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CP2071 - Plotting and Publishing Drawings with
CP2071 - Plotting and Publishing Drawings with
Autodesk, AutoCAD* [*if/when mentioned in the pertinent material,
Autodesk, AutoCAD* [*if/when mentioned in the pertinent material,
Autodesk, AutoCAD* [*if/when mentioned in the pertinent material,
Autodesk, AutoCAD* [*if/when mentioned in the pertinent material,
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CP2071 - Plotting and Publishing Drawings with

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1CP2071 - Plotting and Publishing 19Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices.
Drawings with .NET. Lee Ambrosius – 20Visual Styles. Visual styles are
Autodesk, Inc. Principal Content Developer stored and accessed from the VisualStyle
– IPG- AutoCAD Products- User Assistance. dictionary. You can: List which visual
2Where Am I and Who Should Be Here. You styles are in a drawing Create a new or
are in session: CP2071 - Plotting and duplicate a visual style Modify, delete,
Publishing Drawings with .NET You should or rename a visual style Set a visual
know: AutoCAD 2013 (or AutoCAD 2010 and style current You apply a visual style to:
later) Visual Studio 2010 (or Visual A viewport Plot settings (of a layout or
Studio 2008) VB.NET or C#. page setup).
3Overview. This session will help you 21Render Presets. Two types of render
automate many of the tasks related to presets are supported: standard and custom
setting up a drawing for plotting or Standard render presets cannot be modified
publishing through the Managed .NET API. (these are Low, Medium, …), and are not
In this session, you will learn to: Create stored in a drawing but rather the
and import named layouts Create and set application. Custom render presets are
the scale of viewport objects Work with stored in the ACAD_RENDER_SETTINGS
visual styles and render presets Access dictionary. To assign a render preset to a
and assign plot configurations, plot viewport or plot setting, a copy of the
styles, and page setups to a layout Plot render preset must be created in the
and publish drawings. ACAD_RENDER_PLOT_SETTINGS dictionary and
4Who Am I? My name is Lee Ambrosius then assigned to the viewport or plot
Principal Content Developer at Autodesk setting.
Work on the Customization, Developer, and 22Render Presets. You can: List which
CAD Administration Documentation AutoCAD custom render presets are in a drawing
user for over 18 years; started on R12 DOS List which render presets are assigned to
Customizing and programming AutoCAD for 16 a viewport or plot setting Create a new or
years AutoLISP/DCL, VBA, Managed .NET, and duplicate a custom render preset Modify,
ObjectARX/MFC Author/Contributing and delete, or rename a custom render preset
Technical Editor on AutoCAD related books Set a render preset current You apply a
and articles AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT Bible render preset to: A viewport Plot settings
Series Autodesk White papers, and AUGI (of a layout or page setup).
HotNews and AUGIWorld. 23Visual Styles and Render Presets.
5Session Rules. A few rules for this Example(s) covered: VisualStyleList –
session: Silent your mobile phone and any Lists the visual styles in the current
other device If you have to leave at document VisualStyleCreate – Creates and
anytime, please do so quietly Questions modifies a visual style RenderPresetsList
will be allowed during the session unless – Lists the render presets in the current
we start getting behind Thanks for Your drawing RenderPresetsCreate – Creates and
Cooperation. modifies a render preset, and then sets
6What You will Need. You will need the the new render preset current.
following APIs to utilize the sample code 24Plot Configurations and Plot Styles.
in this session: AcCoreMgd – Access to the Plot configurations are used to define the
editor, publishing and plotting, and properties of an output device that
defining commands AcDbMgd – Access objects represents a physical or virtual device.
stored in a drawing file AcMgd – Work with Plot styles control the appearance of
the application and user interface objects on screen and during output, and
AcSmComponents19 – Sheet Set Object. they come in two different types:
7Classes. The classes you will see color-dependent and named styles.
throughout this session are: DBDictionary Class(es): PlotSettingsValidator
– Container for named object dictionaries PlotSettings Structure Namespace:
in the drawing database. DBDictionaryEntry Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices.
Structure – Limited class that represents 25Plot Configurations and Plot Styles.
a named object dictionary. LayoutManager – The PlotSettingsValidator allows you to
Interface that allows you to work with the determine which plot configurations and
Layout objects in the current drawing. plot styles are available. Use the
8Classes. Layout – Stores information PlotStyleMode property of the Database to
and settings used to output model or paper determine which type of plot style (CTB or
space. Stored as entries in the Layout STB) is currently being used in a drawing.
dictionary. Viewport – Stores the PlotStyleMode = 0, STB plot styles are
properties of a viewport on a named being used PlotStyleMode = 1, CTB plot
layout. DBVisualStyle – Container for the styles are being used.
settings in which define a visual style 26Plot Configurations and Plot Styles.
that can be applied to a viewport or plot Example(s) covered: PlotterList – Lists
settings. MentalRayRenderSettings – the available plotter configuration (PC3)
Container for the settings related to the files PlotterMediaList – Lists the
Mental Ray render engine. available media sizes for a specified PC3
9Classes. PlotSettingsValidator – file PlotStyleList – Lists the available
Validates the data in a PlotSettings plot style files.
object. PlotSettings Structure – Defines 27Page Setups. Page setups are named
which area of a layout should be and how objects that store plot settings used to
it should be plotted or published. control the display of objects on a layout
PlotInfoValidator – Validates the data in and during the output of a drawing.
a PlotInfo object. PlotInfo – Utility Class(es): DBDictionary DBDictionaryEntry
object used to apply device and override Structure PlotSettingsValidator
settings. PlotSetting LayoutManager Layout.
