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ASEAN-ITU Seminar on ICT Accessibility and Assistive Technologies for
ASEAN-ITU Seminar on ICT Accessibility and Assistive Technologies for
ASEAN-ITU Seminar on ICT Accessibility and Assistive Technologies for
ASEAN-ITU Seminar on ICT Accessibility and Assistive Technologies for
ASEAN-ITU Seminar on ICT Accessibility and Assistive Technologies for
ASEAN-ITU Seminar on ICT Accessibility and Assistive Technologies for
Making TV Accessible Report
Making TV Accessible Report
Making Mobile Phones and Services Accessible Report
Making Mobile Phones and Services Accessible Report
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ASEAN-ITU Seminar on ICT Accessibility and Assistive Technologies for Equity in Society

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1ASEAN-ITU Seminar on ICT Accessibility 12Practical Tools: Model Mobile
and Assistive Technologies for Equity in Accessibility Policy Model Code of Conduct
Society 25-26 August 2014 Bangkok, (for mobile industry) Model Regulations
Thailand Session 1 Model ICT Accessibility (for regulators).
Policy Mandla Msimang 13Overview of Modules TV / Video
mmsimang@pygmaconsulting.com. Programming (1). Broadcasters to deliver
2Introduction. Model ICT Accessibility closed captioning/ subtitling Content
Policy Background and Objectives UN creators are responsible for creating the
Convention on the Rights of Persons with content for these services and delivering
Disabilities Overview Approach taken the content along with the programming to
Current Key Issues in ICT Accessibility the broadcaster or AV content provider
Overview of Modules ICT Legal, Policy and Sets targets for number of broadcasts to
Regulatory Framework Public ICT Access be made accessible in next three years
Framework Accessibility Policy Framework Calls for awareness raising to users are
Television Accessibility Policy Framework aware that accessible broadcasting
Web Accessibility Policy Framework Model services exist.
Policy forromoting ICT Accessibility in 14Overview of Modules TV / Video
Public Procurement. Programming (2). Audio Description to be
3Model ICT Accessibility Policy provided in an official language of the
Background and Objectives. Model country The language of the AD should be
Accessibility Policy was developed the same as the program audio Subtitling
pursuant to UN Convention on the Rights of countries can use audio subtitles Signing
Persons with Disabilities (successful requirements to be developed through open
achievement relies on adoption and early consultation Electronic Programming Guide
implementation of policies by countries) (EPG) – e.g. symbols to denote
ITU and G3ict ICT Accessibility Policy accessibility - subtitling (S), signing
Toolkit www.e-accessibilitytoolkit.org A (SL) and audio description (AD). Consider
resource for ICT policy makers, regulators migration of requirements from analogue to
and other stakehodlers including NGOs, digital environment.
persons with disabilities and 15Overview of Modules TV / Video
parliamentarians Designed to assist in Programming (3). Licensed content
policy making in public access, mobile providers required to develop a Code of
communications, TV/video programming, web Conduct on minimum standards for amount of
accessibility and public procurement Sets programming with: Subtitling Visual
out principles for policy formulation and signing Audio descriptions and audio
implementation through legilsation, subtitling Ability to adjust caption
regulations, standards and guidelines. fonts, contrast and colors Code to set 3,
This tool will be published later this 5 and 10 year targets.
year. 16Overview of Modules Public Access -
4Model ICT Accessibility Policy UN Requirement Checklist. PHYSICAL
Convention on the Rights of Persons with ENVIRONMENTS AND AWARENESS Is it easy for
Disabilities. Article 9 defines ICT public access facility visitors to know
accessibility as an integral part of what assistive hardware and software is
accessibility rights on par with available in the public access facility?
