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Africa 5 themes of geography
Africa 5 themes of geography
Africa 5 themes of geography
Africa 5 themes of geography
Africa 5 themes of geography
Africa 5 themes of geography
Africa 5 themes of geography
Africa 5 themes of geography
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Автор: David Johnston (Teacher - HS Social Studies). Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока английского языка, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «Africa 5 themes of geography.pptx» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 527 КБ.

Africa 5 themes of geography

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1AFRICA 5 THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY. 12Human-environment interaction looks at the
2PLACE. A theme of geography that relationships between people and their
conjures up a mental picture of a place environment; how people adapt to the
with people going about their everyday environment and how they change it.
lives in their familiar environment. PLACE 13How do people depend on the
is the personality of geography. environment? (Example: In ancient times,
32 things to consider about a place: the annual flooding of the Nile River
Physical characteristics – things produced good soil for growing crops.) How
determined by nature, such as climate, to people adapt to the environment?
land forms, indigenous plants and animals, (Example: The ancient Egyptians rebuilt
and types of soil. Human characteristics – their homes each year, after the annual
can be defined by the culture of a place, flooding. As time went on, they built
for example, the language, clothing, their homes above the flood plain.) How do
architectural styles, and government people modify the environment? (Example:
ideologies. The ancient Egyptians built irrigation
4What features make Africa unique? ditches to help water the crops. In modern
Wildlife Physical characteristics People times, Egypt built a dam to control the
Where they live Language they speak. flood waters of the Nile River.).
5Huge contrasts. Large cities – small 14Nile river has flooded for thousands
villages Modern – old tribal customs of years Aswan High Dam – blocked the flow
Living locations: Coastal regions Savanna of the river and created lake Nassar Abu
regions Grasslands and certain types of Simbel – ancient Egyptian Temple Taken
agriculture. apart and reassembled in a location away
6Coastal Cities/Ports. Northern – from the lake.
Europe Eastern – Asia Western – North 15
America and Western Europe Suez Canal – 16LOCATION. Where is it? Absolute: A
shortcut from Mediterranean Sea to the location can be absolute (specific) as in
Indian Ocean. coordinates of a map using longitude and
7Physical Characteristics. Huge latitude Relative: A location can be
rainforests – equator Plains in the East relative - examples: next door, nearby, a
Tell mountains Deep valleys Huge deserts – short drive, down the road a ways. Or, it
Sahara covering the north. can be in the same general location as
8REGION. A region is an area that is another location - example: next to the
defined by certain similar post office.
characteristics. Those unifying or similar 17Both the equator and Prime Meridian
characteristics can be physical, natural, pass through Africa Large size of Africa
human, or cultural. A region is described makes giving is absolute location very
by the features that make it unique, difficult Huge size and location gives
either small or large. Africa many different climates. Surrounded
9Regions can change over time due to by bodies of water- Atlantic Ocean to the
changes in climate, economic conditions, west, Mediterranean Sea to the north,
accessibility of trade routes, and many Indian Ocean to the East Sinai Peninsula
other factors. links Africa with Asia.
10Well known regions: Nile Valley Region 18MOVEMENT. Movement refers to the way
– long history Longest river in the world people, products, information and ideas
Has affected the lives of people, move from one place to another.
wildlife, and vegetation for thousands of 19African Movement. Travel for work,
years Banks of river are rich, green, school, or recreational. Many forms of
fertile strips of land. People raise travel- Rural or remote locations may
crops, relying on water from river many still use traditional forms of
town and cities are found along the river. transportation (oxen pulling a cart)
11Well known regions: Serengeti Plains Camels now used mainly to attract
Flat, grassy area filled with a variety of tourists. Small airplanes and helicopters
wildlife Masai Mara National Reserve Game are used to fly tourists. Urban – trains,
reserve for endangered animals. bikes, cars, scooters, buses, trucks
12HUMAN-ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION. Coastal – to travel to other locations.
Africa 5 themes of geography.pptx
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Africa 5 themes of geography

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