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Agricultural Science Preparation for Practical Assessment Night 2
Agricultural Science Preparation for Practical Assessment Night 2
Agenda for the Night
Agenda for the Night
Sample Form A
Sample Form A
Sample Form B
Sample Form B
Sample Form P2
Sample Form P2
For External Candidates
For External Candidates
Common Weaknesses
Common Weaknesses
Done Deal
Done Deal
General Ag Science Educational Media
General Ag Science Educational Media
General Ag Science Educational Media
General Ag Science Educational Media
General Ag Science Educational Media
General Ag Science Educational Media
General Ag Science Educational Media
General Ag Science Educational Media
General Ag Science Educational Media
General Ag Science Educational Media
General Ag Science Educational Media
General Ag Science Educational Media
General Ag Science Educational Media
General Ag Science Educational Media
Genetics Videos
Genetics Videos
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Agricultural Science Preparation for Practical Assessment Night 2

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Agricultural Science Preparation for 19breeds from extinction Disadvantages If
Practical Assessment Night 2. this is used in farming, it produces lots
2Agenda for the Night. Completion of of genetically identical individuals; If
practical paperwork prior to monitor’s there is a change in the environment, they
visit Forms A, B and P2 Genetics Folders may all struggle to survive.
Experiments Web Resources Experiments 20Experiments. Inventory of My Traits.
Calendar. Roan Coats in Short Horn Cattle.
3Sample Form A. Note: Changes will be 21General Ag Science Educational Media.
made to marking scheme for 2014. 4 on demand Animal Farm. UTV player – A
4Sample Form B. Note: changes may be Rare Breed – A Farming Year. NGFL Beef
made for 2014. link. You Tube Farm Vids.
5Sample Form P2. Note: change may be 22General Ag Science Educational Media.
made for 2014. Teagasc media. Farmer’s Journal. Dairy
6Marking the Form. Farming.
7Documentation. Check with the exam 23Genetics Videos. PDST Website – Series
secretary that all documentation has of Genetics Videos.
arrived well before the monitors visit http://www.pdst.ie/node/3298. Post Primary
Ensure that students have signed P2 form Ag Science PDST Workshop Resources
on or before the 27th March All Genetics Videos.
documentation left by the monitor should 24Calendar. February. March. DATE. TIME.
be stored appropriately in the school or EVENT. . 4th. . Teagasc National Sheep
given to the exam secretary/principal. Conference. Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone.
8The Monitor. The monitor will pick a 18th. . National Potato Conference and
number of students who will represent the Trade Show. Red Cow Hotel, Naas Road,
class. 4:1 To insure the marks allocated Dublin. DATE. TIME. EVENT. . 3rd. .
are warranted! Agriaware ‘Farm Walk and Talk’ –– see
9Room Set Up for Monitors Visit. www.agriaware.ie for further details.
10Things to Display. Various Venues. 11th. 11am – 1pm.
11General Comments. All students must be Clonakilty Agricultural College Open Day.
available to meet the monitor prior to the Teagasc, Clonakilty Agricultural College,
exam and must remain in school until Clonakilty, Co Cork. Phone: 023 8832500
monitor leaves Practical is assessed at a end_of_the_skype_highlighting. 13th. 7pm.
common level Reward effort Make monitor IASTA Leinster Branch Meeting. Wesley
aware of any difficulties that a student College, Ballinteer. 19th. 10.30am – 2pm.
has Monitor’s visit will take place from Gurteen Agricultural College Open Day.
the 28th April to the 9th May Check any 20th. 10am – 3pm. Ballyhaise Agricultural
clashes with other subjects (metalwork, College Open Day. . 20th – 21st. . UCD
woodwork, art and LCVP) Meet the monitor Agricultural Science Transition Year
and discuss exam away from students. Programme see www.ucd.ie/agfood for
12For External Candidates. further details or email:
13Common Weaknesses. Only one crop agandfoodprogrammes@ucd.ie. UCD, Belfield,
Students not familiar with their own work. Dublin 4. 26th. . IASTA Table Quiz for
Overuse of downloaded material from the Leaving Cert. Students See www.iasta.ie
internet. Experiments written up but not for further details. Springhill Court
known Project work that does not fit the Hotel, Waterford Road, Kilkenny. 27th. .
guidelines e.g. Farming equipment, REPS, LC completion date for Agricultural
Farm Safety etc Farm Plans with little Science Practical Coursework. All schools.
detail The use of class notes as course 27th. 10am – 2pm. Pallaskenry Agricultural
work. College Open Day. Pallaskenry, Co.
14Some guidelines. Students own work Limerick Phone: 061-393100 . Ballingarry,
Handwritten or typed Presented in a folder Roscrea, Co. Tipperary Phone: 067) 21282 .
Photographs Newspaper clippings Weed 25Calendar. April May June. DATE. TIME.
collections Farm Diary Feed Samples, EVENT. . 4th. 10am – 1pm. Kildalton
Fertiliser Samples, Mart Receipts, etc. Agricultural College Open Day. Teagasc,
15Examiners Report. The students should Kildalton College, Piltown, Co Kilkenny
report on their own experiences of Phone: 051 644400
practical agriculture to the fullest end_of_the_skype_highlighting. 5th. .
possible extent- Extract from Chief IASTA Annual Conference See www.iasta.ie
Examiners report 2010. for further details. Talbot Hotel, Carlow
16Done Deal!! Town, 28th – 9th. . Monitoring of LC
17Genetics. Resources for Experiments Agricultural Science. All Schools. DATE.
Cheaper to import items directly from the TIME. EVENT. . 17th – 25th. . Golden
states. Seeds and other items can be Shears World Sheep Shearing and Wool
bought from the following websites Enasco Handling Championships. Gorey, Co Wexford.
Fastplants (with link to amazon). DATE. TIME. EVENT. . 3rd. . Proposed
18Genetics Resources. Nuffield Genetics IASTA Practical Farming Day at Airfield
Resources PowerPoint on Genetics and Farm and Gardens, See www.iasta.ie for
Breeding Greatest Discoveries- video clips further details. Airfield Farm and
on Genetics Definitions Sample topic plan Gardens, Dundrum, Dublin, 4th. . UCD
genetics from AS biology Posters ( more on Agricultural Science 5th Year Summer
PDST website). School See www.ucd.ie/agfood for further
19CLONING. Adult cell cloning The details or email:
nucleus is removed from an unfertilized agandfoodprogrammes@ucd.ie. UCD. Belfield,
egg cell This is replaced with the nucleus Dublin 4. 19th. 9.30 – 12.00. Agricultural
of an adult cell (e.g. skin cell) An Science Leaving Certificate Examination.
electric shock is used to start the cell All Schools. 20th. . IASTA Examination
dividing to form embryo cells These embryo Review. Athlone.
cells contain the same genetic information 26Any other dates? Please fill out sheet
as the adult skin cell When the embryo has and we will update calendar on web All
developed into a ball of cells, it is resources available on
inserted into the womb of an adult female http://www.pdst.ie/node/3299 Any
to continue its development. Advantages: Questions?
This could be used to clone animals with 27Evaluations. Please complete
desired characteristics, e.g. farm animals evaluations.
It could possibly be used to save rare
Agricultural Science Preparation for Practical Assessment Night 2.ppt
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Agricultural Science Preparation for Practical Assessment Night 2

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