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Biotechnology Park of The Siberian Science Town KOLTSOVO
Biotechnology Park of The Siberian Science Town KOLTSOVO
Preconditions of a cluster’s development
Preconditions of a cluster’s development
Preconditions of a cluster’s development
Preconditions of a cluster’s development
Scientific center
Scientific center
Scientific center
Scientific center
Scientific center
Scientific center
Scientific center
Scientific center
Scientific center
Scientific center
Biotechnopark KOLTSOVO
Biotechnopark KOLTSOVO
Investments and territory
Investments and territory
Prospects of a cluster’s development
Prospects of a cluster’s development
First resident
First resident
First resident
First resident
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Biotechnology Park of The Siberian Science Town KOLTSOVO

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1Biotechnology Park of The Siberian 5completion at the same platform.
Science Town KOLTSOVO. Novosibirsk 2013. Development of the platform № 2:
2Preconditions of a cluster’s approximately two times increases the
development. Novosibirsk region is located infrastructural capacity of Koltsovo for
in the heart of Russia. At the crossing of placement of industrial biotechnological
major transport routes connecting Europe and pharmaceutical facilities (by 100%
and Asia which contributed to the compared to the current level) Ensures the
concentration of population, industrial effective placement of innovative
enterprises, scientific and education industries and businesses - large complex
institutions, infrastructure at its for deep grain processing, plant for
territory in a record-breaking time. The antibiotics and antioxidants production,
modern sectors of economy such as plant for production of biochips and other
telecommunications, information industries. 5.
technologies, trade, banking and financial 6Prospects of a cluster’s development.
services have formed there rapidly in The Russian pharmaceutical market will
recent years. The unique concentration of grow with the rates, advancing world
scientific and educational institutions average growth rates The accelerated
and innovative companies, diversified development of the enterprises of
economy, business development and social pharmaceutical branch of the region till
infrastructure determine the main 2016, in 2 times exceeding expected market
directions of the Novosibirsk region average growth rates in branch should
development The economic policy of the become the purpose of carried-out actions
government of the Novosibirsk region is within a created cluster For
aimed at stimulating investment activity pharmaceutical branch of the Russian
primarily focused on the Federation expected market average growth
knowledge-intensive and high-tech rates in the long term are 12 -15 %. For
production. 2. the enterprises – cluster’s participants
3Scientific center. Novosibirsk is one target indicators are established at a
of the leading Russian regions on the level of 25 % of annual growth in the long
level of development of medicine and skill term till 2016-2017. 6.
level of medical personnel The Novosibirsk 7Main types of production in a cluster.
region has already adopted and implemented The prolonged and immobilized forms of
the system of human resources training medicines Mathematical methods of
required for development of the forecasting and modeling, database
biopharmaceutical industry. The following (bioinformation technologies) New drugs,
institutions and organizations work in the medicine forms and delivery systems of
Novosibirsk region: Siberian branch of active ingredients, including protected by
Russian Academy of Science Siberian branch the patent Innovative medicines and
of Russian Academy of Medical Science technologies Equipment for medicine and
Siberian branch of Russian Academy of biotechnology Diagnostic aids (test
AgriculturalScience State Research Center systems) Unique vaccines. Revenue of the
of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR More cluster’s enterprises for the last 3 years
than 60 scientific and research, and a forecast for the next years, one
decignengineering and design institutes. thousand rub.
More than 100 large and 1 500 small 8Main actions for realization of target
business related to technology-innovative reference points. It is planned: Not less
activities. 3. than 55 innovative projects by 2015 About
4Biotechnopark KOLTSOVO. Cluster’s two thousand high-tech workplaces. In the
tasks: to promote the production of sphere of production infrastructure: 1.
innovate drugs and substances to increas address support to the
the production of high-quality affordable enterprises–cluster’s participants 2.
drugs – generic drugs and dietary purposeful development of industrial
supplements to prevent the threat to the platforms, production and social
national security of Russia The purpose of infrastructures in interests of resident
Biotechnopark establishment: to attract investors In the sphere of researches,
residents – investors into the production development and innovations: 1. creation
of the final forms of the pharmaceutical of conditions for development of
and biotechnological products to attract competitive researches and development
the enterprises which are able to provide sectors 2. complex development of the
the localization of the product production innovative infrastructure providing
cycle. The establishment of Biotechnopark technological possibility of innovation
of the Novosibirsk region is a part of introduction In the higher education
formation and development of innovate sphere: 1.ensuring innovative nature of
territorial cluster “Biopharmaceutical education, formation of innovative
Cluster of the Novosibirsk region”. 4. thinking 2. participation of univercities
5Investments and territory. The total in target preparation of demanded experts.
investments for the establishment of 8.
Biotechnopark constituted EUR 11.4 9First resident. The Novosibirsk group
million: EUR 5 million - from the regional of companies SCIENTIFIC FUTURE MANAGEMENT
budget More than EUR 500 thousand - from has become first major Russian resident of
the municipal budget About EUR 5.9 million Biotechnopark with investments of more
from the funds of private investors. . than RUB 2 billion which now finishes the
Total planned area: about 114 hectares. release of the drug TROMOVAZIM at this
Two production platforms -14 and 100 industrial platform with the capacity to
hectares. Development of infrastructure of 1.5 million units per year. TROMBOVAZIM is
the platform №1 allows disposing: research a fundamentally new drug with a strong
and production complex for production of thrombolytic and anti-inflammatory action
Trombovazim, unique materials for the which is produced in a capsules and
production of biologically active drugs of injections. It is used in the treatment of
the next generation and clinical chronic venous insufficiency. TROMBOVAZIM
nutrition, complex of medical products increases the fibrinolytic activity of
sterilization, manufacture and blood providing direct fibrinolytic
modification of pharmaceutical substances action. The drug has a trombolytic effect
with the help of radiation techniques, which mechanism is connected with the
other companies - residents. The direct destruction of fibrin forming the
projecting of Center of Multiple Access basic molecular skeleton of thrombus. 9.
for biopharmaceutical companies is nearing 10THANKS FOR YOUR ATTANTION! 10.
Biotechnology Park of The Siberian Science Town KOLTSOVO.ppsx
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Biotechnology Park of The Siberian Science Town KOLTSOVO

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