11.1 page views / user которые являются основой исследований и считает эту
Average time of visit 17 min / user for 9 month (as for базу достаточно репрезентативной, чтобы
11/09/06). * Thnd visitors in each million of global экстраполировать результаты своих исследований на
internet users. Source: 4. мировой интернет. Key You Tube’s advantages (comparable
5История компании. Компания: типичный «стартап0 to Google Video) YouTube was constructed with a
Силиконовой Долины», частная, основана в феврале 2005, community in mind YouTube’s user interface is vastly
портал запущен в декабре 2005. Персонал – 60 чел. better YouTube’s viral functions. Share this video and
Головной офис находится в Palo Alto, California, USA tell a friend are ridiculously easy. YouTube videos
Основатели: трое экс-сотрудников (27-30 лет) из Pay Pal always load and play faster than Google videos. YouTube
(платежная система). Венчурный капитал получен от displays the number of times each video has been
инвестиционной компании Sequoia Capital в сумме 11.5 played. YouTube’s user account system is more robust.
mln USD. Steve Chen основатель и CTO Экс-сотрудник YouTube’s search functionality is vastly better than
PayPal 27 лет, University of Illinois at Google’s. YouTube displays three random images from
Urbana-Champaign (без степени). Jawed Karim основатель each video for search returns. YouTube displays
и советник Раньше работал в PayPal, IBM (Бостон), trackbacks to each video. YouTube helps users find the
Silicon Graphics Inc., National Center for obvious: related videos. Other players: Yahoo, Google,
Supercomputing Applications (Champaign, IL), University AOL, Sturt-ups: Brightcove, VideoEgg, Grouper, Revver
of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (Minneapolis, MN) and You Tube Online video has become a very hot area of
27-29 лет, Магистр компьютерных наук Stanford investment for venture capitalists. VideoEgg is
University, бакалавр компьютерных наук University of jockeying for attention amidst a large crop of startups
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Chad Hurley основатель и like Brightcove, Grouper, Revver, and YouTube. The
CEO До создания You Tube - одна из ключевых фигур в startups are all taking different approaches to putting
PayPal, первый дизайнер пользовательского интерфейса 29 video online. While Grouper and YouTube are going after
лет, BA Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 5. the "funniest home video crowd" in an effort
6Конкуренты и синергии. Конкуренты Google video0 to develop a destination site, VideoEgg is aimed at
(платные и бесплатные сервисы) vSocial, iFilm, bloggers and others who are interested in having their
MetaCafe, Veoh,, IFC Medialab and FBC video viewed from their own site, and not someone
V-Files прочие сайты-клоны You Tube Синергии Community else's. the most important and the biggest and real
sites MOBIX. Pageviews per user среди конкурентов you difference made factors. 23. Source: Technorati &
tube (среднее значение за 3 последних месяца). 6. IceRocket.
7Бизнес-модель. Операционные расходы 0.9 – 1.3 млн.0 24VALUATION. Source: You Tube, IDC estimates,0
USD в месяц Потенциальные источники доходов Реклама traffic-tracking firm Hitwise,, Alexa.
Платное скачивание видео контента знаменитостей Платное YouTube's potential market value in an acquisition is
голосование через мобильный телефон Платные услуги pure speculation and YouTube may be worth from 600 mln
скачивания на мобильный телефон Платная реклама to 1.5 bn USD Comparable deals (inside the social
контента оффлайновых ресурсов (например плата ТВ network websites): Sony has agreed to pay 65 mln USD
каналов за анонсы или рекламу их шоу). 7. for video-sharing site Grouper with less than a 1%
8SWOT. STRENGTHS Size First entry Brand0 market share, prompting speculation about the value of
Functionality. WEAKNESSES No clear business model bigger sites such as YouTube… You Tube has 43% News
Extremely weak revenue. OPPORTUNITIES Development of a Corp.'s acquisition of MySpace (Intermix Media) for 580
new generation TV platform No Board of Directors is mln USD. Potential acquirers Sony Corp. News Corp.
likely to approve purchase of resource loosing cash Video delivery companies and online content aggregators
without clear business model. THREATS No real Probable You Tube’s development scenario: to maximize
competitors same scale Legal issues/copyright. 8. traffic growth ? IPO ? sale of the company at the
9NEXT STEPS. Hire Investment Bank in NY to approach0 raising stage (max. price). You Tube can be a great AD
You Tube Develop a revenue generation plan. 9. platform: 24.
