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EDU 31ACL – Australian Children’s Literature Australian Family Stories
EDU 31ACL – Australian Children’s Literature Australian Family Stories
EDU 31ACL – Australian Children’s Literature Australian Family Stories
EDU 31ACL – Australian Children’s Literature Australian Family Stories
EDU 31ACL – Australian Children’s Literature Australian Family Stories
EDU 31ACL – Australian Children’s Literature Australian Family Stories
Background and scaffolding - Christobel Mattingley
Background and scaffolding - Christobel Mattingley
EDU 31ACL – Australian Children’s Literature Australian Family Stories
EDU 31ACL – Australian Children’s Literature Australian Family Stories
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Australian Family Stories

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1EDU 31ACL – Australian Children’s 9seen from Asmir’s point of view Focus on
Literature Australian Family Stories. No his possessions and feelings e.g. lego,
Guns for Asmir Christobel Mattingley. © La trying to make friends
Trobe University, David Beagley, 2005. Displacement/disconnection – a child’s
2Useful references. Myer, M. (2000) confusion Refugee experience – never
Storying War. The Lion and the Unicorn. belonging Constructed in a way children
[online] 27(3) 327-336. Available: Project can understand – personal situation and
Muse. Kertzer, A. (1999) "Do You Know emotional reactions Construes the theme,
What 'Auschwitz' Means?“ Children's rather than stating it.
Literature and the Holocaust. The Lion and 10Strategies used to ‘fictionalize’ a
the Unicorn. [online] 23(2) 238-256. true story - memoirs. Not easy to make war
Available: Project Muse. or similar atrocious experience clear for
3Focus points. Background and young children Making it real for children
scaffolding - Christobel Mattingley - in their terms, as a child’s experience
historical context for No Guns for Asmir e.g. The Silver Sword, I am David,
Strategies used to ‘fictionalize’ a true Parvana, Carrie’s War, Goodnight Mr. Tom,
story Distinctive features of this story Little Brother, Rose Blanche
as a ‘family story’ and Australian factual/documentary – accuracy of setting
literature. Focus on dreams and re-actions - mental
4Background and scaffolding - state rather than all action.
Christobel Mattingley. Born 1931 Has had 11Strategies used to ‘fictionalize’ a
32 books published Traditional storyteller true story - memoirs. Much of the focus of
– fiction and non-fiction Success writing adult literature on the Holocaust is
about, and for, boys Has won many awards "to remember." The invocation of
and honours. memory has at least two purposes: to
5Historical background to No Guns for memorialize those who died so
Asmir. Yugoslavia formed after World War ignominiously and who were cremated or
One to try to solve centuries of fighting buried in pits or otherwise unremembered
in the Balkans – the traditional border at the time of their death. Secondly, the
between Europe, Asia and the Middle East memory is intended to forestall such mass
Made up of 8 regions: Slovenia, Croatia, slaughter, such racial hatred from
Bosnia-Herzegonia, Serbia, Montenegro, recurring. With child readers, however,
Kosovo, Vojvodina, Macedonia All the memory is not being invoked; it is being
regions had differing cultural/religious created (and indeed, as more time elapses
histories and bitter antagonisms – between the Holocaust and the present,
Muslim/Christian, Catholic/Orthodox, this will be true of all readers). Baer,
Slavic/Turkish, Multicultural/Nationalist E. (2000) A new algorithm in evil:
etc. children’s literature and the Holocaust.
6 The Lion and the Unicorn. [online] 24(3):
7Historical background to No Guns for 379.
Asmir. Factions were rigidly kept united 12Distinctive features of this story as
under President Tito post World War Two a family story. Major themes about family,
When Tito died (1980), the union as well as setting in family Loss of:
unravelled quickly and the countries sense of place language and culture
fought bitterly for independence and identity – personal and family family
dominance. So, by early 1990s, war and members belongings.
‘ethnic cleansing’ in the former 13Distinctive features of this story as
Yugoslavia as factions sought to exert and a family story. Attitude of characters to
extend their dominance Milosovic, family Asmir’s feelings – absent father,
Srebenica, Sarajevo, Kosovo. protective to others: present of chocolate
8Strategies used to ‘fictionalize’ a for his mother attitude towards Elan
true story - memoirs. Use of point of view (younger brother) Miroslav’s choice
– involved, not detached between identities denial/loss of sense of
author/observer/learned commentator Thus, family Loss of sense of “owned” space
direct/immediate – speech, thoughts, rescue of Milan.
“little” details of life Takes factual 14Parting question. How is this book
experience and makes it personal Words Australian Children’s Literature? Author –
focus on trying to make sense of the Christobel Mattingley Characters – Chris
situation, rather than analyse/judge it. and his parents Thematic relevance –
9Strategies used to ‘fictionalize’ a Asylum seekers, detainees Universality of
true story - memoirs. True story, but all Family as social construct.
Australian Family Stories.ppt
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Australian Family Stories

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