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GPU PerfSTudio 2 | FarCry3. Dunia 2- New rendering effects Deferred rendering with multi-sample anti-aliasing (MSAA) Analysis of each scene/level in the game, selectively enabling MSAA on sections of the scene (like trees and lighting) that would benefit from the technique. Avoiding MSAA on sections that would slow the game with no visual improvement. Comprehensive light-culling system. This mechanism performs intelligent, real-time calculation of the lighting that would be visible to the player, then lets the GPU reject the material that won’t be seen. Not only is the MSAA faster than it would otherwise be (when enabled), but general frame rates are improved versus engines without this technology. http://engineroom.ubi.com/wp-content/bigfiles/farcry3_drtv_lowres.pdf http://blogs.amd.com/play/2012/12/10/far-cry-3-in-depth/.

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