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8 Home and Automobile Insurance
8 Home and Automobile Insurance
Homeowner’s Insurance Coverages
Homeowner’s Insurance Coverages
Homeowner’s Insurance Coverages
Homeowner’s Insurance Coverages
Homeowner’s Insurance Coverages
Homeowner’s Insurance Coverages
Homeowner’s Insurance Coverages
Homeowner’s Insurance Coverages
Renter’s Insurance
Renter’s Insurance
Comprehensive Physical Damage
Comprehensive Physical Damage
Motor Vehicle Insurance Premium Factors
Motor Vehicle Insurance Premium Factors
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8 Home and Automobile Insurance

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18 Home and Automobile Insurance. 12Objective 3 Analyze the Factors that
Insurance Protection against possible Influence the Amount of Coverage and Cost
financial loss Provides peace of mind of Home Insurance. Determine amount of
Insurance company (insurer) Risk-sharing coverage needed: Replacement value of home
firm that assumes financial responsibility ? Value of home’s contents ? Protection
for losses from an insured risk Procedure for specific items ? (Jewelry, furs, art)
Purchase a policy known as coverage Liability coverage ? Consider “loss
Insurance firm assumes a risk for a fee frequency” (likely # of times for loss)
Insured policyholder pays a periodic and “loss severity” (potential magnitude
premium. 8-1. of a loss) Principle of Indemnity-
2Objective 1 Identify Types of Risks insurance will pay no more than actual
and Risk Management Methods and Develop a financial losses suffered Policy Limits-
Risk Management Plan. Risk Chance of loss specify the maximum dollar amounts that
or injury Uncertainty or lack of will be paid under a policy. 8-12.
predictability Peril Anything that may 13Policy Provisions. Look for a policy
cause a loss Fire, windstorm, robbery, or with full coverage (100% value)
accidents Hazard Anything that increases Coinsurance clause requires you to pay a
the likelihood of a loss For example, part of a loss. Claim settlement methods:
driving drunk, defective house wiring. Actual Cash Value (ACV) Replacement cost
8-2. less depreciation Replacement Cost Full
3Most Common Types of Risk. Personal cost to repair or replace the damaged or
Risks Loss of income or life Caused by lost item 10-20% > actual cash value
illness, disability, old age, or coverage. 8-13.
unemployment Property Risks Losses to 14Factors That Affect Home Insurance
property Caused by perils such as fire or Costs. Location of Home (e.g., rural vs.
theft Liability Risks Losses caused by urban) Type of Structure (e.g., brick vs.
negligence Resulting in injury or property wood) Coverage Amount and Policy type Home
damage Pure Risk = Insurable Accidental, Insurance Discounts Alarm system Smoke
unintentional Nature and financial loss of detectors If you insure car with the same
the risk can be predicted Speculative Risk company Company Differences Compare costs
= Uninsurable Chance of loss or gain and coverages. 8-14.
Starting a small business, gambling, or 15Objective 4 Identify the Important
investing. 8-3. Types of Automobile Insurance Coverage.
4Risk Avoidance. Risk Shifting. Risk Financial Responsibility Law State
Reduction. Risk Assumption. Don’t stop at legislation requiring proof of financial
a convenience store in a bad part of town ability to cover the cost of damage or
after midnight. Ways to Manage Risk. Buy injury caused in an automobile accident 45
Insurance Self Insurance. Wear seatbelts states have compulsory automobile
Install an alarm system. 8-4. liability insurance laws NJ has very low
5Planning an Insurance Program. Set liability limits:15/ 30/5. 8-15.
insurance goals to reduce possible loss 16Motor Vehicle Bodily Injury Coverage.
of: Income due to premature death, Bodily Injury Liability Covers financial
illness, accident or unemployment Property loss due to legal expenses, medical
caused by perils Income, savings and expenses, lost wages, etc. associated with
property due to personal negligence injuries caused by an accident for which
Develop a plan to reach your goals What do you were responsible Expressed as 3
you need to insure? How much should you numbers: 100/300/50 Maximum coverage in
insure it for? What kind of insurance $1,000’s $100,000 maximum paid for
should you buy? Who should you buy injuries to any one person $300,000
insurance from? Put your plan into action maximum paid in total (2+ people) $50,000
Check your results Insurance needs and maximum paid for property damage. 8-16.
goals change. 8-5. 17Motor Vehicle Bodily Injury Coverage.
