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ABC of Cover Letter

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1ABC of Cover Letter. Your Crucial 10achievements/abilities to make you stand
Sales Pitch to Get to an Interview. 1. out from the crowd, be remembered and be
2Cover Letter as an Absolute Must. No invited to an Interview. Just several
Resume without Cover Letter EVER Function: ideas: I am a master student of a unique
Sales pitch to get Attention->Action Master in International Technology &
(Interview!) Function: To get interest to Innovations Management (MITIM)
read your resume from the need of the double-degree international program run by
company (and the reader’s) point. Central a top business school in Russia (Graduate
MESSAGE: My background & credentials School of Management at St. Petersburg
are an excellent match to the NEEDS of the State University) and a leading technology
COMPANY (position) Length: 0.5 – 1 page university in Finland (School of Business,
Quality: with a drive & total Lappeenranta University of Technology).
commitment, concise, no single error, Though I still have another year of
perfectly organized, positive, next learning before I graduate, I have a
action-ready. 2. strong interest to apply my knowledge and
3WHAT ARE EMPLOYERS LOOKING FOR? skills as a summer intern during
COMMITMENT (extremely important!) – it is July-August 2009. My previous background
THE RULE of the game of writing!: Show includes not only an undergraduate degree
& reconfirm: your specific interest in …, but also professional work
& knowledge (industry+company), high experience in …….. I am a master student
degree of certainty of your plans. Your of the Master in International Business
effort to make the Letter errors-free is a (MIB) program at the Graduate School of
part of your COMMITMENT message too. Management at St.Petersburg State
MATURITY & CONFIDENCE (no wishy-washy University which is a leading Russian
language, no “maybe”, no “if you like me” business school with the most important
messages: no hesitation!) However, no prestigious world accreditations. Besides
bragging, no declarations : find the best gaining excellent education of the best
balance in self-presentation to sound world standards, I have got consulting
mature and confident. PROFESSIONALISM Prep experience as a member of a consulting
work: write down your “advantages” (why team at ….. responsible for a 8 week
are YOU different from others?) State project. I am graduating from …….. In
about quality of your education (schools), addition to a strong background in
achievements, background (with a link to business and management, I have studied
the needs/nature of business of the ….(the course necessary for the job you
company). Uniqueness of experience, cross are apply for/company needs). I am sure my
cultural and international mobility skills fluency in … and one semester of studying
–very important and hard to find on the at ….. will also prove to be particularly
market. Quality of your Letter is a part useful in this position. 10.
of your Professionalism. ADAPTABILITY 11Writing Your Cover Letter -6.
& GROWTH (You are a fast learner? A Paragraph #3 Describe your interest in the
hard-worker? Keep in mind that you had to company and familiarity with the industry
work for 60-90 hours per week during your by using your company research results. I
MIB/MITIM education, right?) am attracted to … by your recent fast
RESPONSIBILITY. 3. growth in Russia and a superior reputation
4STEPS IN COMMUNICATION TO LAND A JOB. of your products. OR I am particularly
Define your interests & directions. interested in working for….because of its
Network. Talk with & Ask Everyone long-standing reputation in the market and
about any links, background info, extensive expansion to …. OR Continue to
referrals! Internet is your Best friend in elaborate on the strengths which would
the search! Use on-line and real-life constitute a high value of you as a
headhunting/recruiting agencies. Think of candidate for a further international
the profs who may be a great source of success of the company. I also offer a
links, info and referrals. Think of Alumni great deal of work experience, having
and EMBA. Check out the lists of the worked as… for…… I have additional project
companies which are GSOM partners, have management experience as a part of a team
hired our grads and have hired our of ….. At….. These jobs have given me
students as interns. Letter of valuable insight into the corporate world.