10BACKGROUND. 10.0 25Прогноз роста. ЕЖЕДНЕВНЫЙ ТРАФИК, тыс.посетителей /0
11Сервисы. Сочетание функциональности и социальных0 день*. MySpace. Будущие доходы You Tube
потребностей пользователя: Файлы мультимедиа Просмотр могут быть сопоставимы с доходами MySpace (при
Загрузка Обмен файлами Таги. Пользовательские функции одинкаов. MySpace: Optimistic Traffic growth CAGR
Сообщество Онлайн ТВ Голосование за клип (файл) Jan’06-Aug’08 - 169% Concervative Traffic growth CAGR
Рейтинги Поиск файлов. 11. Jan’06-Aug’08 - 78% Revenues $180-200 mln $413-500 mln
12Бизнес модель и финансы. Бизнес-модель:0 < $528 mln. 310. 310. 165. 125. * Thnd visitors in
advertising-based Текущий статус: модель each million of global internet users. Source:
advertising-based фактически не работает или же 25.
находится в процессе становления. Предположение: 26USER PROFILE. 26. Source: Nielson / NetRatings June0
собственники «жертвуют» рекламными доходами для ’06.
привлечения как можно большего количества 27KEY PERSONS. Chad Hurley , Founder & CEO, (29)0
пользователей: Первая реклама появилась в марте 2006, Chad was the first user-interface designer at PayPal,
на данный момент «активная» медийная реклама where he played a fundamental role in the early
отсутствует Финансы: не афишируется, скорее всего на development of the payment service. He designed the
данный момент выручка не покрывает операционных first PayPal logo, which is still used today. Following
расходов - предположительно около 1 mln USD в месяц. the eBay acquisition, Chad consulted for several
12. technology companies as well as for the producers of
13Конкурентная среда. Основные конкуренты Google0 the hit movie “Thank you for Smoking.” He received a
video (платные и бесплатные сервисы) vSocial, iFilm, B.A in Fine Art at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
MetaCafe, Veoh,, IFC Medialab and FBC Steve Chen, Founder & CTO, (27) To be added ….
V-Files прочие аналоговые сайты-клоны You Tube. Jawed Karim, Founder & Advisor To be added ….
Pageviews per user среди конкурентов you tube (среднее Education: Stanford University, University of Illinois
значение за 3 последних месяца). Сейчас 11.1 pageviews at Urbana-Champaign. Sequoia Capital Since 1972,
(11/09/06). 13. Sequoia Capital has provided startup venture capital
14Преимущества you tube перед video.Google. Построен0 for very smart people who want to turn ideas into
на модели сообщества Лучший интерфейс Простота companies. As the "Entrepreneurs Behind the
пользования и обмена файлами YouTube грузится намного Entrepreneurs," Sequoia Capital's Partners have
быстрее Google YouTube отображает количество просмотров worked with innovators such as Sandy Lerner and Len
YouTube имеет персонифицированную account систему Bozack of Cisco Systems, Jerry Yang and David Filo of
(пользователь имеет социальный статус в т.ч. имеет Yahoo!, Gaurav Garg of Redback Networks, Larry Page and
возможность прославиться – аналог Live Journal) Система Sergey Brin of Google, Dan Warmenhoven of Network
поиска более функциональна В результатах поиска Appliance, T.J. Rodgers of Cypress Semiconductor, Lou
автоматически отображаются случайные 3 момента каждого Tomasetta of Vitesse Semiconductor, Steve Jobs of Apple
видео Опция trackbacks в каждом видео Опция: related Computer and Larry Ellison of Oracle. The companies
videos. 14. organized by Sequoia Capital now account for about 10%
15Перспективы развития. Крупнейший мировой банк0 of the value of NASDAQ. To learn more about Sequoia
мультимедиа. Использование пользовательской базы как Capital visit 27. Source: You Tube.
крупнейшей рекламной площадки. Потенциальные 28BACKGROUND: VIDEO SHARING MARKET PLAYERS.0
рекламодатели: video & mobile producers, movie and
music producers, internet access providers … и т.д. Appeal: Easy-to-use video uploading
Использование content-наполнения библиотеки для and remixing. Interface: Bright and colorful. Tagging,
создания нового медиа-бизнеса: новый TV канал с forums, groups. Not a lot of community features.
