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A Byte Out of Apple Computer
A Byte Out of Apple Computer
Apple’s Competitive Role
Apple’s Competitive Role
Financial Performance
Financial Performance
Important Faces
Important Faces
Important Faces
Important Faces
Important Faces
Important Faces
Important Faces
Important Faces
Role of the CEO
Role of the CEO
Thank you for your time
Thank you for your time
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A Byte Out of Apple Computer

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1A Byte Out of Apple Computer. ISM 158 8of brick & mortar retail stores in an
-- W ’04 Apple Computer, Inc By Sam Braff. attempt to redefine their business in the
2Topics to Address: Industry Background Digital Hub Industry.
Company History Products Offered Financial 9Products Offered by Apple. Hardware
Performance Information Systems Roles, iMac iBook Power Mac Power Book Xserve
Roles and Relationships The Future. XRAID iPod iSight. Software iLife Suite
3Apple’s Competitive Role. Competed AppleWorks Utilities Services .Mac iPod
within the Personal Computer Industry Engraving - iPhoto Albums.
Consistently undercut through pricing and 10Financial Performance.
quantity Began to explore the fringes 11Importance of IT. Apple Computer, Inc.
defined by the PC. places an enormous role at the foot of
4The Digital Hub Industry. Focus not on their I.S. department. Two major retail
the PC itself but on the use of the PC as units, numerous third-party retailers,
a hub for associated digital devices (e.g. numerous suppliers and customers Apple
the iPod, iSight, Palm V) Competition is maintains an impressive database of nearly
derived from eight unique categories. every piece of information they can track
Areas of Competition: Digital Devices and quantify Managed by three top
Offered/Supported Software Integration executives.
Personal Computers Services Sales Strategy 12Two Major Systems at Apple. Online
Customer Strategy Information Systems Retail Store Transaction Processing E-mail
Strategy. notification Shipment Tracking Data Mining
5Major Players in the DHI. Apple Customer History Variable Pricing. iTunes
Computer Sony Corporation Hewlett Packard Music Store Transaction Processing Data
Dell Computer Mining Visitor Tracking Customer History.
----------------------------------- 13Important Faces.
MicroSoft Hardware Manufacturers Intel, 14Names to go with the Faces. Steve Jobs
AMD, Motorola, IBM, Hitachi, etc… -- CEO Fred Anderson -- CFO Ron Johnson --
6Historical Perspective. Apple was Senior VP of Retail Avadis “Avie” Tevanian
founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, -- Chief Software Technology Officer These
two college dropouts, on April 1, 1976 four men constitute the backbone of the
1984 was the year of the Macintosh, company, although recently Fred Anderson
arguably the first “personal” computer In stepped as CFO.
1985, Jobs left the company after losing a 15Roles, Roles and Relationships. The IT
power struggle between him and John department at Apple is controlled by the
Sculley, the ex-president of Pepsi-Cola CFO, who was until recently Fred Anderson
who Steve himself had courted Between 1985 For the two major systems mentioned
and 1993, Apple had many successes and was previously (Online Retail, iTunes MS),
positioned as a Personal Computer Industry both Avie Tevanian and Ron Johnson
leader. communicate with the IT department to
7Historical Perspective (continued). In receive their desired levels of support If
1993, John Sculley stepped down as CEO and IT is unable to support Avie or Ron’s
Apple began trudging down a rocky road current application of information
1995-1996 was the worst year ever for systems, they contact Fred Anderson.
Apple, almost leading to their demise. No 16Role of the CEO? What is Steve Jobs’
corporate executive could seem to turn it role? The CEO, with regards to the IS
around Then, in the last month of 1996, department, is merely a watchdog to see
Steve Jobs was hired back through the that enough attention is paid to gaining
purchase of the NeXT project Steve Jobs added efficiency, effectiveness, and/or
quickly returned to the level of upper competitive advantage.
management and attempted to give hope to 17What lies ahead? The future of Apple
the struggling corporation. Computer, Inc. looks rather good. The last
8Historical Perspective (there’s year has seen the stock price double and
more?). Jobs allied with MicroSoft and the iPod mini is currently sold out across
brokered a deal giving Apple $150M and the country If Apple wants to remain an
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer default leader in the DHI they need to continue to
installation rights on Apple systems In innovate. To avoid the emergence of
1997, the Apple Online Store is created competition, Apple must create new
and quickly becomes one of the top barriers to entry. One way to do this is
e-commerce sites around In the new few by releasing a larger selection of Apple
years, Apple debuts the iMac, the iBook, manufactured digital devices.
the iPod, the Xserve and their own chain 18Thank you for your time.
A Byte Out of Apple Computer.ppt
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A Byte Out of Apple Computer

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