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Exercise: Carrier type
Exercise: Carrier type
Exercise: Publisher
Exercise: Publisher
Exercise: Publisher change (2)
Exercise: Publisher change (2)
Exercise: CSR record maintenance
Exercise: CSR record maintenance
Exercise: CSR record maintenance (2)
Exercise: CSR record maintenance (2)
Exercise: Pre-AACR Maintenance
Exercise: Pre-AACR Maintenance
Exercise: Pre-AACR Maintenance
Exercise: Pre-AACR Maintenance
RDA: Requiring a new description
RDA: Requiring a new description
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6: Working with Copy When to Create a New Record

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
16: Working with Copy & When to 17older than 3 years: 008/06 (Status): u
Create a New Record. 1. 008/11-14 (Date2): uuuu Basis of
2Change over Time. Using existing copy identification: If have later issue than
What types of change can be accommodated? was previously been entered: 588 ## $a
How to edit? RDA & AACR2/CSR records Latest issue consulted: … . 588 ## $a
Pre-AACR2 successive entry records When to Latest issue consulted: … (publisher’s Web
consider re-describing to RDA? Creating a site, viewed …). 17.
new record When? What level? 2. 18Expression-level change ( So
3Manifestation: Types of change (1). far, ALL changes can be accommodated Types
Carrier type (3.22.6) Minor title changes of change common to serials: Language
( Edition not changing scope of Script Examples: 546 ## $a Volumes 1-3 in
publication ( French, volumes 4-7 in German. 546 ## $a
Publisher/distributor/manufacturer In Azerbaijani (Cyrillic), <1999->;
(2.8-2.11) Publisher: Place ( (Latin), <2002-2003> 18.
Publisher: Name ( 3. 19Work-level change (Chapter 6).
4Manifestation: Types of change (2). Parallel language titles appearing on
Series ( Numbering (2.6.1) later issues ( Variant titles that
Frequency ( Editors, issuing differ significantly from the preferred
bodies, etc. ( 4. title and might reasonably be sought
5Carrier types (3.22.6). Minor changes: ( Nature of the content (
Broadsheet to volume (Media type: 19.
unmediated) Microfiche to microfilm (Media 20Hybrid: Editing AACR2/CSR Records.
type: microform) CD-ROM to DVD-ROM (Media Documentation: Post RDA Implementation
type: computer) New record required: Guidelines and Standards
CD-ROM to online (Media type: computer). http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/ May follow RDA
5. conventions to maintain AACR2/CSR records
6Exercise: Carrier type. The last May add (or add to) 336-338 fields Should
CD-ROM issue was: 1997/2001. The first create RDA NARs if additional name
DVD-ROM issue was: 1998/2002. 6. headings are needed (e.g., issuing body)
7Exercise: Carrier type (2). 300 ## $a Many changes can be made without
computer discs ; $c 4 3/4 in. 500 ## $a re-describing serial using RDA. 20.
Issues for 1989/1992-1997/2001 on CD-ROM; 21Exercise: CSR record maintenance. FF:
issues for 1998/2002- on DVD-ROM. 7. LDR/18 (Desc) = a 008/18-19 (Freq/Regl)
8Minor Title Changes & Variant =q/x 008/15-17 (Ctry) = nju. Issue :
Titles. Changes in title proper of Volume 87, issue 4 2012 Philadelphia, PA *
serials: RDA Major and minor Taylor and Francis * Published 5 times a
changes RDA LC-PCC PS general year What enhancements could/should be
guidelines and LC-PCC PS for minor change made to reflect this issue? 21.
categories Title changes: no change in 22Exercise: CSR record maintenance (2).
practice! 8. FF: LDR/18 (Desc) = a 008/18-19
9Minor title changes (, (Freq/Regl) =q/x 008/15-17 (Ctry) = pau.
2.20.2) , parallel (, and variant 22.
titles ( Coding for CONSER core: 23Editing pre-AACR2 records using RDA.
245 00 $a Title 246 1# $i Issues for … Watch for: Partial title that needs to be
have title: $a [later title] 246 1# $i reconsidered Before editing: Create DBO to
Issues for … have English title: $a [later reflect issue used for description if
parallel title] 246 1# $a [variant title] known, based on 362, 936, and any other
$f <Nov. 2011-> Example. 245 00 $a data: Remove 936 Apply Hybrid Record
Geologie de la France 246 1# $i Issues for Guidelines. 23.
1988-1989 have title: $a Geol. Fr. 246 1# 24Exercise: Pre-AACR Maintenance. Issue:
$i Issues for 1994-2000 have also English Volume 35, Number 2, May 2012 Published:
title: $a Geology of France and Baltimore, Maryland, USA * The Johns
surrounding areas 246 1# $a GFSA $f Hopkins University Press. 24.