6Property and Liability Insurance. Medical Payments Coverage Covers the cost
Potential property losses Home, of health care for persons injured in your
automobiles, furniture, clothing, personal automobile, including yourself Also covers
belongings Risk #1: Physical damage caused you or family members injured while riding
by perils (e.g., fire) Risk #2: Loss or in or hit by another vehicle Uninsured
damage caused by criminal behavior Motorist’s Protection Protection against
Liability = legal responsibility for the the risk of getting into an accident with
financial cost of another person’s losses someone with no insurance Underinsured
or injury (if you are held legally liable) Motorist’s Coverage Pays costs if your car
Liability due to negligence Failure to is hit by a person who doesn’t have enough
take ordinary and reasonable care insurance to cover the damage they did to
Vicarious Liability You are held you and your car. 8-17.
responsible for the actions of another 18Motor Vehicle Property Damage
person, such as your child throwing a ball Coverage. Property Damage Liability Covers
through a neighbor’s window. 8-6. damage to the other person’s car when you
7Objective 2 Assess the Insurance are at fault. Includes damage to such
Coverage and Policy Types Available to things as street signs, telephone poles,
Homeowners and Renters. Homeowner’s and buildings Example: during a snow storm
Insurance Coverage Damage or destruction you accidentally slide your vehicle into a
of the building in which you live, and neighbor’s mailbox. This coverage would
other structures on the property Garage, pay for repair or replacement of the
tool shed, trees, and shrubs Additional mailbox. 8-18.
Living Expenses May be limited to 20-30% 19? Collision Coverage. Pays for damage
of property value May be limited to 6-9 to your automobile, regardless of who is
months. 8-7. at fault. If you are not at fault, your
8Homeowner’s Insurance Coverages. insurer will try to collect from the other
Personal Property Furniture, appliances driver’s property damage liability first.
and clothing Household inventory advisable Coverage limited to the retail value of
Usually 55%, 70%, or 75% of property value your vehicle. 8-19.
Limits on certain items such as jewelry 20Comprehensive Physical Damage. Covers
Personal Liability and Related Coverage damage to your vehicle not caused by a
Covers injuries to others on property collision, such as: Fire, theft or
(e.g., fall on ice) Specialized Coverage vandalism Glass breakage Hail, sand, or
Earthquake endorsement Flood coverage. wind storm Falling objects or hitting an
8-8. animal. 8-20.
9Homeowner’s Insurance Coverages. 21No-Fault Insurance. Each driver
Medical Payments Coverage Coverage for collects from his or her own insurance
minor injuries caused by you, your family company for medical expenses, lost wages,
members, or pets, occurring on your and related injury costs 30 states have
property or away from home Personal some variation of the system Intended to
Liability Coverage Umbrella policy - also provide fast, smooth method of paying for
called a personal catastrophe policy damages without determining fault
Supplements basic personal liability Variations among states; designed to
coverage $1,000,000 or more in coverage reduce cost and time to settle cases.
Endorsements and Floaters Endorsements add 8-21.
coverage Personal property floater Covers 22Objective 5 Evaluate Factors that
specific items of high value Jewelry, Affect the Cost of Automobile Insurance.
furs, art collections. 8-9. Automobile Insurance Costs Legal Concerns
10Renter’s Insurance. Broad Form Covers Have enough coverage if you are sued
personal property loss or damage specified Recommendations: $100,000/$300,000 bodily
in the policy Comprehensive Form Protects injury liability Additional $1,000,000+
property against all perils not excluded umbrella liability policy Property Values
Renter’s insurance is relatively $50,000-$100,000 suggested for property
inexpensive Replacement value coverage damage liability. 8-22.
more costly Covers property only in your 23Motor Vehicle Insurance Premium
home Usually includes liability coverage Factors. Vehicle Type Year, make, model,
Many renters do not have insurance. 8-10. and theft rate Rating Territory Accident,
11Home Insurance Policy Forms. Basic auto theft, and vandalism rates in the
Form (HO-1) Protects against perils such area where you live Driver Classification
as fire, lightning, windstorms, hail, Age, sex, marital status, credit history,
smoke, theft, vandalism and riots driving record, driving habits Assigned
(specific named perils) Broad Form (HO-2) risk pool for those unable to obtain
Wider coverage including falling objects insurance Reducing Automobile Insurance
and damage from ice, snow or sleet (more Premiums Compare Companies Premium
specific named perils) Special Form (HO-3) Discounts Establish and maintain a good
Basic + Broad form + all other risks driving record Non-smoker Install security
unless specifically excluded (commonly devices such as a car alarm If more than
earthquake, flood, nuclear accidents, one vehicle, insure with the same company
business usage) Tenant’s Form (HO-4) Larger deductibles. 8-23.
Covers personal property against listed 24Wrap Up. Chapter Quiz Concept Check
risks Comprehensive Form (HO-5) Expands 8-1- Four Methods of Avoiding Risk with
HO-3 coverage to replacement cost; Examples Concept Check 8-2- Complete the
increasingly rare! Condominium Owner Statements Concept Check 8-3- True of
(HO-6) Covers personal property and False? Concept Check 8-4- True or False?
building additions. 8-11.
8 Home and Automobile Insurance.ppt
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8 Home and Automobile Insurance

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