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Oxford & Cambridge
Oxford & Cambridge
Oxford & Cambridge
Oxford & Cambridge
Oxford & Cambridge
Oxford & Cambridge
Two great universities
Two great universities
Graduate profiles
Graduate profiles
Graduate profiles
Graduate profiles
Graduate profiles
Graduate profiles
Teaching and learning
Teaching and learning
Teaching and learning
Teaching and learning
Teaching: our aims
Teaching: our aims
Teaching: our aims
Teaching: our aims
Teaching: our aims
Teaching: our aims
Cambridge History
Cambridge History
William Gates Building
William Gates Building
Cambridge phenomenon
Cambridge phenomenon
Cambridge phenomenon
Cambridge phenomenon
Some questions in CS
Some questions in CS
Some questions in CS
Some questions in CS
Some questions in CS
Some questions in CS
Course components
Course components
Course components
Course components
Course components
Course components
Course components
Course components
Practical skills
Practical skills
Practical skills
Practical skills
Practical skills
Practical skills
Computing Laboratory
Computing Laboratory
Computing Laboratory
Computing Laboratory
Oxford Research Themes
Oxford Research Themes
First Year Topics
First Year Topics
Картинки из презентации «Computer Science at Oxford and Cambridge» к уроку английского языка на тему «Курсы английского»

Автор: Graham Titmus. Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока английского языка, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «Computer Science at Oxford and Cambridge.ppt» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 3188 КБ.

Computer Science at Oxford and Cambridge

содержание презентации «Computer Science at Oxford and Cambridge.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Computer Science at Oxford and 27pictures from my database of 3D shapes?
Cambridge. Luke Ong Oxford University ray tracing can be “photorealistic”
Computing Laboratory www.comlab.ox.ac.uk. polygon scan conversion used by all
Graham Titmus University of Cambridge graphics cards.
Computer Laboratory www.cl.cam.ac.uk. 28Cambridge Course. Three years 1st year
2Contents. Oxford & Cambridge ? CS, ? Maths, ? option from elsewhere
University What is Computer Science? 2nd, 3rd years 100% CS Select most 2nd
Details of the two courses Admissions. year courses, half the 3rd year 100
Most of this presentation applies equally students per year plus 40 part-time in 1st
to both Oxford and Cambridge. When just year General principles not vocational
one logo appears, the information applies training Self-contained Draws on many
to that university only. disciplines. Year 3. Year 2. CS. CS. Ma.
3Oxford & Cambridge. Two of the Opt. Year 1. Computer Science. Computer
world’s oldest universities Two of the Science. Computer Science.
world’s most distinguished universities. 29First year choices. Year 3. Computer
4Two great universities. Lead the UK Science. Computer Science. Year 2.
league tables Head international research Computer Science. Year 1. with Physics,
tables Multidisciplinary - both arts and Chemistry, Geology, Physiology, Evolution.
sciences Include both colleges and 30Course components. 8+8+4 = 20 weeks
university. teaching per year 12 one-hour lectures per
5Research Assessment. Oxford and (6-day) week plus similar time in review
Cambridge are two of the top CS and private study 6 hours of practical
departments for research the following work 2 or 3 supervisions of one hour each
grades are taken from the five-yearly plus 4 hours of preparation each.
Research Assessment Exercises (1996,2001 31Practical skills. First year Practical
& 2008) which are graded: 1 2 3a 3b 4 exercises hands on, time management Second
5 5* Cambridge scored the best possible: year Group projects specification &
5*, 5* and 3.35 GPA Highest ranking in acceptance, reporting, tools, management,
2008 assessment Oxford scored 5* & 5 team work, deadlines, presentation Final
and 3.15 GPA Overall 3rd in research year Individual projects deadlines,
power. dissertation, presentation.
6Teaching assessment. There are many 32Industrial Supporters Club.
good Computer Science teaching departments Alertme.com ARM Barclays Capital British
in the UK: Cambridge, Edinburgh, Exeter, Telecom Broadcom Corporation Citrix
Glasgow, Imperial, Kent, Manchester, Systems Credit Suisse Data Connection
Oxford, Southampton, Swansea, Warwick, Limited Frontier Developments Goldman
York all scored 23/24 in the government’s Sachs Google HM Government Communication
Teaching Quality Assessment all rated Centre IBM Jagex. Microsoft Research
above 80% by the Guardian University Guide Morgan Stanley nCipher RealVNC Sony
2002 do you trust either of these Computer Entertainment Europe Symbian Ltd
measures? you need to check what they have The MathWorks Ubisense VMware XenSource UK
in their syllabus is it good Computer Ltd Zeus Technology Ltd Zoonami Ltd +47
Science? is it what you want to do? more...