любительским видео (тематические каналы). Введение Editing: Trim beginning and end, reorder clips on a
платных сервисов для пользователей: дополнительное timeline, add music and photos. Sharing: Post to a
редактирование, mobile digital video и прочее. group, invite a friend to the service (but not directly
Спонсорские программы производителей техники (content to your clip). Verdict: Uploading straight forward and
making and delivery producers: camera’s, players, iPod painless. But: 25MB filesize limit too small. Mashup
… and mobile phone producers). 15. features fall short of Grouper's "groovies,"
16Сервисы. – самый популярный0 and it's not even in the same ballpark as Jumpcut when
онлайн-видео сайт web 2.0, огромная мультимедийная it comes to mixing and editing. Not a lot of reason to
библиотека ~100 млн файлов, бесплатный сервис, use Eyespot, in its current incarnation. Appeal:
позволяющий пользователю выкладывать любое видео, YouTube with a file-sharing application built on top.
искать по категориям, смотреть и выставлять оценки. Interface: For full functionality, requires an
Сервисы: просмотр, загрузка, обмен файлами, таги, application download. Windows Media Player-based
сообщество, поиск файлов Компания: частная, основана в (converts other formats). Ratings, tagging, groups, RSS
феврале 2005, портал запущен в декабре 2005. Персонал – feeds. Editing: Create mashups of your videos and
60 чел. Местоположение: Palo Alto, California, USA photos, set to music ("groovies"). Sharing:
Основатели: трое выходцев (27-30 лет) из Pay Pal Post direct to myspace, friendster, eBay. Download to
(типичный «стартап Силиконовой Долины»), венчурный hard drive, iPod. Verdict: "Groovies" are
капитал получен от Sequoia Capital в сумме 11.5 mln easy to create and could be very popular. But:
USD. Доля на рынке online video – 43% Траффик: темп File-sharing application seems half-baked (and is
роста один из самых высоких в мире (~ 150% за последние undifferentiated from existing options).
3 месяца) ~ 20 млн. уникальных пользователей в месяц, "Groovies" will prove much more popular if
11.2 pageviews/ user. Ежедневно загружается 65 000 they can be built online without having to download the
видео, среднее время посещения сайта – 17 минут. 13-й app. E-mail registration system was a pain; had to do
самый посещаемый сайт в мире 60% всех просматриваемых it twice to get confirmed. After several hours, my file
видео в интернет просматриваются на Портрет was still unavailable, as the service was still
пользователя: 18-49 лет, география – весь мир, мужчин "upload processing." Appeal: It's Google.
приблизительно на 20% больше женщин. Бизнес-модель: Interface: Typically clean and sparse Google layout.
advertising-based. Первая реклама появилась в марте Uploading requires you download the Google Video
2006, на данный момент «активная» медийная реклама Uploader. Allows you to add plenty of metadata,
отсутствует. Акционеры: Sequoia Capital, Chad Hurley, including a transcript. You can monetize your content
Steve Chen, Founder, Jawed Karim. Структура не by assigning a sale price to each clip (you can also
афишируется. Финансы: не афишируется, скорее всего give users a "day pass," giving them access
выручка сейчас низкая, предположительные затраты - 1 to the content for a limited time, but not ownership).
mln USD в месяц. 16. Editing: None. Sharing: See below. Verdict: Google
17PROFILE. 17.0 Video requires a "video verification"
18GENERAL DATA. Company: You Tube YouTube is popular0 process, where your submission is reviewed to ensure it
free video sharing Resource, a consumer media company conforms to Google's technical standards and legal
for people to watch and share original videos worldwide policies. This process "may take several
through a Web experience. Type: Private days," so check back for an . Appeal: Create,
Founded:February 14, 2005 Headquarters: San Mateo/ Palo edit, and remix video online. Interface: Slick
Alto, California, USA Key persons: Chad Hurley , interface feels more like an application than a web
Founder & CEO Steve Chen, Founder & CTO Jawed page. Scales all videos to a larger size than other
Karim, Founder & Advisor Employees: 60 (2006) sites, but videos don't autoplay and there is no
Website: Market share: 43% of online indication of what portion of the video has already
video market Foundation history: Founded by three early been downloaded. Editing: Bar-none the best editing
employees of PayPal and development immediately YouTube options of the bunch. Splice your footage, reorder the
received funding from Sequoia Capital in November 2005 shots, add music, photos, transitions, even
and the service was officially launched in December effects--think iMovie in an online interface. Very,
2005. The domain name "" was very slick. Sharing: Email to a friend, embed in a web
activated on February 15, 2005 and the website was page (worked flawlessly in Wordpress). Verdict: Playing
developed over the following months. The creators with Jumpcut's features, you immediately understand
offered the public a preview of the site in May 2005, that the future of online video is here. No current
and six months later, YouTube made its official debut. competitor can touch it. But: Get too effects crazy and
The company's humble beginnings in a garage and your video slows down. Jumpcut doesn't re-render your
commitment to offering free services necessitated files with every remix--which leaves the original video
outside financial backing. In November of 2005, venture quality intact--but playback of edited files is not
capital firm Sequoia Capital invested an initial $3.5 perfectly smooth. Don't throw out iMovie just yet. 28.