transportation and the physical Are parking areas, pathways, entrances to
environment requires all content, the building wheelchair-accessible and
communication, hardware, software and clearly marked? Are there high-contrast,
interfaces to be accessible. Article 30 large-print signs to & throughout the
requires State Parties to “take all public access facility? Is at least part
appropriate measures to ensure that of a service counter or desk at a height
Persons with Disabilities . . . enjoy accessible from a seated position/
access to television programmes [and] accessible to persons in wheelchairs?
films . . . in accessible formats. Article Module recognises that public access is
2 defines “communication” in an inclusive provided: as a licence condition
manner to include all possible means of (regulated) (2) Via public/ USAF funding,
communication- “languages, display of e.g. telecntres (funded) (3) By SMEs and
text, Braille, tactile communication, entrepreneurs, e.g. internet cafes
large print, accessible multimedia as well (unregulated).
as written, audio, plain-language, 17Overview of Modules Public Access -
human-reader and augmentative and Requirement Checklist. HARDWARE Is at
alternative modes, means and formats of least one large monitor available so that
communication, including accessible a larger amount of screen can be viewed
information and communications while magnified? Is equipment marked with
technologies” …which can eliminate large-print and/or Braille labels? Do you
barriers for persons with disabilities in provide alternate hardware to replace the
enjoying their fundamental freedoms and standard mouse and/or keyboard (e.g., a
human rights (Article 3(f)). 4. trackball, joystick, mini-keyboard,
5Model ICT Accessibility Policy one-handed keyboard)? SOFTWARE Do you
Transposing UNCRDP into ICT Policy and provide special software that is
Law. States Parties have ICT policies, beneficial to persons with disabilities
legislation and regulations These key (e.g., screen readers) Do electronic
legal instruments must be updated to resources, including web pages, adhere to
achieve the goal of promoting ICT accessibility guidelines or standards?
accessibility States Parties Disability (Refer to Web Accessibility Module).
laws also have to be updated to promote STRATEGY, PLANNING, POLICIES, AND
ICT accessibility Updating States Parties EVALUATION Are people with disabilities
Public Procurement laws may be one of the included in planning and evaluating public
most effective ways to ensure the access facility products and services?
availability of accessible ICTs. PUBLIC ACCESS FACILITY STAFF TRAINING Are
6Model ICT Accessibility Policy staff members familiar with the
Overview. Module 1 - Model ICT Legal, availability and use of accessible ICT
Policy and Regulatory Framework Module 2 - features, assistive technology and
Model Public ICT Access Framework Module 3 alternate document formats? Have staff
- Model Mobile Accessibility Policy members received sensitivity training and
Framework Module 4 - Model Television training on use of ICTs by persons with
Accessibility Policy Framework Module 5 - disabilities? 17.
Model Web Accessibility Policy Module 6 - 18Overview of Modules Web Accessibility
Model Policy for promoting ICT – Content. Defines how to make web content
Accessibility in Public Procurement. more accessible to persons with a wide
7Model ICT Accessibility Policy range of disabilities, and to older
Approach Taken. Each module is designed persons with changing abilities due to
and drafted on the basis of a similar ageing Based on Web Content Accessibility
approach: Explains the goals sough to be Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)- (ISO/IEC
achieved and an overview of steps to be 40500:2012) Focus is on public sector
taken Provides a generic approach and websites Suggestion that industry
model text Includes annotations to assist professional associations issue voluntary
with the understanding of the basis for codes of conduct reflecting conformance
some proposed clauses (and to link back to objectives and timelines similar to those
the UNCRPD) Identify areas where for public sector sites.
country-specific issues must be taken into 19Overview of Modules Web Accessibility
account (e.g population, literacy, Objectives. Examples of Impairment or
institutional framework) Includes Disability addressed by the Four
appendices with supporting tools such as Principles and 12 Guidelines of WCAG 2.0.
info for reader not familiar with ICT Sight. Physical. Hearing. Cognitive.
Accessibility policy, guidleines, Speech. Neurological. Language. Learning.
checklists, etc. Perceivable. . . . . . . . .