7Contents. Oxford & Cambridge 33Computing Laboratory. Wolfson
University What is Computer Science? Building. Founded by Leslie Fox (1957)
Details of the two courses Admissions. About 50 academic staff Home to different
8What is Comp Sci? Programming Science groups.
Art Engineering Mathematics Linguistics 34Oxford Research Themes. Programming
Psychology. Languages Foundations, Logic and Structure
9Computer Science… ... will save the Numerical Analysis Automated Verification
planet by providing systems that are Software Engineering Computational Biology
sustainable dependable adaptable … teaches Information Systems.
general skills analysis problem solving 35Oxford Courses. Computer Science
abstraction design … produces extremely Computer Science firmly based on
marketable graduates. Mathematics Mathematics and Computer
10Graduate profiles. Paul Cunningham Science similar, but with more Mathematics
A-levels in Maths, F. Maths, Physics & All courses (except theory and
Art PhD in verification of self-timed mathematics) have compulsory assessed
hardware Started own company with ?2.5m practicals. Option of 3-year BA or 4-year
capital. Sonali Tandon A-levels in Maths, MCompSc / MMathsCS degrees.
Physics & Chemistry Working for 36Course components. 8 + 8 + 4 = 20
Citigroup’s Technology Division in London. teaching weeks per year 10-12 one-hour
Isabel Kingsmill A-levels in Maths, lectures per (5-day) week plus similar
Physics & Chemistry Working for Detica time in review and private study 4-8 hours
in Guildford on data and signal of practical work per week 2-3 hours of
processing. college tutorials per week Personalised: 1
11Contents. Oxford & Cambridge tutor to 2 students Intensive: up to 8
University What is Computer Science? hours of preparation time Advanced classes
Details of the two courses Admissions. for 3rd & 4th-yr topics Year-long
12Teaching and learning. Students belong individual project (for 3rd & 4th
to a college and a faculty Attend lectures year).
in their faculty Taught in small groups in 37First Year Topics. Imperative
college. Programming Functional Programming Design
13Teaching: our aims. To give our and Analysis of Algorithms Digital
students an understanding of fundamental Hardware Calculus Linear Algebra Logic and
principles that will outlast today’s Proof Discrete Maths First four have
technology To produce graduates who will practical exercises.
lead development not merely cope with it. 38Year By Year. First Year Imperative
14Cambridge History. Mathematical Lab & Functional Programming (former is
founded 1937 EDSAC May 1949 Practical about languages like C and Java; latter is
computer 650 instructions/s 1k x 17 bits also a good language for talking about
paper tape input teletype output 4m x 3m algorithms) All courses are compulsory.
3000 valves 12kW. MCS have Maths courses instead of some CS
15William Gates Building. courses Second Year Core courses:
16Cambridge phenomenon. Cambridge has Object-Oriented Programming (in Java),
developed rapidly over past 15 years New Concurrency, Networks, Operating Systems
technology and start-up companies Many Other options. E.g. Graphics, Numerical
spin-offs from University research groups Computation, Architecture, Compilers,
IT companies around Cambridge - Silicon Programming Languages, Models of
Fen. Source: Cambridge Entrepreneurship Computation, etc.
Centre. 39Year By Year. Third Year Individual
17Computer Laboratory. Staff 35 teaching project (= 25% of time) More options; e.g.
officers 35 contract researchers 10 Intelligent Systems, Security,
computer officers 15 administration and Optimisation, Databases, etc. MCS has more
assistants Students 150 research students Maths options & no project. Fourth
30 post-graduate Diploma 25 MPhil in Year (= optional Masters year) Longer
Speech and language 340 undergraduates. individual project. Course work assessed
18Syllabus. by take-home mini-projects. Yet more
19Courses. Programming Java, C++ options! E.g. Computer Animation,
(object-oriented) ML (functional) Prolog Financial Computing, Quantum Computation,
(logic) C (procedural) Assembler Verilog Computational Linguistics, Information
(hardware definition) Comparative Retrieval, etc.
Languages Hardware Digital Electronics 40A Variety of Options. Automated
Computer design ECAD, VLSI Quantum Verification Automata, Logic & Games
Computing Mathematics Underpins theory and Randomised Algorithms Software
many applications Post A-level functions, Verification Probabilistic Model Checking
sets, number theory, probability. Foundations & Logic Lambda Calculus
20Courses II. Algorithms Data structures and Types Categories, Proofs &
and Algorithms Complexity Theory Processes Quantum Computer Science Game
Computation Theory Logic & proof, Semantics Computational Biology Executable
Semantics, Information theory, Biology Bioinformatics. Information
Specification & verification, Types, Systems Database Implementation
Concurrency, Finite Automata Automatic Computational Linguistics Information
Theorem Proving Systems Operating Systems, Retrieval Knowledge Representation
Real time systems Networks, Distributed Intelligent Systems Machine Learning
Systems Middleware (Transport, Trust), Computer Animation Programming Languages
E-commerce Compilers Databases. Program Analysis Concurrent Programming.
