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Creating Section 508 Compliant Microsoft Word Documents
Creating Section 508 Compliant Microsoft Word Documents
Use Document Properties as Best Practices
Use Document Properties as Best Practices
Heading Characteristics
Heading Characteristics
Default Styles
Default Styles
Styles Can Be Changed
Styles Can Be Changed
Applying Styles to Text
Applying Styles to Text
Applying Styles to Text
Applying Styles to Text
Applying Styles to Text
Applying Styles to Text
Applying Styles to Text
Applying Styles to Text
Modify An Existing Style
Modify An Existing Style
Modify An Existing Style
Modify An Existing Style
Microsoft Word’s Table Creator Feature
Microsoft Word’s Table Creator Feature
Insert Table Window
Insert Table Window
AutoFormat Table Option
AutoFormat Table Option
Accessible Table Creation: Best Practices
Accessible Table Creation: Best Practices
Selecting the Format Picture Properties Menu From the Main Menu
Selecting the Format Picture Properties Menu From the Main Menu
Selecting the Format Picture Properties Menu From the Document
Selecting the Format Picture Properties Menu From the Document
Format Picture Properties Menu Features
Format Picture Properties Menu Features
Format Picture – Layout Property
Format Picture – Layout Property
Format Picture – Web Property
Format Picture – Web Property
Group An Illustration
Group An Illustration
Generate a Caption
Generate a Caption
Generate a Caption
Generate a Caption
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Creating Section 508 Compliant Microsoft Word Documents

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1Creating Section 508 Compliant 32tag’s attributes Select OK. 32.
Microsoft Word Documents. ASPA Web 33Module 2 - Structuring Documents. We
Communications and New Media Division. 1. have completed Module 2 We have discussed
2Class Objectives. After completing the importance of structuring a document
this class you will be able to: Describe We have discussed how to use and modify
the Best Practices for creating Microsoft styles. 33.
Word documents Structure Microsoft Word 34Creating Section 508 Compliant
documents for accessibility using styles Microsoft Word Documents I. Module 3:
Identify techniques for developing Tables and Images. 34.
accessible Microsoft Word documents. 2. 35Creating Accessible Tables. 35.
3Creating Section 508 Compliant 36Accessible Tables. Tables may present
Microsoft Word Documents I. Module 1 - challenges to people with visual or
Introduction. 3. reading disabilities Structure a table so
4Structured Word Documents. that there are logical relationships
Well-structured documents can easily be: between data in the table. 36.
Read and navigated by assistive technology 37Accessible Table Creation: Best
Exported to other applications, with Practices. Tables are created in Word by:
minimal adjustment to maintain Selecting the Table dropdown menu from the
accessibility Success depends upon: A Main Menu Selecting Insert from the Table
clear, hierarchical structure Use of dropdown menu Selecting Table from the
reliable publishing tools that are Insert dropdown menu. 37.
compatible with assistive technology. 4. 38Microsoft Word’s Table Creator
5Comparable Access to Information. Feature. From the Word toolbar, select:
Promotes equality and independence Makes Table > Insert > Table. 38.
possible a broader range of employment and 39Insert Table Window. Create tables
educational opportunities Provides access using the Insert Table option Set table
to government services and information: properties. 39.
Social programs Legislative 40AutoFormat Table Option. AutoFormat
representatives. 5. window presents a selection of:
6Best Practices for Creating an Preformatted styles Advanced formats for
Accessible Word Document. Use system fonts headers, columns and rows. 40.
when creating/modifying documents Use a 41Accessible Table Creation: Best
sans serif font Select a font point size Practices. Tables created using the Draw
no smaller than 12 Use styles to associate Table feature are not accessible. 41.
attributes such as bold, underline, etc. 42Accessible Table Creation: Best
with text (Do not manually associate Practices. Table headings should be
attributes to text) Use upper and lower indicated for columns and rows Column
case letters in your sentences Using all headings should appear at the top of each
capital letters is not recommended. 6. column of data and be short and
7Best Practices for Creating an descriptive Row headings should be
Accessible Word Document. Hyphens at the positioned in the first left hand column
end of a line are not recommended unless of the table These headings need to be
absolutely necessary Format your document descriptive enough so readers can
so that all text (except for the title) is understand what the data represents and
left justified when possible Format your also be as concise as possible. 42.
document using a block style (i.e., no 43Accessible Table Creation: Best
indenting other than for bulleted/numbered Practices. Example of Table Headings and
items) Use color only as an enhancement, Titles Add a title above the table that
not as the sole means of conveying contains the table name and number. Table
information Make headings different than 1-1: Table Displaying Effective Column and
the body text. 7. Row Headings. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday.
