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Opening an Existing PowerPoint Presentation
Opening an Existing PowerPoint Presentation
Viewing a Presentation in Slide Show View
Viewing a Presentation in Slide Show View
Using Templates
Using Templates
Editing Slides
Editing Slides
Adding a New Slide and Choosing a Layout
Adding a New Slide and Choosing a Layout
Promoting, Demoting, and Moving Outline Text
Promoting, Demoting, and Moving Outline Text
Promoting, Demoting, and Moving Outline Text
Promoting, Demoting, and Moving Outline Text
Moving Slides in Slide Sorter View
Moving Slides in Slide Sorter View
Checking the Spelling in a Presentation
Checking the Spelling in a Presentation
Using the Research Task Pane
Using the Research Task Pane
Creating Speaker Notes
Creating Speaker Notes
Previewing and Printing a Presentation
Previewing and Printing a Presentation
Previewing and Printing a Presentation
Previewing and Printing a Presentation
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Creating a Presentation

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1PowerPoint Tutorial 1 Creating a 15articles, pronouns, and adjectives Keep
Presentation. phrases parallel. For example, if one
2Objectives. Open and view an existing bulleted item starts with a verb, all the
PowerPoint presentation Switch views and other bulleted items should start with a
navigate a presentation View a verb. Or, if one bulleted list is a
presentation in Slide Show view Plan a complete sentence, all the items should be
presentation Create a presentation using a complete sentences Make sure your text is
template. New Perspectives on Microsoft appropriate for your purpose and audience.
Office PowerPoint 2007. 2. New Perspectives on Microsoft Office
3Objectives. Edit text on slides Add, PowerPoint 2007. 15.
move, and delete slides Promote and demote 16Editing Slides. The slide title text
bulleted text Check the spelling in a is a text box at the top of the slide that
presentation Use the Research task pane gives the title of the information on that
Create speaker notes Preview and print slide The slide content is a large box in
slides, handouts, and speaker notes. New which you type a bulleted or numbered list
Perspectives on Microsoft Office or insert some other kind of object You
PowerPoint 2007. 3. also can enter text using the Outline tab.
4What Is PowerPoint? PowerPoint is a New Perspectives on Microsoft Office
powerful presentation graphics program PowerPoint 2007. 16.
that provides everything you need to 17Editing Slides. New Perspectives on
produce an effective presentation in the Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. 17.
form of on-screen slides, a slide 18Deleting Slides. In Normal view, go to
presentation on a Web site, or the slide you want to delete so it appears
black-and-white or color overheads Using in the slide pane, and then click the
PowerPoint, you can prepare each component Delete button in the Slides group on the
of a presentation: individual slides, Home tab or Click the desired slide
speaker notes, an outline, and audience thumbnail in the Slides tab, click the
handouts. New Perspectives on Microsoft slide icon in the Outline tab, or in Slide
Office PowerPoint 2007. 4. Sorter view, select the slides you want to
5Opening an Existing PowerPoint delete, and then press the Delete key. New
Presentation. New Perspectives on Perspectives on Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. 5. PowerPoint 2007. 18.
6Switching Views and Navigating a 19Adding a New Slide and Choosing a
Presentation. The PowerPoint window Layout. A layout is a predetermined way of
contains features common to all Windows organizing the objects on a slide
programs, as well as features specific to including placeholders for title text and
PowerPoint Slide pane Notes pane Slides other objects When you insert a new slide,
tab Thumbnails Outline tab. New it appears after the current slide, with
Perspectives on Microsoft Office the default layout, Title and Content. New
PowerPoint 2007. 6. Perspectives on Microsoft Office
7Switching Views and Navigating a PowerPoint 2007. 19.
Presentation. At the lower right of the 20Adding a New Slide and Choosing a
PowerPoint window, on the status bar to Layout. New Perspectives on Microsoft
the left of the Zoom slider, are three Office PowerPoint 2007. 20.
buttons you can use to switch views Normal 21Promoting, Demoting, and Moving
view Slide Sorter view Slide Show view. Outline Text. Working in the Outline tab
New Perspectives on Microsoft Office gives you more flexibility because you can
PowerPoint 2007. 7. see the outline of the entire presentation
8Viewing a Presentation in Slide Show To promote an item means to raise the
View. Slide Show view is the view you use outline level of that item To demote an
when you present an on-screen presentation item means to decrease the outline level.
to an audience When you click the Slide New Perspectives on Microsoft Office
Show button on the status bar, the slide PowerPoint 2007. 21.
show starts beginning with the current 22Promoting, Demoting, and Moving
slide When you click the Slide Show button Outline Text. New Perspectives on
on the View tab on the Ribbon or press the Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. 22.
