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The discovery of America (Fortune favours the brave)
The discovery of America (Fortune favours the brave)
He had seventeen ships with him
He had seventeen ships with him
Native Americans
Native Americans
Another tradition from the Wild West is cowboy clothes
Another tradition from the Wild West is cowboy clothes
America symbols
America symbols
The eagle became the official symbol of the country in 1782
The eagle became the official symbol of the country in 1782

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1AmericaAmerica. 13Americans went to the west to look for new
lands, and the story of Wild West began.
375 -. In the 19th century people went west to
2CONTENTs 1. The discovery of America look for gold. They built new settlements
2. Christopher Columbus voyages 3. The and new towns on these lands. Some people
history of Thanksgiving Day 4. Native were lucky but some were not as they could
Americans 5. The wild West 6. American not find any gold. Then they left the
symbols 7. Washington 8. Everyday life in towns, so they became empty. Now these
America. ghost towns are very popular with
3Glossary Central America, North tourists. Life in the Wild West was full
America The United States of America The of danger. The Native Americans in the
USA, the States Mayflower, colony, group, west did not like white people who took
territory, Indians, traditional, symbol, their land. Sometimes they attacked them.
national, colonist, culture, costume, There were bears and other wild animals
ceremony, negroes, plantation, tobacco. and people had to have guns. Today many
The Statue of Liberty Liberty Island The Americans still keep a gun in their houses
Star Spangled Banner The Fourth of July and all American police officers have
Independence Day. guns.
4Fill in the words which have mixed 14
letters 1. And after (laisign) 4000 miles, 15Another tradition from the Wild West
he reached some land. 2 People began to is cowboy clothes. In the days of the Wild
speak about the land as (the EWN ORLWD). West clothes were very important as they
3. Spain was very much (stinredete) in helped people to live leading a difficult
this land. 4. The first English and dangerous life. Cowboys spent much
(teseltnemst) appeared in America at the time outdoors. They usually wore hats,
beginning of the seventeenth century. 5. boots and jeans. In the middle of the 19th
In the autumn of 1621 the colonists had century in the city of San Francisco there
their first (rastehv). 6. Wild (keysru) lived a tailor called Levi Strauss. He
were on the table of this meal. 7. Most made special clothes strong trousers
Native Americans were very (eaplufec). 8. called jeans. Very soon cowboys started to
George Washington became the first wear jeans. Now people wear jeans in
(tdepirsen) of the United States. 9. The America and over the world.
(legea) became the official national 16America symbols. The America flag is
symbol of the country in 1782. 10. The often called The Stars and Stripes. There
best (viadce) is to relax. are three colours on the flag of the
5Answers 1. sailing 2. the New World 3. United States- red, white, and blue .As
interested 4. settlements 5. harvest 6. there are fifty states in the United
turkeys 7. peaceful 8. president 9. eagle States, there are fifty stars on the
10. advice. American flag one star for each state.
6The discovery of America (Fortune The American flag has thirteen stripes.
favours the brave). The stripes are red and white. The flag
7In our days everybody knows what the has seven red stripes and six white
word America means. First of all it is the stripes. There is one stripe for each of
name of the country the United States of the first thirteen colonies of the United
America or just America. And then States. Americans are proud of their flag
America is the name of two continents- and display it in many places.
North America and South America. These two 17The eagle became the official symbol
continents, North and South America, form of the country in 1782.It has an olive
the part of the world called America. branch (a symbol of peace) and arrows
Christopher Columbus discovered America in (symbols of strength). You can see the
1492. He was born in Italy but lived in eagle on the back of a dollar bill. The
Spain for a long time. Christopher was a United States of America has an official
seaman and made many sea voyages. In 1492 song too. It is called The Star-Spangled
the King and the Queen of Spain gave him Banner.
money to go to India. He decided to sail 18
west as he was sure that our planet was 19
round. After sailing 4000 miles, he 20
reached some land .Columbus thought that 21Everyday life in America America is a
it must be India but it was not. It was friendly country with friendly people. In
America Central America in fact. People small America towns you hear hello to
began to speak about the land as the New friend and also to people who have just
World. The second great voyage of Columbus arrived. When you leave they will tell you
began in September in 1493. to Take care or Have a nice day.
8He had seventeen ships with him. On When Americans meet people for the first
this voyage he reached Cuba, but did not time their usually shake hands. Pot
know it was an island. Columbus made four luck dinners are very popular with
trips in all to the New World but he never Americans. At a pot luck dinner all
landed on the mainland of North America. the guests bring something to eat and
9England became interested in the New usually ask the host or hostess what they
World too. The first English settlements would like. Americans love to get together
appeared in America at the beginning of and to have parties. Traditional parties
the seventeenth century. On the 6th of are a birthday, moving to a new house, a
September in 1620 a group of people left wedding, New Years Eve and the Fourth of
England for the New World. They sailed July-Independence Day.
from the English city of Plymouth, on 22
board the ship the Mayflower. They wanted 23
to start a new life and to have no 24
problems with the church. 25Match the holiday with the picture 1.
10The history of Thanksgiving Day The e 2. d 3. f 4. h 5. i 6. a 7. g 8. j 9. b
last Thursday in November is a holiday in 10. c.
America. People called this holiday 26Testing. 1 .Who discovered America? 2.
Thanksgiving Day. In 1620 the first Is North America an island or a continent?
colonists came to America and began a new 3. How many trips did Columbus make in all
life there. It was very hard life. The to the New World? 4. What is the symbol of
colonists started to farm the land. In New Thanksgiving Day? 5. Who was the first
England, the place where they lived, there president of the USA? 6. Which is the
were many wild birds. They were like United States capital? 7. What is the
chickens but much bigger. They were national symbol of America? 8. How many
turkeys. In the autumn of 1621 the stars and stripes has the American flag?
colonists had their first harvest. It was 9. When do Americans celebrate
rather good. The colonists decided to have Independence Day? 10. Where is the Statue
a special dinner. The colonists had a of Liberty?
thanksgiving dinner for all the people. 27 .
Wild turkeys were on the table of this : 4 . . .
meal, and since then the turkey has become ..
a symbol of Thanksgiving Day. /..,... . :
11 Happy English-2
12Native Americans. ..,
13The Wild West In the 18th century some 4 .



- It was the War for Independence of the American colonies. Of course, the British Government did not like it, so they closed the poll and sent soldiers to the American colony. The Americans had to pay taxes of almost all important products such as sugar, coffee, tea and wine. The British policy was very strict.

- Adverbs. . Demonstrative pronouns. . Verbs. The Past Indefinite tense. Some, any. . Possessive case of nouns. Possesive case. . . The Future Indefinite Tense.

The english-speaking countries - Scotland. Great Britain. The English-speaking countries. Disneyland. USA. Australia.

Olympic games 2012 - Talismans of Games Wenlock and Mandeville. Oscar on the Olympic Games in 2012. Closing ceremony. Summer Olympic Games 2012. Olympic Torch Relay Olympic Games. Sports facilities. Olympic games in london. London became the first city to have received three Olympics. Oscar Pistorius is a man who never gives up.

- . . er. . . , . . . - 30 . . . . .

- Nylon shirts wash well. The finger was cut with a knife. Indefinite. . Your mother lacks tact. - . .. . The room was filled with smoke.


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