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Coyote Diet on the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch, Texas
Coyote Diet on the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch, Texas
Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch Mission
Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch Mission
Study Area
Study Area
Study Area
Study Area
Food Items
Food Items
Food Items
Food Items
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Coyote Diet on the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch, Texas

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1Coyote Diet on the Rolling Plains 16-----------.
Quail Research Ranch, Texas. Mark A. 17Results.
Tyson?, Dale Rollins?, Warren B. Ballard?, 2008-2009---------------------------------
Philip Gipson?, and Lloyd LaCoste? © Wyman ---------2010-----------------------------
Meinzer. ?Department of Natural Resources -----------.
Management, Texas Tech University, 18Results.
Lubbock, Texas 79409, USA ?Texas AgriLife 2008-2009-----------------------------2010
Research, San Angelo, Texas 76903, USA -------------------------------------.
?Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch, 19% of scats containing: YEAR. Total.
Roby, Texas 79543, USA. Food Items. 12/2008-2009. 2010. Rank.
2Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch Rodents. 47.0. 46.0. 46.5. 1. Opuntia
Mission. To sustain Texas’ wild quail Fruit. 35.0. 30.0. 33.0. 2. Insects. 7.2.
hunting heritage for this and future 23.4. 15.3. 3. Grass. 10.0. 8.0. 9.0. 4.
generations. Feral Hog. 7.0. 9.5. 8.2. 5. Mesquite
3Coyotes: Friend or Foe to Quail? Our Pods. 14.0. 2.0. 8.0. 6. Lotebush Berries.
study area is specifically managed for 0.3. 15.0. 7.5. 7. Deer. 7.0. 6.5. 6.8. 8.
quail. “Everything points to quail” – Dr. Other Birds. 5.6. 3.6. 4.6. 9.
Dale Rollins Coyotes are often targeted 20Food Items. 12/2008-2009. 2010. Total.
for control. How does quail-focused Rank. Leporids. 4.2. 3.0. 3.6. 10.
management influence coyote (Canis Raccoon. 1.9. 3.0. 2.5. 11. Chittam
latrans) predation (+/-) on northern Berries. 2.5. 0.0. 1.3. 12. Reptiles. 1.3.
bobwhites (Colinus virginianus)? 0.8. 1.1. 13. Skunk. 1.1. 0.5. 0.8. 14.
4Coyotes and Quail. Previous coyote Badger. 1.1. 0.2. 0.7. 15. Juniper
diet research suggests that predation of Berries. 0.0. 1.2. 0.6. 16. Hackberry.
northern bobwhites by coyotes tends to be 0.3. 0.6. 0.4. 17. Bird Eggs. 0.3. 0.2.
an opportunistic event . 0.3. 18. Acacia. 0.3. 0. 0.2. 19. Quail.
5Previous Coyote Diet Research in the 0.3. 0. 0.2. 19.
Rolling Plains of Texas. Foodniche of 21Coyote Consumption of Quail and its
Coyotes in the Rolling Plains of Texas. By Predators.
Meinzer et al.1975. Researched coyote 22Comparison of Results.
diets on native rangelands primarily used 23Conclusions. This research suggests
for cattle production. Quail was a minor that having a diversity of native fruits
food item ranking 15th out of 17 food available on the landscape serves as a
items reported. buffer species, which can be important in
6Previous Coyote Diet Research. the survival of quail. During our study
“Northern bobwhite appear to be an coyotes consumed more predators of quail
incidental prey item for coyotes in than quail themselves.
southern Texas.” (Henke, 2002) 12 of 407 24Management Implications. Land managers
coyote stomachs collected from 1994 to must consider the Hippocratic Oath: “First
1997, contained the remains of northern do no harm”. Managers must evaluate the
bobwhite or their eggs. relationship between coyotes and quail on
7Coyotes and Quail. An exception to their property to determine if coyote
this is Lehmann (1946). He reported that control is warranted. Based on our
coyotes destroyed 80 of 189 (42%) bobwhite results, coyotes not only preyed on
nests between 1942 and 1943. Rader et al mesopredators but also on rodents and
(2007) monitored the nests of 43 other species which may have competed with
radiomarked bobwhites using 24-hr infrared quail for resources.
video surveillance. Coyotes destroyed 11 25Management Implications. Our results
of 43 nests (32%). suggest that mast plays an important role
8Objective. Document the seasonal and in the diets of coyotes. Species diversity
annual diets of coyotes on the Rolling of mast-producing shrubs should be
Plains Quail Research Ranch (RPQRR) in maintained during brush control; land
order to provide data concerning coyote managers should be concerned about the
predation on quail and other species. importance of these plants to both coyotes
9Study Area. The Rolling Plains Quail and quail.
Research Ranch consists of 1,902 ha in 26Acknowledgments. Rolling Plains Quail
Fisher County Texas. Mesquite-dominated Research Ranch Texas Tech University
grasslands consisting of mid- and short- Museum of Texas Tech University – Natural
grass species . © Mark Tyson. Science Research Laboratory Staff at RPQRR
10Study Area. Prickly pear (Opuntia Mark Peyton and Wyman Meinzer.
spp.) is abundant on most sites. Common 27Literature Cited. Henke, S. E. 2002.
trees and mast-producing shrubs include: Coyotes: friend or foe of northern
Mesquite, Netleaf hackberry, Littleleaf bobwhite in southern Texas. Pages 50-67 in
sumac, Lotebush, Wolfberry, Chittam , S. J. DeMaso, W. P. Kuvlesky, Jr., F.
Catclaws , and Agarito . Hernandez, and M. E. Berger, eds. Quail V:
11Study Area. 30 year rainfall average Proceedings of the Fifth National Quail
for Fisher County, Texas is 61.5 cm RPQRR Symposium. Texas Parks and Wildlife
rainfall: 2009: 57.5 cm 2010: 64.2 cm. © Department, Austin, Texas. Johnson, M. K.,
Mark Tyson. and R. M. Hansen. 1979. Estimating coyote
12Methods. 30 scats were collected food intake from undigested residues in
monthly from December 2008 to December scats. American Midland Naturalist
2010 (N=720). Scats were collected along 102:363-367.
2, 18-km transects which represented each 28Literature Cited. Lehmann, V. W. 1946.
of the habitat types occurring on the Bobwhite quail reproduction in
ranch. © RPQRR. southwestern Texas. Journal of Wildlife
13Methods. Followed general washing Management. 10:111-123. Meinzer, W. P., D.
methodology reported by Johnson and Hansen N. Ueckert, and J. T. Flinders. 1975.
(1979) with some modifications. Food items Foodniche of coyotes in the Rolling Plains
identified macroscopically and of Texas. Journal of Range Management
microscopically. A collection of reference 28:22-27 Rader, M. J., T. W. Teinert, L.
materials was used to identify food A. Brennan, F. Hernandez, N. J. Silvy, and
remains in each scat. X. B. Wu. 2007. Identifying predators and
14Quail Abundance on RPQRR. nest fates of bobwhites in southern Texas.
15Quail Abundance on RPQRR. Journal of Wildlife Management
16Results. 71:1626-1630.
2008-2009--------------------------------- 29Questions? © Wyman Meinzer.
Coyote Diet on the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch, Texas.pptx
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Coyote Diet on the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch, Texas

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