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Asha, Seattle Involvement
Asha, Seattle Involvement
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1Balavihar. ANNUAL UPDATE FOR 2013 12all the activities supported by Asha,
Lakshmi Kumar and Keerthi 09/04/2013. Seattle to the overall activities of the
2Mission. Holistic education and organization. 8. If individuals are
English training for lower middle class supported, how many are supported? What
suburban children studying in government age group? 9. Annual budget approved by
schools and small private schools. Private Asha: INR 312000 on September 2012. 10.
schools Non formal learning through Percentage of orgs total budget which is
activities such as yoga, theatre, arts, supported by Asha, Seattle: > 90%.
crafts, games, fields trips, and emotional 13Asha, Seattle Budget. Item. Amount
healing. Library to encourage reading and Current Fiscal Year (Rs). Amount Previous
supplement learning. Government schools Fiscal Year (Rs). Salaries. 2,34,600.
English training to help cope with 2,73,600. Facility rental and
academic English curriculum as well as administrative expenses. 17500. 24000.
reading, comprehension, writing and Library and learning materials. 24000.
conversation. 24000. Fields trips (new). 32500. 10000
3History. Started in 2007 by Chitra requested but wasn’t funded due to 4%
Krishnamurthy, shortly after visiting the budget limit. Local transport expenses
Seattle chapter. Chitra akka’s passion is (new). 41000. 0 requested, was paid out of
non formal education and she worked in pocket and from leftover rental/admin
Vikasana (with Malathi) for nearly two expenses, local donations. .. 20000
decades. Funded entirely by Asha since the requested for outreach programs last year,
beginning. Serves about 430 students but not. Total. 350000. 312000 approved,
studying in 3 govt. schools, 2 private 351600 requested.
schools, from 1st grade to 10th grade. 14Budget details. Salaries (INR per
4Organization Structure - 1. Chitra month) Chitra Krishnamurthy: 8000 Tulasi:
Krishnamurthy, Program coordinator Plans 4000 Manjunath: 2000 Krishnamurthy: 2000
programs and activities, trains staff, Annapurna: 1200 Kalyani: 1000 Usha: 750
designs learning materials, procures books Total: INR 19550 Local transport Petrol
for libraries. Manages relationships with for travelling between the schools: INR
schools, and conducts outreach programs. 3450 per month Field trips 3-5 trips per
Krishmamurthy (Chitra’s husband), Yoga year Expenses include transportation,
Teacher Yoga and craft classes at three food, entrance fees, and tour guide fees.
schools. Drives Chitra and staff on Estimated at INR 32500 per year. Library
car/motorcycle to the schools. Tulasi books and learning materials: INR 2000 per
Yoga, craft classes and library management month x 12 = INR 24000 per year. Facility
in two schools. English classes in rental and administrative expenses Audit
government schools. Manjunath Theater report fees Rent Estimated INR 175000 per
sessions at two schools and field trips. year.
Sharada Rao English classes, reading 15Updates for 2013.
sessions, yoga, summer and dussehra camp. 16General Partner Updates. New Balavihar
Usha English classes at a government Center in a garage in Basaveshwara nagar
school. Annapurna and Kalyani English Library with 100 books Story telling
lessons, puzzles, games, craft classes. sessions and craft conducted for three
5Location. Bangalore, Karnataka Govt. months for 20 students from class V to IX.
and private schools in western suburbs Five teachers trained at Luminary school
near Vijayanagar Amarjyothi nagar govt on Fun Yoga for children, by Bihar School
school. Kaveripura school Luminary school of Yoga. 20 students and 3 teachers
(private) Andhrahalli Pinewoods school attended art workshop at The Valley
(private), KGS layout Nachiketa Manovikasa School. Non formal education activities
Kendra (private center for evening classes and fields trips introduced for govt.
for govt. school children from school children. PowerPoint workshop by a
Marenahalli) Garage library in Seattle volunteer who learned about
Basaveshwaranagar. Balavihar from Asha website.
6Activities -1. English training 17Updates for Asha, Seattle. Funding
Government schools 50 children from increase Chapter approved funding increase
Classes I to V Alphabets, spelling, to INR 312000. Successes Remarkable
reading, writing Help students learn improvements in reading, spelling, and
English academic syllabus. Nachiketa comprehension in govt. school children.