10Classes. PlotEngine – Interface to 28Page Setups. Namespace:
plot or preview one layout, and collect Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices You can:
information for a background plot. List the available page setups in the
PlotProgressDialog – Implements a plot drawing Create a new or duplicate a page
progress dialog box. DsdEntryCollection – setup Modify, delete, or rename a page
Container of DsdEntry objects. DsdEntry – setup Assign a page setup to a layout.
Stores information about a sheet/layout 29Page Setups. Example(s) covered:
for publishing. PageSetupList – Lists the available page
11Classes. DsdData – Saves and loads DSD setups in a drawing PageSetupCreateEdit –
files for publishing. Publisher – Sets up Creates and edits a page setup
event handlers for publishing events and PageSetupAssignToLayout – Assigns a page
publishes DSD files or selected layouts. setup to a layout LayoutChangePlotSettings
PlotConfig – Utility object that used to – Changes the plot settings of a layout.
represent a PC3 file and methods for 30Plot a Layout. Plotting a layout
accessing information about a device. allows it to be shared with individuals
PlotConfigInfo – Limited class that that do not have AutoCAD in a hardcopy or
represents a device. electronic format. Class(es):
12Classes. PlotConfigManager – Access to PlotSettingsValidator PlotSettings
available plot configurations and plot PlotInfoValidator PlotInfo LayoutManager
styles. Layout. PlotEngine PlotProgressDialog.
13Namespaces. The namespaces you will 31Plot a Layout. Namespaces:
see throughout this session are: Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices
Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices – Autodesk.AutoCAD.PlottingServices
Classes and structures that represent the Example(s) covered: PlotLayout – Plots the
objects stored in a drawing file. current layout to a DWF file.
Autodesk.AutoCAD.PlottingServices – 32Publish Multiple Layouts or a Sheet
Classes that represent the objects used to Set. Publishing allows you to output
work with plotter configuration, plot multiple layouts in a single operation,
styles, and the plot engine. without having to open each drawing first.
Autodesk.AutoCAD.Publishing – Classes that Class(es): DsdEntryCollection DsdEntry
represent the objects used to publish DsdData PlotProgressDialog. Publisher
layouts. PlotConfig PlotConfigInfo
14Named Layouts. Named layouts are used PlotConfigManager.
when outputting a design and represent a 33Publish Multiple Layouts or a Sheet
physical sheet of paper in a digital Set. Namespaces:
drafting environment. Class(es): Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices
DBDictionary DBDictionaryEntry Structure Autodesk.AutoCAD.PlottingServices
LayoutManager Layout Namespace: Autodesk.AutoCAD.Publishing Example(s)
Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices. covered: PublishSheetSet – Publishes each
15Named Layouts. You can use the layout in a sheet set to a DWF file
LayoutManager to work with layouts in the PublishPDF – Publishes two layouts to a
current/active document. The LayoutManager PDF file.
provides methods to: Create a new or 34Extras (Examples). Other layout
duplicate a layout Delete a layout Rename examples: LayoutCreateFrom –
a layout When you want to work with Clones/duplicates another layout
layouts that are not in the active LayoutRemove – Removes a layout
document, or are, you must work with the LayoutRename – Renames a layout
Layout dictionary. LayoutReorder – Reorders the layouts in a
16Named Layouts. Example(s): LayoutList drawing.
– Lists all the layouts in the current 35Final Questions… ??? Going Once… Going
document LayoutCreate – Creates a new Twice…
layout using the LayoutManager 36Closing Remarks. Thanks for choosing
LayoutImport – Imports a layout from an this session and hope you got something
external drawing. out of it. Do not forget to complete the
17Floating Viewports. Floating viewports evaluation online. If you have any further
are created in a paper space block questions today, tomorrow, next week, or
reference, and are used to display and even a year from not, feel free to contact
scale Model space geometry for output. Do me using via: email:
not confuse floating viewports on layouts lee.ambrosius@autodesk.com twitter:
with tiled Model space viewports, they are http://twitter.com/leeambrosius Enjoy the
different. Class(es): Viewport Namespace: rest of the conference.
Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices. 37Autodesk, AutoCAD* [*if/when mentioned
18Floating Viewports. Example(s) in the pertinent material, followed by an
covered: ViewportsCreateFloating – Creates alphabetical list of all other trademarks
a nonrectangular and rectangular mentioned in the material] are registered
viewports, and then modifies some of its trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk,
properties Example uses the Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or
acedSetCurrentVPort method, which is: affiliates in the USA and/or other
Exposed as part of acCore.dll Part of the countries. All other brand names, product
ObjectARX SDK. names, or trademarks belong to their
19Visual Styles and Render Presets. respective holders. Autodesk reserves the
Visual styles and render presets are used right to alter product and services
to control the way objects appear on offerings, and specifications and pricing
screen and during output. Class(es): at any time without notice, and is not
DBDictionary DBDictionaryEntry Structure responsible for typographical or graphical
DBVisualStyle MentalRayRenderSettings errors that may appear in this document. ©
Namespace: 2012 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.
CP2071 - Plotting and Publishing Drawings with.pptx
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CP2071 - Plotting and Publishing Drawings with

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