F5 key, the slide show starts at the 23Promoting, Demoting, and Moving
beginning of the presentation In Slide Outline Text. You can move outline text by
Show view, you move from one slide to the dragging the text in the Outline tab. New
next by pressing the Spacebar, clicking Perspectives on Microsoft Office
the left mouse button, or pressing the ? PowerPoint 2007. 23.
key. New Perspectives on Microsoft Office 24Moving Slides in Slide Sorter View. In
PowerPoint 2007. 8. Slide Sorter view, PowerPoint displays all
9Viewing a Presentation in Slide Show the slides as thumbnails, so that several
View. When you prepare a slide show, you slides can appear on the screen at once On
can add special effects to the show: Slide the status bar, click the Slide Sorter
transitions Animations Progressive button Dragging and dropping slides in
disclosure Footer. New Perspectives on Slide Sorter view will rearrange them in
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. 9. the presentation. New Perspectives on
10Planning a Presentation. Planning a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. 24.
presentation before you create it: 25Moving Slides in Slide Sorter View.
Improves the quality of your presentation New Perspectives on Microsoft Office
Makes your presentation more effective and PowerPoint 2007. 25.
enjoyable Saves you time and effort As you 26Checking the Spelling in a
plan your presentation, you should Presentation. Before you print or present
determine the following aspects: Purpose a slide show, you should always perform a
of the presentation Type of presentation final check of the spelling of all the
Audience for the presentation Audience slides in your presentation PowerPoint
needs Location of the presentation Format. does two types of spell check: The regular
New Perspectives on Microsoft Office type is when PowerPoint finds a word
PowerPoint 2007. 10. that’s not in its dictionary The other
11Using Templates. PowerPoint helps you type is called contextual spelling, which
quickly create effective presentations by checks the context in which a word is
using a template A PowerPoint file that used. New Perspectives on Microsoft Office
contains the colors, background format, PowerPoint 2007. 26.
font styles, and accent colors for a 27Checking the Spelling in a
presentation Click the Office Button , and Presentation. New Perspectives on
then click New In the pane on the left Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. 27.
side of the New Presentation dialog box, 28Using the Research Task Pane.
click New from existing in the list under PowerPoint enables you to search online
Templates Double-click the template you services or Internet sites for additional
wish to use. New Perspectives on Microsoft help in creating a presentation A
Office PowerPoint 2007. 11. thesaurus contains a list of words and
12Using Templates. New Perspectives on their synonyms, antonyms, and other
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. 12. related words You access the Research task
13Modifying a Presentation. A pane by clicking the Review tab on the
placeholder is a region of a slide, or a Ribbon, and then clicking either the
location in an outline, reserved for Research or the Thesaurus button in the
inserting text or graphics A text box is Proofing group. New Perspectives on
an object that contains text An Active Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. 28.
text box appears with dashed lines and 29Using the Research Task Pane. New
sizing handles around the text Sizing Perspectives on Microsoft Office
handles are small circles and squares on PowerPoint 2007. 29.
the corners and sides of the text box. New 30Creating Speaker Notes. Notes (also
Perspectives on Microsoft Office called speaker notes) help the speaker
PowerPoint 2007. 13. remember what to say when a particular
14Modifying a Presentation. A bulleted slide appears during the presentation They
list is a list of “paragraphs” with a appear in the notes pane below the slide
special character to the left of each pane in Normal view You can also print
paragraph Bulleted item First-level bullet notes pages with a picture of and notes
Second-level bullet Subbullet A numbered about each slide. New Perspectives on
list is a list of paragraphs that are Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. 30.
numbered consecutively on the slide In all 31Previewing and Printing a
your presentations, you should follow the Presentation. PowerPoint provides several
6 x 6 rule as much as possible: Keep each printing options Color, grayscale, or pure
bulleted item to no more than six words, black and white Handouts are printouts of
and don’t include more than six bulleted the slides themselves; these can be
items on a slide. New Perspectives on arranged with several slides printed on a
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. 14. page Overhead transparency film Print
15Creating Effective Text Presentations. Preview allows you to see the slides as
Think of your text presentation as a they will appear when they are printed.
visual map of your oral presentation. Show New Perspectives on Microsoft Office
your organization by using overviews, PowerPoint 2007. 31.
making headings larger than subheadings, 32Previewing and Printing a
and including bulleted lists to highlight Presentation. New Perspectives on
key points and numbered steps to show Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. 32.
sequences Follow the 6 ? 6 rule: Use six 33Previewing and Printing a
or fewer items per screen, and use phrases Presentation. New Perspectives on
of six or fewer words. Omit unnecessary Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. 33.
Creating a Presentation.ppt
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Creating a Presentation

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