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Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (Антон Павлович Чехов) (1860-1904)
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (Антон Павлович Чехов) (1860-1904)
Early Years and Literature
Early Years and Literature
Early Years and Theater
Early Years and Theater
The Seagull
The Seagull
The Cherry Orchard
The Cherry Orchard
Uncle Vanya
Uncle Vanya
The Three Sisters
The Three Sisters
Chekhov About His Plays
Chekhov About His Plays
Films and Theater Productions
Films and Theater Productions
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Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (Антон Павлович Чехов) (1860-1904)

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1Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (Антон 11dissatisfied and frustrated with its
Павлович Чехов) (1860-1904). Presentation present existence.
by Anna Kadnikova. 12Chekhov’s Talent and Manner. Selecting
2Anton Chekhov. “Medicine is my legal important moments from the trivial ones
wife…Literature is my mistress” Anton Brevity and conciseness Anti-ideological
Chekhov. Physician Major Russian short Anti-pedagogical Objectivity Free artist.
story writer Playwright. 13Chekhov’s Talent and Manner. No blame
3Early Years and Literature. Mother – for anybody Acute delineation of human
excellent storyteller School life –gained weaknesses and delights, of human
a reputation for: satyrical comments, psychology Naturalist of the theater
making up humorous nicknames Wrote his own Delineation of ordinary characters
anecdotes and funny stories in Exceptional importance of dialogue (What
adolescence. is said is more important that what is
4Early Years and Theater. Took part in done!).
amateur theatrical performances First 14Chekhov and Stanislavsky.
performance attended – Jacques Offenbach’s collaborators – both paid closer attention
La Belle Helene Spent virtually all his to the important unsaid messages within
savings on tickets to theater! First the writing Chekhov by many is
serious long play– “Fatherless” acknowledged as someone who made
(“Безотцовщина”) (destroyed). Stanislavsky’s Theater famous Some
5Medicine, Prose and Drama. Medical arguments. E.g., Cherry Orchard –
School at Moscow State University 1883 – comedy(Chekhov) or drama (Stanislavsky)?
resigns due to sickness. Devotes the rest 15Chekhov About His Plays. “You say you
of his life to literature Mainly wrote have cried at my plays…But this is not why
short stories – they are considered the I wrote them, it was Stanislavsky who
apotheosis of form Playwrighting career – turned them into cry-babies.I simply
brief – but had a great impact on dramatic wanted to say to people honestly:
literature and performance. “Understand, how bad and boring your lives
6Major Plays. The Seagull («Чайка») are!” People should understand this
Uncle Vanya («Дядя Ваня») Three Sisters and…create themselves another and better
(«Три сестры») The Cherry Orchard life. What is here to cry about?”.
(«Вишнёвый сад»). 16Chekhov’s Impact and Influence.
7The Seagull. The first of four major Contemporary Russians celebrated Chekhov
plays. Centers on the romantic and International fame – after World War I
artistic conflicts between four theatrical (Constance Garnett’s English translations)
characters. First perfomance – a famous Immensely popular in the UK in the 1920s
failure Staged by Stanislavsky – sound In the US – fame came later (through the
success. influence of Stanislavsky’s method) Many
8The Cherry Orchard. Family of writers and playwrights used Chekhovian
impoverished nobles whose beautiful cherry techniques throughout the XX century,
orchard (which they are attached to) is almost none escaped his influence.
heavily mortgaged Characters seek to find 17Films and Theater Productions. Among
a way of saving the garden but cease to do many others: - Lanford Wilson’s “The Three
so. Merchant Lopakhin (his ancestors were Sisters”(1997) Emil Loteanu’s “My Tender
serfs) buys the garden and “lays an axe to and Affectionate Beast”(Мой ласковый и
it”. нежный зверь)(1978) Nikita Mikhalkov’s
9The Cherry Orchard. Lopakhin: “Lay the “Dark Eyes”(1987).
axe to the orchard! Come and see the trees 18Sources. Anton Chekhov – Wikipedia,
fall down!” Trophimov: “All Russia is our the free encyclopedia; available at
orchard!” New Epoch is Coming. Romanticism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anton_Chekhov
gives a way to Commercialism. The Past is “Three Plays of Absurd” Anton Chekhov
never to return. Chekhov’s attitude: Available at
pessimistic or optimistic? – still causes http://www.theatrehistory.com/russian/chek
arguments. ov001.html The Social Significance of the
10Uncle Vanya. Structurally and Modern Drama. Emma Goldman. Boston:
psychologically complex drama Estate in Richard G. Badger, 1914. pp. 290-3. ANTON
19th century Russia Exploring complex CHEKHOV. available at
relationships between people Themes of http://www.imagi-nation.com/moonstruck/cls
weakness, delusion and despair, but 6.htm Chekhov’s Quotes. Available at
courage and hope as well. http://www.notable-quotes.com/c/chekhov_an
11The Three Sisters. Decay of the on.html «Антон Павлович Чехов»
privileged class in Russia Search for Энциклопедия «Аванта+» «Русская
meaning in the modern world Family that is литература». Москва, 1998.
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (Антон Павлович Чехов) (1860-1904).ppt
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Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (Антон Павлович Чехов) (1860-1904)

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«Чехов рассказы урок» - "Палата №6". Пьесы. «А.П.Чехов – несравненный художник жизни". «Анна на шее». Какие рассказы А.П.Чехова вы читали? "Ионыч". «Дом с мезонином». Антон Павлович Чехов 1860 – 19О4. Принесшие писателю мировую славу. Викторина. Последняя пьеса Чехова. «Дама с собачкой». "Дядя Ваня",

«Антон Павлович Чехов» - Антоше, гимназисту шестого класса, пришлось остаться в Таганроге до окончания гимназии. Отец- Павел Егорович Чехов был весьма интересной личностью. А.П. Чехов-популярнейший писатель. К началу 90-х годов Чехов становится одним из популярнейших писателей в России. Медицина или литература? Антон Чехов и Ольга Книппер.

«Писатель Антон Чехов» - Учеба в Таганрогской гимназии 1868 – 1879гг. Оценки в аттестате были пестрые- три 5, три 4 и четыре 3. Детство. А.П. Чехов с братом Николаем. Семья. Молодого Чехова влекли литературные интересы. Псевдонимы. Увлечения А.П.Чехова во время учебы в Таганрогской гимназии. Семья Антона Павловича: родители, братья и сестра.

«Писатель Чехов А.П.» - Таганрог. Государственная премия СССР(1943). Родители. Чеховские места. А.П.Чехов. Ольга Леонардовна Книппер -Чехова родилась в городе Глазове. Первая исполнительница ролей в пьесах Чехова. Герои. С 1898 года в МХТ. Основная тема рассказов А.П.Чехова-тема пошлости. Москва. Тема рассказов. Драматургия.

«А.П.Чехов» - А. Н. Толстой о Чехове. Всю жизнь А. Ф. Дьяконов проходил в калошах даже в очень хорошую погоду. Спальня. Магистр химии. Халат, колпак, ставни, задвижки. Образование. Лицо, казалось, тоже в чехле,так как он прятал его в поднятый воротник. Циркуляры и газетные статьи, в которых запрещалось что-нибудь.

«Антон Чехов» - Фото 1897. Памятник А.П. Чехову в Таганроге. Фото 1892. Антон Павлович был третьим сыном. Таганрог. «Горькие разочарования пророков». Докажите, что природа богато одарила всех детей Чеховых. В 1892 году Чехов поселился под Москвой, в деревне Мелихово. А.П.Чехов в кабинете. Семья Чеховых. XIX века жила семья Чеховых.

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