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Christmas Around the World
Christmas Around the World
Christmas Around the World
Christmas Around the World
Christmas Around the World
Christmas Around the World
Christmas Around the World
Christmas Around the World
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Christmas Around the World

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1Christmas Around the World. More free 16accompanied by a group dance Noel in
powerpoints at French is translated Christmas. Christmas
http://www.worldofteaching.com. Christmas Around the World.
Around the World. 17Greece. Christmas is abbreviated Xmas
2Christmas. Christmas Around the World. because the word for Christ in Greek is
3Christmas. History Traditions Today. Xristos. Christmas Around the World.
Christmas Around the World. 18Israel. Christmas eve is celebrated
4Christmas. Celebrates the birth of because the Jewish tradition is that the
Jesus, Savior to Christians Gifts are new day starts at sundown [therefore
exchanged partly because the Bible tells Christmas eve is actually the start of
of the wise men (magi) bringing gifts to Christmas day] Some Jews (by heritage) are
the Christ-child as they came to worship also Christians (by faith). Christmas
Him. Christmas Around the World. Around the World.
5Christmas. Nativity scene comes from 19Mexico. Nochebuena, the Mexican name
the Bible, especially in the books of of the flower English-speakers call
Matthew and Luke. Christmas Around the poinsettia, was discovered in Taxco and
World. the valleys surrounding Cuernavaca. Known
6Christmas. Catholic Church set by the Aztecs in their native Nahuatl
December 25th as the celebration date to language as cuetlaxochitl, it is believed
combine with the Roman holiday of the that they brought the plant from the
winter solstice (when sun has no apparent tropical climate of Cuernavaca to their
North or South movement) in 336 A.D. Aztec highlands for cultivation in special
Christmas Around the World. nurseries. Prized in the prehispanic era
7Turkey. Santa Claus comes from a real for the curative properties of the milk
person in 325 A.D. – Saint Nicholas in that dripped from the leaves, stems and
Turkey* Reputation for kindness and flowers when cut, the pigment from the red
generosity Legends of financial miracles leaves was also used to dye cotton fibers.
on behalf of the poor and unhappy * Mostly Christmas Around the World.
Christian nation at this time. Christmas 20Epcot Center in Florida. Each country
Around the World. pavilion has a section dedicated to the
8Turkey. Santa’s red and white suit history and traditions of Christmas
came from the traditional Bishop’s robes (during the Christmas season). Christmas
that Saint Nicholas would have worn. Around the World.
Christmas Around the World. 21Christmas in America. Pilgrims did not
9Turkey. Stockings were originally celebrate Christmas Immigrants brought
hung, hoping that Saint Nicholas would their Christmas traditions, especially in
bring gold coins (as legend says he did the 1700s and early 1800s Christmas as a
for three poor girls that needed money to national celebration gathered momentum
get married) Most were filled with small during the mid-1800s. Christmas Around the
gifts, especially fruit and nuts. World.
Christmas Around the World. 22Christmas. U.S. Ambassador to Mexico,
10Germany. Christmas tree is a German J.R. Poinsett, imported (what became) the
tradition, dating to about 700 A.D. “Yule” poinsettia for Christmas in 1828.
log was a large foundational log placed in Christmas Around the World.
the fireplace Name comes from an 23Christmas in America. Santa’s sleigh,
associated celebratory cry heard about reindeer, etc. came from 2 published works
Christmastime because the nights were in 1822 and 1863-1886 1822 – “The Night
becoming shorter. Christmas Around the Before Christmas” 1863-1886 – magazine
World. published pictures of Santa’s workshop,
11Holland. Dutch name for Nicholas was Santa reading letters, Santa checking his
Sinterklaas, which became Santa Claus list, etc. Christmas Around the World.
Gifts are exchanged on Christmas day 24Christmas in America. Started to
partly because of the Dutch Santa Claus become popular in 1860s, and by 1874
legends. Christmas Around the World. Macy’s in New York developed Christmas
12Scandinavia. Legends from folktales theme window displays Tree decorations
told of a magician that punished naughty became common in 1880 when Woolworth’s
children and rewarded good children with began to sell manufactured ornaments.
presents. Christmas Around the World. Christmas Around the World.
13Scandinavia. Mistletoe was used as a 25Christmas. Outdoor White House tree
Christmas decoration for years, but was tradition started in 1923 with President
associated with pagan rituals A goddess of Coolidge. Christmas Around the World.
love – probably where kissing under the 26Christmas in America. Two most popular
mistletoe comes from Holly replaced it, secular songs at Christmas are: Bing
where the thorns remind of Christ’s crown Crosby’s “White Christmas” (1942) Gene
on the cross and the red berries of His Autry’s “Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer”
shed blood. Christmas Around the World. (1949) Based upon the Montgomery Wards
14Italy. Naughty children in Italy were booklet of the same named given away free
the first to get a lump of coal in the in 1939 – written by a father attempting
stocking. Christmas Around the World. to cheer up a sad daughter grieving over a
15England. Songs or “carols” [songs] dieing mother. Christmas Around the World.
were sung by small choirs for the pleasure 27Christmas. There’s something to
of those that happened to walk by celebrate for everybody: Great traditions
Christmas cards started in London in 1843. incorporating aspects from many countries
Christmas Around the World. Significant religious events. Christmas
16France. Singing “carols” [songs] Around the World.
Christmas Around the World.ppt
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Christmas Around the World

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