Interest/Request for an “informational It also strengthened my interest in ……. OR
meeting” is a very important tool to start I also have important work experience as
learning, networking and to ask for …… In this position, I …… OR I have held a
referrals Polish your “generic” Resume, number of sales-related positions which I
make several templates with different greatly enjoyed. In addition, I am a true
OBJECTIVEs Develop your “generic” Cover “people person” and a hard worker who
Letter & templates for several loves a good challenge. 11.
scenarios (e.g. a company, an employment 12Writing Your Cover Letter -7. Final
agency) Learn about the companies you Paragraph In this closing paragraph, ask
choose. Get contacts to personalize your for an interview. Include your phone # and
letter. File them neatly for future the hours when you can be reached if it’s
reference as well. Customize Resume & relevant. As an alternative, mention that
Cover Letter, send them Call in 1-2 days you will follow up with a phone call
after the Addressee may get the package – within the next several days. Call in 1-2
to follow up (“I want to reconfirm my days. If no luck – ask about the best time
interest!”) Interview -> Thank you to reach the person. You are showing your
Letter Offer? ? Letter of Acceptance OR a Commitment. I would appreciate a chance to
Thank You Rejection-Letter ONE CAN NEVER meet with you or your colleagues at the
BE TOO NICE. NEVER HESITATE TO SAY THANK earliest convenience. I am best reached
YOU. IF YOU WANT SOMETHING, HAVE A GOAL between 3 and 5 p.m. at +7 911 151 8643 OR
AND YOU HAVE A message of appreciation IN I would greatly appreciate a chance to
COMMUNICATION, YOU WILL DISCOVER A LOT OF speak further with you or your colleague,
PEOPLE WILLING TO HELP YOU. BUT YOU NEED regarding any opportunities for
TO ASK. 4. internship/employment at ….. Department /
5Prep Work for a Cover Letter at your company. OR I will be calling you
Development. Even if a resume only is the week of April 20th to make sure that
requested, always a Cover Letter shall you received my resume. Perhaps we could
accompany it Prepare a collection of schedule a short meeting/interview at this
“handy phrases” & templates for future time? OR I would greatly appreciate the
usage (see below) Make a “personal chance to speak with you further,
stationary” looking doc (see below) Make a regarding this or other opportunity for
list of your strengths for a particular internship/employment at your company. OR
case of the company and its needs Organize I have enclosed/attached my resume for
info about the company and major contacts, your review. Please feel free to call me
including telephone ## to follow up Don’t to discuss any questions that you may
build ceilings for yourself. Write to have. I look forward to our meeting. OR I
high-level contacts & make yourself would be very grateful if you would
globally and nationally mobile. 5. consider me for any project/internship
6Writing Your Cover Letter -1. ALWAYS positions that you may have openings for.
personalize it! Be concise but clear for OR I look forward to any opportunity to
understanding. Focus reader’s attention to meet with you to further discuss the value
your “selling points” Typesetting shall which my qualifications may bring to your
give it the sharpest image. Proofreading company. OR I would very much like to
is crucial. Spellchecking is a must but is become a part of your team. I look forward
NOT a substitute for repeated to hearing from you/I will be glad about
proofreading. Ask others to proofread it any opportunity to meet with you when your
additionally to your own proofreading. 6. schedule permits. OR I would greatly
7Writing Your Cover Letter -2. Return appreciate if you can forward my Resume to
Address: Your Street Address, Apt.# City, your colleagues with whom I can meet to
Country Zip (no comma between Country discuss how I can bring a good value to
& Zip) Tel. (first – the current, then your company’s further success OR I look
– additional, if any) E-Mail: (Location on forward to meeting you. I would like to
the page is either Central, in bold, OR on give you a call to follow up on this
the right top side) DATE – either under letter in the end of next week. 12.
Your address – it is on the right side, or 13Writing Your Cover Letter -8. The
OVER the Addressee information on the Closing Should begin with 2 lines under
right or left side The Addressee: 2 lines the body of the letter. Should be aligned
beneath the date. Always find the name with your return address (if it is
& title before you send out anything! positioned towards the top right side) and
Mr. (Ms.) full name (double-check the the date. Keep the closing simple
spelling!) Full title Full company name (“Sincerely” or “With my best wishes”). 4
Street address, suite # (Ste. 205) lines underneath this and aligned with the
City/country/zip. 7. “Sincerely”, state your full name,
8Writing Your Cover Letter -3. The preferably with your initial of the middle
Salutation: 2 Lines under the company’s name (patronymic name). Sign above your
address. Should begin with Mr. or Ms. stated name. The Enclosure Line It is to
(never Mrs. –unless the person herself help your employer to see you as a
uses the abbreviation), then followed with detail-oriented, meticulous professional
the last name and a colon (:). Even if you if you include an enclosure/an attachment
have spoken with the person and he/she line at the bottom of the letter:
asked to be called by first name, never Enc./Encl. Att. 13.
