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A Christmas Card

A Christmas Card. The average English family receives and sends about 60 CHRISTMAS Cards. Одна из традиций рождества – рождественские открытки, на которых можно увидеть либо Санта Клауса, либо сцены рождения Иисуса Христа, либо деревенские сцены прошлого века со снежными пейзажами, хотя снег на Рождество – явление достаточно редкое во многих частях Великобритании. Первую рождественскую открытку нарисовал англичанин Хорслей в 1843 году. 1000 экземпляров открытки были проданы в тот год в Лондоне. The first Christmas card has created in 1794 by English artist Dobson for his friend. The present serial card has appeared in 9 of December 1843. This card was drawn by the artist John Calcott Horsely by the order of the businessman of sir Henry Cole , which wanted to congratulate the grandmother. On the card size 5x3 of inch represents Christmas dinner, in which three generations of family participate, it is possible the relatives of sir Henry. In total was printed of such 1 thousand cards, which were sold on 1 shilling. Till now was kept such 12 cards, one of them was sold for the record sum.

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