<1995>-1999. 9. 25Exercise: Pre-AACR Maintenance. 25.
10Edition statement (, 2.20.4). 26Would you re-describe to RDA if …? CSR
Changes in edition statement: No change in CONSER Record: e-Level 8 (ISSN Pre-pub)
scope? ? Record changes from later issues Cataloger has first issue in hand.
if important for identification Example Pre-AACR2 Record: 110 2# $a Society of
250 ## $a Property & casualty Archivists 245 10 $a Journal of the
insurance edition. 500 ## $a Issues for Society of Archivists. 2011: Name of body
Dec. 29, 1986-Jan. 2, 1989 called Property changed to: Archives & Records
& casualty/employee benefits edition; Association. No change to title (oddly
issues for Jan. 9, 1989 called Property enough). AACR2 CONSER Record based on:
& casualty/risk & benefits Vol. 8, no. 3 245 00 $a ME insights.
management edition. 10. Cataloger has volume 1, number 1 with
11Publisher change (2.8, 2.20.7). title: Middle East insights. 26.
Reminder: Existing: 260 # # (if 260 is 27When do you need a new record? W.
present, leave tag as-is) OR 264 # 1 (for Change to authorized access point
RDA record created after August 2011) Add: representing work. Title proper
$3 Coverage New: 264 2 1 (intermediate) --Major change to title proper --Major
264 3 1 (most recent) $3 Coverage change to original title for language
[recorded] $a Place : $b Publisher expression. Creator
[transcribed] $c Date (if ceased) --Authorized access point for person,
[transcribed]. 11. family, or corporate body used in
12Exercise: Publisher. Fixed field: identifying the work --Change affecting
008/15-17 (Ctry): nyu. After this record name of person, family, or corporate body
was created, the cataloger received some used as an addition to authorized access
additional issues (though not a complete point for the work. --Work under
run). Here are some changes discovered: title changes to work under creator. M.
--By the “February 1990” issue, the place Change to manifestation that cannot be
of publication moved to: Tonawanda, NY accommodated in description. Mode of
--By the “February 1991” issue, the place issuance. Media type of a serial.
of publication moved to: Las Vegas, NV The Edition affecting scope or
Raving Lunatic Society remained the coverage. 27.
publisher throughout the life of the 28New record? New work? Situation 245 00
serial. The latest issue received was: $a Newsletter of the American Health
Volume 7, issue #1 (May 15, 1993). 12. Foundation Change: Newsletter of the
13Exercise: Publisher change (2). Fixed Institute for Cancer Prevention. 28.
field: 008/15-17 (Ctry): nvu. 13. 29New record? New work? Situation:
14Frequency change (, 2.20.12). Loose-leaf publication 100 1# $a Dobbs,
Coding: Recorded; CONSER practice: keep Marian F. 245 10 $a Determining child
all 310 ## $a Frequency, $b coverage & spousal support Change: Serial
[current] 321 ## $a Frequency, $b coverage publication 245 00 $a Determining child
[oldest] 321 ## $a Frequency, $b coverage & spousal support. 29.
[next]. 14. 30New record? New work? Situation: 245
15Numbering (2.6.1, 2.20.5). Coding: 00 $a Hong Kong business directory. 300 ##
Partially transcribed Reminder: If $a CD-ROMs Change in 2007: Issued only on
numbering starts over without series DVD-ROMs Change in 2009: Issued only
designation, supply [new series] Options: online as pdf file Change in 2012: Issued
362 1# $a If have first/last in range 515 online as a database. 30.
## $a In all situations. Example 1 362 1# 31New record? New work? Situation:
$a Began with: No 7 (annee judiciaire Spanish-language edition 0# $a Worldnet at
1998/1999); ceased with no 13 (annee a glance. $l Spanish. 10 $a Worldnet en un
judiciaire 2004/2005). vistazo.
-------------------------------- Example 2 ------------------------------------------
362 1# $a Began with December 1971. 515 ## --------------- Change: --New
$a Issues for <May 2010-> called: English-language title is: Worldnet
<2nd series, volume 1, issue 5-> 15. --Spanish-language title is: Worldnet en
16Issuing body ( CONSER un vistazo. 31.
practice: [introductory word(s)]: 32RDA: Requiring a new description. 32.
[information], [dates] Example 550 ## $a 33Summary. Change within: Manifestation,
Issued by: Bureau of Vital Statistics, Expression, and Work-level change
1964–1977; by: Bureau of Vital Records, Hybrid-Record techniques Re-description to
1978–. 16. RDA Change without: Work/Expression,
17Other considerations. CEG B4 FF Dates: Manifestation. 33.
If most recent issue (or known issue) is
6: Working with Copy When to Create a New Record.ppt
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6: Working with Copy When to Create a New Record

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