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Flash MX Features
Flash MX Features
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Create an Interactive CD-Rom with Flash MX

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1Create an Interactive CD-Rom with 7standard Web documents such as ads, slide
Flash MX. By Brian Dino Computer Magnet shows, and tutorials. In addition, the
Program North High School Denver, CO. TIE templates are smart; for example, a photo
Conference2004 Contact: album template includes all the
Brian_Dino@dpsk12.org. programming necessary for a photo
2Session Focus. Learn how to create an slideshow. A lot of UI components, like
interactive CD-rom that promotes your scroll bars, check boxes, and list boxes,
school, program, or project. By using that previously had to be laboriously
FlashMX, you'll learn how to combine text, created, are now included in Flash MX. The
graphics, audio, video, and internet into appropriate behaviors are built into these
an interactive CD-rom presentation. objects, so adding functional interface
3Flash MX Features. elements to an application is a simple
4Learning FlashMX. FlashMX has a steep drag-and-drop operation. One of the
learning curve “Now, in case you think biggest changes in Flash MX is the
that an authoring program with this many integration of video. The integrated video
capabilities is a flash to learn, think support, provided by the Sorenson Spark
again. Macromedia Flash does have a codec, can import standard video formats,
significant learning curve for the groovy such as AVI, MPEG, or QuickTime, and
stuff, but it's not out of reach for convert them to a streaming format that is
instructional designers and developers. My displayed natively by the Flash MX player.
QuickBooks program, for instance, is The import filter can also resize the
harder to understand. Developing decent video or sync the frame rate to the Flash
Macromedia Flash learning content movie when converting a file.
(non-linear and interactive) requires some 8Flash Examples. Student Examples
study and practice. But if you're worried http://www.briandino.com/flash/ Backup
that Macromedia Flash is too hard for the location:
average Joe to learn, check out this math
quiz developed by a seven-year-old. “ os.htm (north high student work)
Patti Shank is an instructional technology http://www.denvernorth.org/alumni/home/ind
consultant (and faculty member). She can x.html (under featured links) Real World
be reached through her website: Examples: www.macromedia.com
http://www.learningpeaks.com. http://www.benjerry.com/fun_stuff/cow_to_c
5Learning resources for FlashMX. Many ne/ www.flashkit.com.
avenues to learn FlashMX Use the built-in 9Putting Flash File on CD-Rom. You must
Help files in FlashMX Animated tutorials create an Autorun for your .exe Projectors
on flashkit.com Numerous books from This tutorial will show you, step by step,
Macromedia and others Printed guide: From how to create an autorun for your .exe
Macromedia: Digital Narrative Project projector when distributed on cd-rom. In
($15) Nice, step-by-step tutorial on order to do this: Open up windows Notepad
building a Flash Narrative Best method: and type in: [autorun] open=intro.exe
use tutorials and learn from existing icon=icon.ico Replace 'intro.exe' with the
FlashMX file Programming needed? Yes, but file name of your .exe movie, and
reuse of Actionscript (code) simplifies 'icon.ico' with the name of your custom
effort If you can’t master programming icon if you have one. If not remove the
buttons/navigation, use the FlashMX 2004 line 'icon=icon.ico'. Save type as an
templates with built in navigation. "All Files (*.*)" with the
6Good FlashMX websites. filename autorun.inf. Burn your cd with
Flashkit.com-great tutorials and sample the autorun.inf, icon.ico (if any), and
projects, code, music Great user community projector .exe in the root directory of
at Flashkit.com www.Derekfranklin.com Some the cd. When you enter the cd into the
good tutorials for newbies: (search for drive, it will automatically run your .exe
these titles on the flashkit.com tutorial file.
page) Building Buttons Using Layers 10Session Evaluation. Please let each of
Perfect Newbie starter tutorial your session attendees know that
Introduction to flash usability FlashMX conference and session evaluations as well
Scrollpane component. as session handouts are available on the
7Flash MX 2004 New Features. For the TIE website
first time Flash is offering a collection http://www.tie-online.org/2004.
of templates to simplify the production of
Create an Interactive CD-Rom with Flash MX.ppt
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Create an Interactive CD-Rom with Flash MX

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