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Cisco CCIE Program
Cisco CCIE Program
CCIE Industry Recognitions
CCIE Industry Recognitions
CCIE Industry Recognitions
CCIE Industry Recognitions
CCIE Industry Recognitions
CCIE Industry Recognitions
CCIE Industry Recognitions
CCIE Industry Recognitions
The CCIE Program
The CCIE Program
CCIEs Worldwide
CCIEs Worldwide
Achieving CCIE Certification
Achieving CCIE Certification
Achieving CCIE Certification
Achieving CCIE Certification
CCIE Assessor Lab
CCIE Assessor Lab
Benefits of Earning Your CCIE
Benefits of Earning Your CCIE
Benefits of Earning Your CCIE
Benefits of Earning Your CCIE
Benefits of Earning Your CCIE
Benefits of Earning Your CCIE
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1CISCO CCIE Program January 2006. 9readiness for the CCIE Lab Exam
2Cisco CCIE Program. Premiere www.cisco.com/ccie/ assessor. Official.
certification program identifies and First CCIE lab preparation product from
recognizes expert-level knowledge and Cisco. Preview. Exam-quality scenarios
skill in networking Develop and deliver developed by CCIE team. Web-based.
relevant, valid and high-quality exams Configure live, remote equipment from your
Deliver meaningful benefits to certified laptop. Economical. Less than 1/3 cost of
individuals and partners. lab exam. Customized. Assessment provides
3CCIE Industry Recognitions. Highest score, command line feedback and
Cisco Professional Salary January 2005. references for further study.
Cisco Takes Top Honors for 4 Years Running Dated:1.17.2006.
#1 Most Respected High-Level Certification 10CCIE Lab Locations. Ten worldwide CCIE
#1 Best Overall Certification Program lab locations. Beijing. RTP. Brussels.
Hottest Certification for 2005 December Tokyo. Hong Kong. San Jose. Bangalore.
2005. #1 Overall Professional IT Sydney. Dubai. Sao Paulo.
Certification December 2004 #5 Most 11Recertification. Ensures current level
Important Certification August 2004. CCIEs of technical expertise Three categories –
Among Top Salary Earners December 2005. Active, Suspended, and Inactive Must pass
Updated 12.09.05. a CCIE written exam every two years; all
4The CCIE Program. Cisco’s highest CCIE written exams eligible. Inactive
level certification Twelve+ years as CCIEs lose benefits and recognition More
industry’s most rigorous program--copied than 90% of all CCIEs are still active.
by many Consistent winner of awards for 12R&S Exam Content Development.
desirability, reputation, quality of Input sought from: Reaching out to
certification Constantly update and revise extended team ensures exam is realistic
exams to evolve with industry. and relevant. EXAM OBJECTIVES and
5CCIEs Worldwide. Experts in the BLUEPRINTS. Cisco Business Units/
subtleties, intricacies and challenges of Technology Groups Cisco Standard
networking Less than 3% of all Cisco Architectures (AVVID, SAFE). Advisory
Certified Professionals Just under 13,000 Subject Matter Experts. Technical Support
worldwide Demonstrate a strong commitment TAC Cases Technical Bulletins, Best
to training, study, and education to Practices, Whitepapers. Enterprise
maintain certification. Technical Advisory Board. Focus Groups/
6Achieving CCIE Certification. CCIEs Customer Sessions. CCIE Field Surveys.
must pass two exams. The written 13What’s New in CCIE. January 2006:
qualification exam has 100 multiple-choice CCIEs allowed to initiate Severity 2 level
questions. The lab exam is what makes CCIE service requests with Cisco Support
different; the full-day, hands-on exam online. December 2005: CCIE introduces
tests ability to configure and first official practice lab and
troubleshoot equipment. Not all lab exams assessment—the CCIE Assessor Lab. October
are offered at all lab locations. 2005: CCIE Voice labs opening in RTP and
7CCIE Tracks. Security Introduced 2002 Sydney; CCIE SP lab available in Beijing.
Fastest growing cert; 15% of bookings Labs March 2005: CCIE in Storage Networking
in Beijing, Brussels, RTP, San Jose, announced. March 2005: Metro Ethernet
Sydney. Voice over IP Introduced 2003 13% introduced as option for CCIE Service
of bookings Labs in Brussels, RTP, San Provider. Dec. 2004: Cisco TAC begins
Jose and coming soon in Asia. Service sending service requests from CCIEs
Provider Networks Introduced 2002 3% of directly to core support team.
bookings Labs in Brussels, Hong Kong, RTP, 14Benefits of Earning Your CCIE.
Sao Paulo, Sydney. Strengthen your personal qualifications
8Process: Steps to CCIE Certification. Earn the respect of colleagues and
Routing/Switching. Written. LAB. Written. employers Open new opportunities by
LAB. Security. Written. LAB. Storage. expanding your technical knowledge Display
Service Provider (Written exam choices). official CCIE logo Network with other
LAB. Voice. Written. LAB. Cable. Content CCIEs.
Netwkg. Metro Ethernet. Dial. Optical. 15Find out more at www.cisco.com/ccie.
DSL. WAN Switching. IP Telephony. 15. 15. 15. © 2003, Cisco Systems, Inc.
9CCIE Assessor Lab. Determine your All rights reserved.
CISCO CCIE Program.ppt
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