mln; additionally, Roelof Botha, partner of the firm Source: Alexa TOP 500.
and former CFO of PayPal, joined the YouTube board of 29BACKGROUND: VIDEO SHARING MARKET PLAYERS.0
directors. In April 2006, Sequoia put an additional $8
million into the company, which had experienced a boom Appeal: "the global home for grassroots
of popularity and growth in just its first few months. media." Interface: slow, confusing, and messy.
Total shareholders investments 11.5 mln USD. User Requires an internet archive account, and the
Profile Our user base is 18-49, spanning all integration of the two services is convoluted. Keeps
geographies. With such a large and diverse user base. your content in its native format, which is both good
Men are 20% more likely to visit YouTube than women, and bad--it doesn't recompress your video, but it
with unique audience composition indexes of 113 and 88, requires its users to have several different players
respectively. Traffic At present, YouTube is one of the installed correctly. Creative commons licenses
fastest-growing websites on the World Wide Web, and is built-in. Editing: none. Э sharing: RSS feeds, email to
ranked as the 13th most popular website on Alexa, far a friend, direct link to files from your own site.
outpacing even MySpace's growth. YouTube is currently Verdict: going forward, a good place to upload your
serving 100 million videos per day, with more than media if it is socially-conscious or activist by
65,000 videos being uploaded daily. According to nature. Also works as an online repository for
Hitwise, YouTube videos account for 60 percent of all video/audio storage. But: one of the most difficult
videos watched online and people are spending an sites to upload video to. Current "alpha"
average of 17 minutes per session on the site. ~ 20 mln version falls far short of potential--wait for the next
unique users per month, pageviews per user - 11. Daily version. Appeal: YouTube with monetization--if people
reach (mln visitors). MySpace You Tube 18. watch your video (and the embedded ad), you get paid
Source: You Tube, Nielsen NetRatings, Alexa, 20% of what the advertiser pays Revver. If they click
19USER OPPORTUNITIES. What is YouTube : All services0 on the Revver link at the end, you split the proceeds
are completely free. Everyone can watch videos on 50/50. Interace: Quicktime-based. Requires you to
YouTube—both on and across the Internet. download a client for uploading content. Tagging,
People can see first-hand accounts of current events, emailing, rating, playlisting. Editing: None. Sharing:
find videos about their hobbies and interests, discover See below. Verdict: Offers a unique revenue-sharing
the quirky and unusual. As more people capture special model that may appeal to content owners and producers.
moments on video. The slogan "Broadcast But: Uploading process is convoluted (the promised
Yourself" reflects the basic intent of the site's drag-and-drop functionality was nowhere to be found).