Manovikasa Kendra 20-25 children of Student participation and engagement and
classes V to IX, from Marenahalli govt. support from schools has increased every
school and Navajivana govt. aided school. year. What didn’t go well Funds sent was
Evening classes Monday to Friday for 1.5 approx. INR 6000 less than approved budget
hours with snacks provided by Nachiketa amount, due to USD-INR conversion error by
Trust Reading, writing, conversation, and the finance team. The shortage is nearly
story telling. Drama and Theater Pinewoods 50% of the budget increase approved. This
school, Luminary school, and Nachiketa has happened repeatedly, so the finance
Kendra. Around 25 students practiced for team’s exchange calculation process should
15 sessions and performed a 45 minute probably be changed.
musical play on history of Kaveri, in both 18Site Visit – September 2012. Half day
Kannada and English. site visit by Lakshmi Kumar to Amarjyothi
7Activities - 2. Yoga and Pranayama Nagar and Kaveripura govt. schools
Pinewoods school: 25 children Luminary Amarjyothi nagar Anganwadi children sang
school: Teachers trained to conduct “Fun rhymes in English and Kannada. Class I and
Yoga” designed by Bihar school of Yoga II students assembled words and read their
Libraries Pinewoods school: 220 students text books. New English textbooks were
from classes IV to IX Luminary school: 78 difficult for them but Balavihar training
students from classes V to IX has resulted in big improvements in
Coordinator’s house: 25 govt. school reading. Kaveripura Class III and IV
children borrow books. Basaveshwara nagar: students also read their English books and
Garage library serving around 20 children. answered a quiz by the teacher. Greater
Story telling classes conducted in all difficulty in reading than lower level
locations to cultivate reading habit. students but the training is helping them
Children seem very engaged with library, cope with it. Overall Starting language
particularly during summer and dussehra training earlier seems to work better.
vacations. Video library at Pinewoods Children are a lot more engaged in
school and Luminary school. Educational Balavihar’s English classes than their
videos played using a projector donated by class teacher’s lessons.
Bash. Around 30 students borrowed videos. 19Audit Report. Indian law requires all
8Activities - 3. Arts and crafts - partners to have an audit report every
@Pinewoods school, Luminary school, year. Highlights from last years audit
Nachiketa Kendra, Nivedita School, report (Form 10B). A sample audit report,
Amarjyothi Nagar govt. school. Kundan from a project, can be found at
decorative work (50) Mexican Weaving (40) http://www.ashanet.org/projects-new/docume
Jewelry making (50) Clay models (120) ts/745/auditreport2008.pdf.
Origami (100) Needle work (25) Wall 20Survey Results. Include the results of
painting @ Luminary school (24) Wall the annual survey.
painting @Govt. school (10) Field trips 21Process Checks. Item. Status. Approved
Educational and fun trips to experience Budget. 312000 (during 2012). Approval
the world beyond their classrooms and Type. Recurring. Amount(s) disbursed last
neighborhoods. Savandurga – 50km from fiscal year. <amount> Amount
Bangalore, guided rock climbing adventure Utilized by the project last fiscal year.
for Amarjyothi nagar govt. school Approx 306000. Last Site Visit. September
students. Bannerghatta zoo and butterfly 2012. Current Primary Steward. Lakshmi
park – near Bangalore for Nachiketa Kendra Kumar. Current Secondary Stewards.
govt. school students. Consultant Keerthi. Status of the web page. Not
volunteers PowerPoint workshop by a updated. Status of the yahoo databases.
Seattle student for 100 students. Not up to date.
9Finances. Annual expenditures: INR 22Pictures. Latest pictures from the
30000-325000 Annual income Asha Seattle project.
funding: INR 306000 Local donations and https://picasaweb.google.com/1155276010631
library fees: INR 20000 No accumulating 7738866/BalaVihar20122013?authkey=Gv1sRgCP
savings They do not ask for funding until pnpq3_MXONg.
all donations from the year are spent 23Resources.
Funds sent through Covenant Center of 24Questions?
Development (CCD). Balavihar’s Palash 25FAQs. Some FAQs at Asha, Seattle
Trust did not get FCRA approval as the meetings. How many rs are we spending per
minimum balance required for new approvals kid per year? Does the amount being spent
is INR 1M (10 lakh rupees). on infrastructure items (building schools,
10Asha, Seattle Involvement. repairing roofs, etc. ) look reasonable?
11Asha, Seattle Involvement. Sl. No. Where exactly is the partner located?
Item. 1. Asha funds more than 90% of (especially for remote projects. Be ready
annual budget of the project. 2. Project to locate the project area on a map) What
began in 2007 after Asha Seattle’s is the graduation rate of the school? What
approval and funding. 3. No other Asha is the student to teacher ratio in class
chapters are involved. Bash and Jayashree rooms? What is the girl to boy ratio in
have visited the project and made personal the school? What are the line items in the
donations. 4. Chitra Krishnamurthy is the budget? Why is the partner asking for more
person running the entire program. funding for line item N? (You will be
12Asha, Seattle Involvement Contd. asked this if there are changes in the
Checklist contd. Sl. No. Item. 5. If the budget line items) Community opinion of
organization runs out of multiple the project. What went well, what didn’t
locations, which locations does Asha, go as expected, what can be done
Seattle support? 6. Asha Seattle supports differently.
all activities of the project. 7. Relate
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