21Applications. Graphics HCI Vision These options are closely linked to our
Human behaviour animation Security Chip research themes.
analysis, Protocols, Crypto, 41Example Project Topics. Medical Image
Steganography, Privacy Language, speech Analysis Biologically-Inspired Computing
and information Natural Language Robot Soccer Simulation Natural Language
Processing AI Information retrieval Processing Quantum Computing Compilation
Bioinformatics Sentient computing Sensors, of Security Protocols Formal Hardware
Tracking, Augmented Reality, Vehicles, Verification Chess Playing Program.
Sports. 42Contents. Oxford & Cambridge
22Professional skills. Professional University What is Computer Science?
practice & ethics ethical theory, Details of the two courses Admissions.
professions, computer misuse Software 43Oxford Admissions. College based We
Engineering failures, life cycles, consider: GCSE results, AS level module
quality, tools, management design, formal marks, and A-level predictions; or
methods, specification, proof Intellectual equivalent international examinations
property law Business studies how to start school record; extra-curricular activities
and run a business finance, project (e.g. national + international
management, sales & marketing, exit competitions) personal statement &
strategies. references common written test in Nov (and
23Some questions in CS. Which algorithm possibly individual college test before
is best for the job? “complexity theory” interviews) at least two subject
answers these questions and can tell us interviews – problem solving Common
whether we’ve found the best algorithm Database, Pools & Open Offers
e.g. searching a sorted list of student ID redistribute uneven applications between
numbers to find a particular one method 1 colleges.
(scanning): start at the beginning and 44Cambridge Admissions. Very Similar We
work through the list until you find the consider GCSE results, or equivalent
number or come to the end method 2 (divide international qualification AS level
& conquer): look at the number in the module marks, A2 predictions; school
middle of the list if it is bigger than record personal statement reference two
the one you want then repeat the operation subject interviews (>90% interviewed)
on just the first half of the list unseen problem solving written tests UCLES
otherwise repeat the operation on the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA)
second half of the list. individual college tests computing
24The functional approach. Calculating background within and outside school
factorials Calculating the powerset. fun Winter and Summer pools redistribute
powerset [] = [[]] | powerset (x::xs) = uneven applications between colleges.
let val ps = powerset xs in ps @ (map (fn 45Prerequisites. 3 A grades at A-level
(y) => x::y) ps) end; fun factorial 0 = more than 3 A-level or AS-levels highly
1 | factorial x = x * factorial (x – 1); valuable not counting General Studies
25Some questions in CS. Which algorithm Mathematics to A-level is absolutely
is best for the job (cont) for a list with essential Further Maths nearly essential,
N entries method 1 (scanning) takes N/2 if your school offers it.
comparisons on average method 2 (divide 46Other A-levels. A Physical Science is
& conquer) takes log2N comparisons on desirable Computing A-levels Computer
average comparison. Science good, similar in character to
26Some questions in CS. How do I university-level CS but very few schools
construct a secure automatic teller offer it ICT, Information Technology,…
machine network? how do I ensure secure quite different from university-level
communications between cash machines and Computer Science not relevant Other
central bank database? how do I recover if subjects up to you e.g. history,
the central bank database loses its languages, etc traditional academic
electricity supply? how did the card + PIN subjects best.
system develop? why not some other system? 47Who should apply? If you meet the
how do I make it secure? human factors prerequisites you're excited about
impact on technological factors can I cutting-edge Computer Science (interest
build a system which will be secure and enthusiasm...) Then you must apply to
against a single corrupt employee? can I Oxford or Cambridge!
build a system which will be secure 48Computer Science at Oxford and
against laziness and stupidity? Cambridge. Luke Ong Oxford University
27Some questions in CS. How do I model Computing Laboratory www.comlab.ox.ac.uk.
3D shapes efficiently? Bezier surfaces Graham Titmus University of Cambridge
(1960s) NURBS surfaces (1970s) subdivision Computer Laboratory www.cl.cam.ac.uk.
surfaces (1990s) How do I make realistic
Computer Science at Oxford and Cambridge.ppt
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Computer Science at Oxford and Cambridge

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