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the words from the box
the words from the box
Картинки из презентации «Computers in our life» к уроку английского языка на тему «Россия»

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Computers in our life

содержание презентации «Computers in our life.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Computers in our life. Компьютеры в 9help? The best thing to do is to. How
нашей жизни. Презентация урока английского exactly? Hallo! Who's speaking? Can you
языка. (С). Ливенцева И.Ф., к.ф-м.н. help me? OK. I'll give it a try. It's OK.
Гимназия №56, 2007 г. Thanks a lot. to have crashed. even cursor
2Цель урока. Пояснения к презентации. just sticks. Ron is speaking. switch it
Цель урока состоит в расширении и off and start again. in the same place.
тренировке вокабуляра по теме «Интернет», 10Ron. Now try to fill in the gaps. What
которая входит как составляющая часть в is the _______? Computer Helpline, Carol.
экзаменационную разговорную тему «Средства Yes, that's what I would ___. The best
массовой информации». Настоящая thing to do is to. How is it getting on?
презентация представляет собой дидактиче- ___ problem. Well, my computer seems. Do
ский материал, сопровождающий урок you think that will ____? OK. I'll give it
английского языка для учеников 8 класса a ___. It's OK. Thanks a lot. How exactly?
гимназии. Урок должен проводиться после Hallo! Who's speaking? Can you ____ me?
изучения модуля «Интернет» в учебнике Well, I can't move anything, Ron is
“Opportunities” Pre-Intermediate. ________. ______ it off and start again.
Презентация направлена на закрепление и to have _______. even ______ just sticks.
расширение полученного учащимися материала in the same place.
в форме наглядных упражнений. Та часть 11Ron. Make sure you’ve guessed
презентации, где приведен диалог позволяет correctly. OK. I’ll give it a try. Well, I
не только тренировать слова темы, но также can’t move anything, It’s OK. Thanks a
вводят разговорные штампы (chunks of lot. seems to have crashed! in the same
language), часто употребляемые в place. The best thing to do is. Computer
разговорной речи. Урок заканчивается Helpline, What is the problem? How
аудированием по теме. exactly? Yes, that’s what I would do. How
3Computers in our life. is it getting on? No problem. Can you help
4h. a. d. f. g. b. e. Find the item in me? Do you think it will help? Hello! Who
the picture and write. the corresponding is speaking? Well, my computer. even the
letter next to the word. c. online cursor just sticks. Ron is speaking. to
shopping. keyword. website. password. switch it off and try again. Carol.
search engine. click. screen. mouse. 12Complete the sentences with words and
checking. phrases from the box. website. bug.
5the words from the box. Fill in the computer viruses. go online. emails.
gaps with. online shopping. keyword. crashes. Nowadays you can _______________
password. click. search engine. websites. if your brother is using the telephone
screen. When you want to find information line to talk to his friends. go online.
on the web, it is helpful to use a Many people send and receive ________
_______________ such as Google or Yandex. rather then telephoning or using “snail
You type in a _______ or a phrase, mail” (letter post). emails. These days
_______in “GO” and a list of ________ you can buy things on the Internet by
appears on your computer ________. Many going to the company’s ___________.
people use the web for _____________ or website. checking.
banking. To enter a secure site, you 13Complete the sentences words and with
usually need to enter your username and a phrases from the box. computer viruses.
________. search engine. click. keyword. bug. emails. online shopping. website.
websites. screen. online shopping. crashes. Sometimes the computer ________
password. checking. ,and then it is impossible to use it. You
6Put the following computer operations. usually have to switch it off and start
in the correct order. g Switch on the again. crashes. Some people create
computer, the monitor and the printer. a ________________ , which infect any
Work. b Close the application. c Open the computer they arrive at. They are
application. d Print your work. e Save dangerous a can destroy everything on the
your work on the. hard disk. f Switch off hard disk. computer viruses. If a computer
the computer, the monitor and the printer. programme has a ____, it won’t work
g Switch on the computer, the monitor and properly. bug. checking.
the printer. The first part is done for 14Listening. Listen to the interview
example. . with a teacher who is talking about the
7Check your answers. g Switch on the role of computers in education. Then read
computer, the monitor and the printer. c the statements below and d?cor ide whether
Open the application you want. a Work. e they are true (T) or false (F).
Save your work on the hard disk. d Print 15F. F. T. T. F. At school, computers
your work. b Close the application. f are useful only in the language lessons.
Switch off the computer, the monitor and It takes a long time to find online
the printer. publications. You can present your
8Asking for technical help. Dialogue. opinions on various topics over the
9Ron. Computer Helpline, What is the Internet.. You can check the meanings of
problem? Carol. Yes, that's what I would new words on special websites. In every
do. How is it getting on? No problem. school, students have one lesson per week
Well, my computer seems. Well, I can't for surfing through the Internet.
move anything, Do you think that will checking.
Computers in our life.ppt
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Computers in our life

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