use the first name in the salutation. 14Writing Your Cover Letter -9. Write
Content: Avoid using abbreviations unknown your Cover Letter. Proofread it. Can you
for the reader. It is not a job of the see
reader to figure out what you mean. Use Commitment(Interest)-Maturity-Professional
action verbs rather than process verbs. In sm-Adaptability-Responsibility message in
Paragraph#1 state immediately & it? Does it take very short time to
concisely the purpose of the letter understand the purpose of the letter? If
(position/function you wish to be you were the Company, would you like to
considered for). In the last paragraph switch to reading the attached Resume? Do
specifically request an interview or you see any points which match the needs
mention that you will be calling to of the Company? Would you hire the Author
request an interview (call 1-2 days after of the Cover Letter and Resume? What would
the person gets your Cover Letter & irritate you or make comprehension of the
Resume) Your Cover Letter should give Letter (and Resume)
appearance of being a half or ? page long. difficult/uncomfortable? 14.
8. 15Sites to help you with Cover Letters:
9Writing Your Cover Letter -4. There are plenty of them, but use your
Paragraph #1 – the opening phrase I am critical thinking skills to use the
strongly interested in an internship samples really matching your needs. Give
opportunity/opportunity to participate in preference to English-language sources
a project at …..during July-August 2009 in since Cover Letter writing has a totally
Europe or Russia. OR I am very interested “western” nature. Therefore, Russian
in obtaining a position with your company. standards are a fruit of the Western
OR Maria Ivanova, director of…… suggested standards. The Look of your Cover Letter
that I contact you regarding an opening in Russian may vary, but always remember
you may have for a …….(position)/regarding that it should be very structured and easy
a potential entry-level management opening to understand your focus points. 15.
at your company. OR I am writing in 16ELENA V. KORNYSHKOVA Leninsky Pr. …,
response to your St.Petersburg Times Apt…. St.Petersburg, Russia 196066 +7 911
/company website advertisement for the 151 8643 (mob) ekornychkova@yandex.ru Ms.
position of….. OR I would like to explore Jane Black Director, Marketing Department
the possibility of joining your PPPQ-Russia Address is optional March 20,
organization as ….., perhaps in your 2009 Dear Ms. Black: Options of layout.
Finance Division . OR I am writing in Personal Stationary Sample. 16.
reference to your opening for an Intern 17Options of layout. 17. Leninsky Prosp.
position/……..which I learned of through …, Apt… St.Petersburg, Russia 196066 Tel:
the Career Center at the Graduate School +7 812 373 6262 E-Mail:
of Management, St. Petersburg State ekornychkova@yandex.ru March 25, 2009 Ms.
University (OR any appropriate phrase from Jane Black HR Director PPPQ-Russia Address
any samples of Cover Letters). Possible is optional Dear Ms. Black: I am writing
continuation (may be placed in the end of to express my great interest in any
your Letter instead): I strongly believe internship opportunity at PPPQ-Russia
that my education from the best business during July-August 2009. ….. I am looking
school in Russia, excellent cross-cultural for hearing from you soon. Sincerely,
training, foreign languages proficiency Elena Kornyshkova.
and my commitment to work at your company 18RULE # “SUPER IMPORTANT”. LEARN ABOUT
qualify me for …. Make this phrase crisp OPPORTUNITY & COMPANY. EXPAND YOUR
/short/bold and rather hard-hitting. 9. HORIZONS. GET CONTACT INFO. PROOFREAD
10Writing Your Cover Letter -5. SEVERAL TIMES! We love to miss a lot of
Paragraph #2 Explain why your background mistakes which can have a harming effect.
makes you the best candidate for the GET INTO EMPLOYER’S SHOES & READ
position by stating your qualifications AGAIN: Would you hire yourself? If NO,
benefitting the company. Be brief but then seek advice. Re-make your Cover
emphasize the points which will show how Letter & Resume. Proof-read it. Every
you will contribute to the company. The tiny detail matters. Follow up with a
Cover Letter is not to summarize your telephone call. Never give up until you
background additionally to Resume, but to hear NO from the company! Continue to work
highlight 1-2 of your with other alternatives meanwhile. 18.
ABC of Cover Letter.ppt
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ABC of Cover Letter

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