8Current Key Issues in Promoting ICT Provide text alternatives for non-text
Accessibility Key Issues (1). content. X. . X. X. . . X. X. Provide
Mainstreaming ICT Accessibility through captions and audio descriptions for videos
inclusive language, definitions, and and other alternatives for multimedia. X.
provisions in policies, laws & . X. X. . X. X. X. Make it easier for
regulations; Identifying key steps to users to see and hear content including
promote ICT Accessibility, such as making separating foreground from background. X.
accessible devices available, in the case . X. . . X. . X. Operable. . . . .
of public and mobile phones and TV sets. . . . . Make all functionality
Awareness raising among key stakeholders – available from a keyboard. X. X. . . X.
creating awareness about the need to X. X. X. Provide users enough time to read
promote ICT Accessibility Consensus and use content. X. X. X. X. X. X. X. X.
building and inclusive policy-making Do not design content in a way that causes
through encouraging national debate and seizures. . . X. . X. . . Help users
discourse. navigate and find content. X. X. X. X. .
9Current Key Issues in Promoting ICT X. . X. Understandable. . . . . . .
Accessibility Key Issues (2). Promoting . . Make web pages appear and operate in
the setting of clear targets, and periodic predictable ways. X. X. . X. . . X. X.
monitoring and evaluation Encouraging Help users avoid and correct mistakes. .
training, capacity building and . . X. . X. X. X. Maximize compatibility
educational programs on disability with current and future user tools,
awareness Promoting localization, for including assistive technologies. X. X. X.
example of voice recognition and text-to X. X. X. X. X.
speech interfaces – to ensure local 20Conclusion. Successful achievement of
relevance and uptake. UNCRPD relies on adoption and early
10Overview of Modules Legal, Policy, implementation of policies by countries
Regulatory – Content. Review of Model ICT Policy is designed to assist in
definitions in existing ICT/electronic policy making in public access, mobile
comms law Options for regulation Public communications, TV/video programming, web
consultation Universal access and service accessibility and public procurement Each
(“UAS”) framework Consumer protection module is quite detailed and tries to set
Emergency services Reporting requirements out key princples and provide tools for
Changes to disability legislation/ regulators, policy makers, and other
disability rights law. stakeholders Important to use appropriate
11Overview of Modules Legal, Policy, legal, regulatory and policy tools to
Regulatory - Context. Options for implement ICT Accessibility commitments
Regulation – License Conditions/ and intentions.
Authorisations Regulations Voluntary 21www.e-accessibilitytoolkit.org. 21.
Measures – self/co -regulation Definitions 22Making TV Accessible Report.
– Include “persons with disabilities” http://www.itu.int/ITU-D/sis/PwDs/index.ph
definition Include “ICT users” which ml. Prepared by Peter Looms, Chairman of
includes PWD Add “underserved communities” ITU-T Focus Group on Audiovisual Media
which include PWD Expand “universal Accessibility Looks at how TV can be made
access” and “universal service” more accessible Timely given the
definitions to also include ICT transition from analogue to digital TV.
accessibility for persons with 22.
disabilities. 23Making Mobile Phones and Services
12Overview of Modules Mobile Phone Accessible Report.
Accessibility. Availability provide http://www.itu.int/ITU-D/sis/PwDs/index.ph
customers a range of accessible products, ml. Prepared by a team of experts Explains
services and devices meeting the in concrete terms, what is meant
requirements of various types of accessible mobile phones Developments in
disabilities Affordability offer special accessible mobile apps Business
and/or discounted rates and plans for opportunities and case studies Policy
users with disabilities – i.e. text only guidelines. 23.
plans for the deaf Awareness train staff 24info@pygmaconsulting.com.
on accessible products and services. www.pygmaconsulting.com.
ASEAN-ITU Seminar on ICT Accessibility and Assistive Technologies for Equity in Society.pptx
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ASEAN-ITU Seminar on ICT Accessibility and Assistive Technologies for Equity in Society

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