creators: to provide hosting for videos. YouTube is a After trying to upload my file using the Revver client
place for people to engage in new ways with video by twice, my video was still listed as
sharing, commenting on, and viewing videos. YouTube "unavailable." I later received an email from
originally started as a personal video sharing service, Revver stating that my submission may contain
and has grown into an entertainment destination with unauthorized material that requires clearances--which
people watching more than 100 million videos on the is true. Because Revver and Google Video are the only
site daily. YouTube Community Users determine what is sites in this roundup that let you monetize your
popular on the site, and can unleash their creativity content, we'll be back with an update comparing the
and broadcast their talents to a global audience. two. Appeal: Lets you painlessly upload video of any
YouTube is creating a community for personal video, format to the web and post it to other sites or share
musicians, amateur filmmakers and comedians, and it with friends. Interface: Requires you download an
professional content owners. Anyone can broadcast application in order to upload. The download seamlessly
themselves by creating content and distributing it embeds in your browser to give you drag-and-drop
through YouTube. And the community decides what is functionality. Editing: Basic trimming of beginning and
popular through their ratings and comments. Unlike end points. Sharing: Post direct to eBay, Blogger, and
traditional broadcast channels, which have set windows Typepad. Creates a simple URL, lets you email the
for their programming, people can watch what they want, video, and gives you javascript and html code for
when they want on YouTube, focused on building the best embedding in your own pages. Verdict: Painless
user experience and the best platform for people to experience. If you only need to post and share video
share their videos around the world. Services: Upload, with friends, Videoegg just works. Flash 8 video
tag and share videos worldwide. Video embedding, which quality is pretty decent. But: Video didn't embed
lets users insert a YouTube video into MySpace properly in other pages (Wordpress). Appeal: Flickr for
accounts, blogs, or other Web Browse millions of video. Interface: Nice and clean, uses a flash wrapper
original videos uploaded by community members Find, to play native formats. No download required, simple
join and create video groups to connect with people who and easy uploads. Tagging, commenting, voting. Nice
have similar interests Customize the experience by player with a volume control and no burned-in logo.
subscribing to member videos, saving favorites, and Editing: None in the current version. Sharing: Post to
creating playlists Integrate YouTube videos on websites Flickr, send to, download original file,
using video embeds or APIs Make videos public or embed in your MySpace profile or blog, create an RSS
private—users can elect to broadcast their videos feed. Verdict: Good video quality. Embedding the video
publicly or share them privately with friends and in Wordpress worked flawlessly. But: Light on community
family upon upload By registering, users are able to features, and weekly storage cap of 20 megs is too
upload and share videos, save favorites, create limiting. 29. Source: Alexa TOP 500.
playlists, and comment on the videos. YouTube is 30BACKGROUND: VIDEO SHARING MARKET PLAYERS.0
building a community that is highly motivated to watch … BEST VISEO SHARING WEBSITES
and share videos. The YouTube service is free and will (DvGuru estimates) For posting: If you just want to get
be supported by advertising. 19. Source: You Tube. a video clip online and share it with friends via email
20WEBSITE. NO BANNERS. 20.0 or on your own blog, Vimeo wins for its speed,
21COMPANY DESCRIPTION. Source: You Tube, IDC0 ease-of-use, and simple playback functions. It also
estimates. Business Model YouTube is pursuing lets users download the original file, and features
advertising as its business model, and is exploring a some light community features (note that a new version
range of possibilities including promotions, is launching very soon). One of the few sites I used
sponsorships, contextual-based advertising, traditional that I never had a problem with. Alternate choice:
banner advertising, etc. The site's bandwidth costs, Videoegg. For viewership: If you want to step up to
which increase every time a visitor clicks on a video, more community features and get widespread viewership
may be approaching $1 mln a month. The company does not of your viral clip, YouTube gets the job done with a
have a viably implemented business model. lot less hassle than vSocial or Grouper. For editing:
Advertisements were launched on the site beginning in If you want to alter your video online in any
March 2006. In April, YouTube started using Google way--through editing, remixing, or combining your clips
AdSense. Market Size Internet optimists predict that with those from other users--then head on over to
online video, long-rumored to be the next big thing, is Jumpcut and don't look back. Jumpcut really offers the
finally taking off: video generated $230 mln revenues first leap forward in online video sharing, and is
in 2005 and will jump to $1.7 bn by 2010. In the worth a look even if you have no use for editing
meantime, the best play in Internet video may not be features (its full-fledged community is launching
the companies that show off the clips, but the ones who "very soon"). Alternate choice: none, yet,
deliver them to users' PCs. The content-delivery although Motionbox looks to be a potential competitor.
business may be a $500 million a year business -- twice Appeal: "The fastest, easiest way to upload, watch
the value of Internet video advertising and users fees and share your favorite video clips." Interface:
-- and is growing 25% per year. This presents a All Web 2.0'd-out. Big fonts, AJAX, tagging, rating,
significant market opportunity for YouTube. Content reviewing, RSS feeds, creative commons licenses.
