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China's Rise and Global Communication: Problems and Prospects
China's Rise and Global Communication: Problems and Prospects
2. Promotional videos: an attempt of national branding
2. Promotional videos: an attempt of national branding
2. Promotional videos: an attempt of national branding
2. Promotional videos: an attempt of national branding
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Chinas Rise and Global Communication: Problems and Prospects

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1China's Rise and Global Communication: 7profit. (2) Dual-role of Chinese media and
Problems and Prospects. HU Zhengrong JI regulatory uncertainties The Dule-role of
Deqiang Communication University of China. media: profit making and ideological
2Outline. 1. Ambitions: China’s project management. The consolidation of existing
of enhancing competence and raising special-interest-oriented media structure.
national image in global communication (1) 84. Internal complexities. Regulation
Media “going-out” plan (2) National systems are de facto the reflection of
branding: promotional videos 2. those complexities. By definition,
Ambiguities within those plans 3. Social regulation is the temporary outcome or
and Political-economic analysis (1) balance of negotiation between various
Internal complexities: Fractured society interest groups (always with unequal
and interest groups in conflicts Media’s empowerment of negotiation) within a
Dual-role and regulatory uncertainties (2) society, and is essentially not stable but
External contradictions: Ideological subject to change whenever this balance is
stereotypes in global media coverage broken up. The existing regulatory
West-dominant media political economy 4. structure encourages marketization on the
Discussion: the core value of China’s rise one hand, and “securing the commanding
in global communication order. height” on the other hand. This two-sided
31. Media “going-out”. 1. China’s regulatory feature has been amplified
culture “going out” plan “China is going during globalized media expansion, which
to actively exploit international culture might undermine the value basis of China’s
marketplaces, innovate culture ‘going-out’ rise.
models, strengthen the competence and 95. External contradictions. (1)
influence of Chinese culture and finally Ideological stereotypes “With generally
enhance the nation’s soft power”– “China’s low official credibility, China’s state
12th Five-Year Plan”(2011-2015) 2. Media media have a hard time winning over a
expansion: three examples (1) Xinhua News skeptical audience.” (Zhang Xiaoling,
Agency: World television network: CNC 2007) A case: How did US media represent
World News Increase of oversea bureaus (2) and frame China’s media “going-out” plan?
China Central Television Expansion of US Today (Feb. 18 2009): “China, known for
multilingual broadcasting services China’s its tight control of people and the news,
first national TV website: China Network wants to soften its image around the world
Television (CNTV) (3) Newspapers English and is ready to spend big bucks on a media
edition of Global Times, a product of empire to do that.” The New York Times
People’s Daily Group The US edition of (Oct. 5 2009): “China Yearns to Form Its
China Daily. Own Media Empires” CNN (Sept. 3 2010):
42. Promotional videos: an attempt of “Can Chinese media rule the airwaves?” CNN
national branding. Two-stage promotion: proposed a market-driven and
1.“Experiencing China” Presentation of private-capital-led media reform to soften
outstanding Chinese figures in various China’s image, because Americans are
fields 2.“China on the way” Personal suspicious of state-run media.
telling about how China developed by 105. External contradictions. The logic
ordinary Chinese people and foreigners. of dominance. A temporary conclusion:
China promo videos playing in Times China’s media “going-out” plan backing by
Square. huge government subsidies has been
53. Ambiguities in those efforts. What inevitable to fall into the West-dominated
exactly the meaning of “China’s rise” is? media narratives characterized by constant
What is the core value of China within the criticizing media control and worrying
existing global communication order? about their oriental counterparts who will
Whether China’s voice can be heard and soon to be able to displace them as a new
“correctly” decoded by audiences from market “empire”. (2) The political economy
oversea audiences? If China decides to go of global media structure: Western /
the way Western media group succeeded, the transnational media conglomerates
extent to which Chinese media dominant.
organizations will get the same or higher 116. China’s rise or a new global
status with manipulative power in global communication order. Discussions remain
communication is obscured. Those significant on the road Chinese media
ambiguities lie in the characteristics of should go to present a “full” picture of
Chinese media in the context of reform the country to the world. The core value
China since early1980s. China contributes to the world is NOT: -
64. Internal complexities. Media Trade rule: exchange value in market -
Convergence. (1) Fractured society and Cultural essentialism: Confucianism and
interest groups in conflicts “One nation” Taoism - Post-colonial perspective:
with diverse social strata “One nation” Orientalism BUT: - An imagination base for
with fractured social structure between social development - A tolerance and
the affluent and the poor, the urban absorption of diverse cultures - A
center and the rural peripheries, as well peaceful rise in a new global
as the developed East coastal areas and communication order.
the underdeveloped West and hinterland 12Thanks! Authors: HU Zhengrong, Ph.D.,
“One nation” with a variety of interest Professor Chair, Chinese Association of
groups A case: the “Turf War” between Communication Vice President,
SARFT and MII. The interplay between Communication University of China
marketization and sustaining political Director, National Center for Radio and
governance in the era of media Television Studies Email: huzhr@cuc.edu.cn
convergence. JI Deqiang, Ph.D. candidate Communication
74. Internal complexities. legitimacy. University of China Email: jdq@cuc.edu.cn.
Chinas Rise and Global Communication: Problems and Prospects.ppt
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Chinas Rise and Global Communication: Problems and Prospects

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