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The Teaching Team
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Автор: Philip Kitley. Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока английского языка, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «Australia, Asia and the Pacific.ppt» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 259 КБ.

Australia, Asia and the Pacific

содержание презентации «Australia, Asia and the Pacific.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Australia, Asia and the Pacific. 14assignment has been introduced.
Introduction to the Unit. 15Changes to AAP in 2002. The essay is
2My objective today is to. introduce marked out of 100 and there is a new
the teaching team to you show you how the Evaluation Sheet, see p. 27 Introd. Book.
Unit is organised and taught introduce The exam has been shortened from 2.5 hours
course assignments outline the content of to 2 hours The exam will be structured
the Unit. differently, see p. 14 Introd. Book.
3The Teaching Team. Dr Philip Kitley, 16Assignments and Passing. You must
Room Q107, Senior Lecturer in charge Ms achieve certain minimum standards in
Betty Adcock, Room Q106, Dr Adrian Allen, assignments to pass the Unit: At least 50%
Room Q201. across the two CMA tests At least 45/100
4The Teaching Team. Office Staff Ms for the essay At least 40/100 for the
Sherryl Lendrum Room Q119, tel. 4631 1016. exam.
5AAP Timetable. Lecture: Thursday 17Assignments and Due Dates. Hand your
2-3pm, H102 Video: Thursday 3-4pm, H102* work in by 5.00pm on the due date (usually
*Videos which we own are held at the a Tuesday) The AAP Assignment Box is in
Library Circulation desk and can be viewed the foyer of Q block Late assignments will
in the Library. be penalised. See page iii. Penalty 10%
6AAP Tutorials. 9 tutorial times per working day for up to 5 days, after
allocated maximum of 24 students in each which a zero grade is awarded.
class register electronically through USQ 18Assignment Timetable. WK. Aug. Sep.
Connect Tutorials begin this week; make Oct. Nov. Wk5. Proposal. Wk7. CMA#1. Wk12.
sure you register this week. AAP essay CMA#2.
7The Teaching Program. Lectures: 1 hour 19The AAP Essay Assignment. Day students
per week, not compulsory, but useful. must select one of the Set Topics listed
Tutorials: 1 hour per week. Not on p29-30 of the Introductory Book Use the
compulsory, but useful. Valuable skills resources of the Study Package and other
development and discussion sessions. references from the Library or the Web.
Participation in tutorials is allocated 10 See page 29 of the Introductory Book.
marks. Videos: 1 hour per week. Essential 20Sources for the Set Topic essay: At
viewing as they are examinable. Videos least ‘2+2’. Use at least 2 Core readings.
discussed in tutorials each week. A high grade essay would normally include
8Tutorial Participation mark. A mark of reference to at least 4 Core Readings Plus
10% is allocated for quality of 2 book chapters/OR 2 journal articles/OR 1
participation in tutorials in weeks 4, 7, chapter and 1 article/OR 1 chapter or
8, 12 and 14. article and 1 www source.
9Tutorial Participation mark. Quality 21Australia-Asia Links. What events over
of participation is assessed as a mark out the past 5 years show that Australia is
of 20 for each of the five weeks closely related to Asia Pacific countries
nominated. Final score out of 100 is and people?
divided by 10 to give you your 22Australia-Asia Links.
participation mark. 23AAP Modules. 1 Introduction 2 European
10Consultation. Philip Kitley’s presence in the Asia Pacific region 3
consultation hours are: Tuesday 11-12, and Australian involvement in regional affairs
3-4pm Thursday 11-12. Come to Q block 4 The economics of Australia-Asia
Betty Adcock’s hours Tuesday 2-3 pm relations.
Wednesday 3-4 pm Come to Q block. 24AAP Modules. 5 Cross cultural
11The AAP Study Package. Package relations and interactions 6 Studies of
consists of 4 elements: the Introductory regional religions 7/or 8 Tourism in the
Book the Study Book 1 Book of ‘Core Asia Pacific region 8/or 7 Australia/Asia
Readings’ CMA test book. on Screen 9 Australia’s future in the Asia
12AAP Assignments Sem 1, 2002. Essay Pacific region.
Proposal Tues 20 Aug CMA #1 (5%) Tues 3 25Our objectives today … To show you how
Sept Essay (30%) Tues 8 Oct CMA #2 (5%) the Unit is organised and taught – you
Tues 8 Oct Particip. (10%) Fri 1 Nov. know about lectures, tutorials and video
13Unit Specification for AAP. The Unit sessions To introduce assignments – you
Spec is the USQ-student contract AAP Unit know what minimum standards you have to
Spec is on the Net, usqfocus and a hard achieve to pass To outline the content of
copy is in the Library See also the Unit the Unit – you know there are 9 modules,
Spec for external students in the Intro and you have a choice in module 7/8.
Book. 26Video: Below the Wind. For discussion
14Changes to AAP in 2002. We have made a in tutorial next week Where do the events
number of changes to the Unit based on in the video take place? What is the
student feedback The Readings are historical background to the events in the
organised into ‘Core’ and ‘Supplementary’ video? Should we talk of the ‘Indonesian
Readings. Day students need to purchase fishing problem’ or ‘the Australian
only the ‘Core’ Readings An Essay Proposal fishing problem’ or ‘ …..’?
Australia, Asia and the Pacific.ppt
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Australia, Asia and the Pacific

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