Partners YouTube is a stage for traditional media Editing: Offers "edit this video"
companies, filmmakers, record labels, movie studios, functionality, which I couldn't test (see below). Can
comedians and more. In spite of having formed also create "Video Rolls," which are
productive relationships with several major media customized playlists generated from your selected
companies, YouTube's copyright controversies are still criteria. Sharing: Embed in your own page, MySpace,
not over. TV journalist Robert Tur filed the first Typepad, Blogger,, Flickr, Blog It! (write
lawsuit against the company in summer 2006, alleging a post on your own blog about a video without leaving
copyright infringement for hosting a number of famous vSocial). Verdict: Lots of community features. But:
news clips without permission. The case has yet to be Didn't live up to their "fastest" or
resolved. You Tube Director Program YouTube implemented "easiest" claim--I never successfully got a
a 10-minute limit for video uploads in March 2006 to video uploaded (tried three times). Quality of existing
prohibit unauthorized videos from being uploaded to the clips is less than stellar--everything's resized to
site. Recognizing that there are many legitimate 320X240. . Appeal: The video-sharing site everyone's
content creators making videos over 10 minutes, we already heard of. Mindshare-winner by a mile.
created a new program called YouTube Directors in April Interface: Tabbed pages feature ratings, favorites,
2006. The service is set up for videobloggers, flagging, tagging, and commenting. Create playlists,
comedians, professional content producers, filmmakers, subscribe to other's uploads, subscribe to tags. The
musicians, and anyone else making videos. Upon player only features a mute button (rather than level
successful registration, YouTube Director accounts control), and full-screening the video opens a new
receive the following benefits: logo on all video pages window and starts playback over. Editing: None.
and profiles Users' own logos, company/organization Sharing: Embed in other websites, including Friendster,
URL, and description on all of their video pages eBay, Blogger, MySpace. Verdict: Easy to use, no major
Ability to upload videos longer than 10 minutes issues. Decent video quality, audio sounds compressed.
Customizable name & value fields for each video Video embedded in Wordpress fine (but was off-center).
(ex: "Price: $4.25" or "Show Time: 9 pm But: No progress bar for uploading. Fairly lengthy
PST") Ability to attach a per-video URL to each "processing" delay before you (or anyone
video The YouTube Director program is completely free else) can watch your . 30. Source: DVGuru rating
to legitimate, original content creators. Users must (portal).
apply via the YouTube website to become a Director at 31BACKGROUND: TOP 30 RUSSIAN WEBSITES BY TRAFFIC. …0 21. MOST LIKELY TO BE TOP 30 WEBSITES VISITED BY MOSCOW
IDC estimates. Despite YouTube's huge user base, Website Яndex Почта Рамблер
content library, and hit count popularity, it is still
a very small company at the administrative level, RapidShare, (file sharing)
staffed by only about 60 employees. This Автомобили в России
disproportionate ratio, and the measures taken to Website
compensate for it, have resulted in some users finding NoNaMe Взгляд.ру
YouTube to be a difficult experience. Many users have Росбизнесконсалтинг Фотофайл
expressed frustration with the lack of administrative YouTube Игра-стратегия ImageShack
communication, active moderation, and technical Microsoft Corporation
support, among other complaints. Perhaps most Спорт-Экспресс 31. Source: Alexa
prominently, the very nature of the site has sparked TOP 500 as for 12/09/06.
copyright debate from its inception, a problem 32BACKGROUND: US ONLINE VIDEO MARKET. Video sharing0
compounded by its constant growth Accessibility issues site YouTube saw the most traffic among video sites,
On YouTube: Users may submit videos in several common accounting for 43 percent of category visits and
file formats (such as .mpeg and .avi). YouTube ranking at number 13 among the more than 500,000 sites
automatically converts them to Flash Video (with tracked by Hitwise. You Tube's market share growth rate
extension .flv) and makes them available for online of visits has increased by over 150%, keeping it well
viewing. Flash Video is a popular video format among above MySpace Videos Other rapidly growing sites in the
large hosting sites due to its tendency to be widely category in that period were Grouper (up 765 percent)
compatible. Outside YouTube: Each video is accompanied and Daily Motion (up 300 percent). 32. Source: HitWise.
by the full HTML codes for linking to it and/or 33BACKGROUND: US ONLINE VIDEO MARKET. 33. Source:0
embedding it within another page; a small addition to eMarketer report Sep 2006.
the code for the latter will make the video autoplay
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