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West Kilimanjaro Region
West Kilimanjaro Region
Varying Amounts Crop Damage
Varying Amounts Crop Damage
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Border Life: The Clash between Wildlife Conservation and Rural Poverty

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1Border Life: The Clash between 9Miti Mirefu? Primary Research Question.
Wildlife Conservation and Rural Poverty. 10Methods. Conducted interviews 72
Presentation for the Transboundary agricultural farmers Ndarakwai Ranch owner
Protected Area Research Initiative May 12, Ndarakwai Ranch manager Local ecologist
2004 Abbie Harris. Participant Observation Secondary
2Wildlife and poverty in Tanzania. Literature.
Tanzania holds diverse flora and fauna and 11Disadvantages of Living next to
has one of the greatest concentrations of Ndarakwai.
large mammals in the world (Department of 12Varying Amounts Crop Damage.
Wildlife 1996). About 25 percent of the 13Advantages of Living next to
land in Tanzania is protected area Ndarakwai. Short and long term employment
(Neumann 1998). Tanzania has a GNP of $170 Transportation to hospital and market
per capita (US dollars) which places the Occasional donations.
country within the lowest ten GNP’s in the 14Mutual Coexistence? Relationship with
world (World Bank Group 2003). Ranch is specific to household More
3Rural Poverty. Chambers describes five disadvantages than advantages for majority
disadvantages that create a integrated web of households Technical changes: fence
of poverty: Material Poorness Physical building, crop compensation, changing of
Weakness Isolation Vulnerability crop production Socio-political changes:
Powerlessness. economic partnership between community and
4Private Wildlife Conservation. Rising Ranch, establishment of Wildlife
trend in African wildlife conservation Management Area.
Economic means: photographic tourism 15Future Research. Examining crop damage
hunting tourism international donors through scientific observation in addition
private wealth wildlife cropping live to interviews Scrutinizing the existing
capture sales Difficulty for private civil society and research the means to
conservation in Tanzania. strengthen the community Looking at the
5Tanzania. potential for Wildlife Management Areas to
6West Kilimanjaro Region. create a better relationship.
7Miti Mirefu. Agricultural livelihoods 16References. Chambers, R. (1983). Rural
Intertropical Convergence Zone creates development: Putting the last first.
unpredictable bimodal rainfall Presence of Essex, England: Longman House. Department
wildlife Rapid population growth in the of Wildlife. (1996). Policy for Wildlife
area Not established as a village. Conservation. Dar Es Salaam: Tanzania:
8Ndarakwai Ranch. 10,000 acres of Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.
privately leased land area, began in 1995 Neumann, R. (1998). Imposing Wilderness.
Owner established a private anti poaching Berkeley: University of California Press.
staff and limited human use in the area World Bank Group. (2003). Gross National
Revenue from luxury camping, film Product. Washington DC: The World Bank
companies, and scientific researchers Group. Retrieved October 3, 2003 from
Increase in wildlife since the http://wbln0018.worldbank.org/psd/compete.
introduction of the ranch. sf/7349593d593389e88
9How does living next to Ndarakwai 525648f00641829?OpenView&Start=117.
Ranch affect the individual households of
Border Life: The Clash between Wildlife Conservation and Rural Poverty.ppt
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Border Life: The Clash between Wildlife Conservation and Rural Poverty

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