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A Trip to London
A Trip to London.

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«London city» - THE COUNTRY OF LONDON. inhabitant well-to-do than commercial vast there. It forms a kind of circle with a radius from fifteen to twenty miles. CITY OF LONDON. Right Wrong. Wrong! Today, covers, of, millions, London, with, a vast area, inhabitants. How was London named in Roman times? GREATER LONDON.

«City London» - To the east the large area called the East End. A rich sugar manufacturer Henry Tate founded it in 1897. Museums and art galleries of London. The present building was built in 1852. Paul's by William III. Buckingham Palace. Its population is about 7 million people. Tower Bridge. Tate Gallery. St.James's Park.

«London» - Лондон. Paul's Cathedral. Мои документы. knowing. INVITE. Кроссворд Лондон. Westminster Abbey. James' Park. TRAFALGAR SQUARE. We like our city, and you ? PICCADILLY CIRCUS. Начать тестирование. Speaker's Corner. LONDON. Will you go with me ? the heart of London. The Queen's residence. a raven - the guard of Tower.

«Westminster abbey» - Many other famous people are also buried in Westminster Abbey. A church has stood here since Saxon times, when it was known as West Monastery (Westminster), because of its position to the west of London’s centre. Since William the Conqueror’s times British monarchs have been crowned there, and since the 13th century they have been buried there.

«City London» - Its population is about 7 million people. The famous places in the London. Cleopatra's Needle. Hyde Park with its Speaker's Corner is also here. A rich sugar manufacturer Henry Tate founded it in 1897. This is London’s poorest part. Tower Bridge. Queen Victoria Memorial. Museums and art galleries of London.

«Часы Биг Бена» - Астрономические часы "Орлой". Биг Бен — это название не башни, а 13-тонного колокола, который звонит внутри. Почти в каждом районе Лондона можно отыскать маленького Бена. Часы театра кукол. Подсчитано, что минутные стрелки Биг Бена проходят за год общее расстояние в 190 км. Биг Бен и есть только один колокол.


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