8Best Practices for Creating an Thursday. Friday. 8 AM. 10 AM. 43.
Accessible Word Document. Create headers 44Accessible Table Creation: Best
and footers using Microsoft Word’s header Practices. Add a caption above or below
and footer feature Use page numbering the table to summarize the purpose of the
codes to number pages within a document table Do not use patterned backgrounds on
(Do not manually type page numbers at the tables. 44.
bottom of a page) Use a hard page break 45Creating Accessible Images and Other
code to designate the end of a page (Do Non-Text Elements. Art Photographs
not use the Enter key to move text to the Diagrams Graphs. 45.
next page) Use simple and clear design 46Types of Images. Informative Images
layout Bullets can be used with lists and Needs text equivalent Decorative Images
key points. 8. Logo Art that does not display content.
9Best Practices for Creating an 46.
Accessible Word Document. Explain all 47Alternative Text. Alternative Text for
acronyms the first time they are used, or an image allows equal access to the
in a table near the front of the document information conveyed by the image
Ensure contrast is sufficient Add Alternative Text is added in the Format
alternate text to non-text elements Group Picture Properties Menu. 47.
complex images Ensure images are inserted 48Selecting the Format Picture
“Inline with text”, rather than as a Properties Menu. The Format Picture
floating image Do not use text boxes. 9. Properties Menu can be selected two ways:
10Best Practices for Creating an From the Main Menu Within the document.
Accessible Word Document. Create tables 48.
properly Create columns properly All edits 49Selecting the Format Picture
in track changes must be accepted and Properties Menu From the Main Menu. From
comments removed. 10. the Main Menu Select a picture in the
11Best Practices for Creating an document Go to the Format tab on the Main
Accessible Word Document. The document Menu Select Picture. 49.
must be free of background images or 50Selecting the Format Picture
watermarks that interfere with text Properties Menu From the Document. From
elements Create navigational aids for long the document Right click on the image
documents All URLs must be linked to Select Format Picture from the drop down
active Web sites. All URLs must be menu. 50.
hyperlinked with the fully qualified URL 51Format Picture Properties Menu
(http://www.hhs.gov) The document must be Features. Layout Web. 51.
reviewed in Print Preview for a final 52Format Picture – Layout Property.
visual check. 11. Wrapping style should be In line with text
12Use Document Properties as Best To edit the layout property: Select the
Practices. Properties Summary tab Shows Layout tab In the Wrapping style section
document creator and ownership Gives select In line with text Select OK. 52.
author of the document Further contact 53Format Picture – Layout Property.
information. 12. Document accessibility depends on reading
13Microsoft Word - Overview. Best order Only In line with text retains the
Practices when creating a Microsoft Word graphics’ position relative to document
document. 13. text and ensures proper reading order for
14Creating Section 508 Compliant screen readers. 53.
Microsoft Word Documents I. Module 2: 54Format Picture – Web Property.
Structuring Documents. 14. Alternative text is added in the Web tab
15Structure. Document structure gives a Select the Web tab and then add
logical reading order Documents are alternative text in the Alternative text
generally found to be more accessible if box Use a succinct text description that
they are authored with a logical structure conveys the same information provided by
in mind A document that is well-structured the image Select OK to save your changes.
and logically organized can easily be: 54.
Read and navigated by assistive technology 55Group An Illustration. A grouped
Exported to other applications, with illustration: Alternative text is
minimal adjustment to maintain associated with the grouped object Makes
accessibility. 15. it easier for assistive technology to
16Accessibility Elements. Certain discern the object. 55.
specifications need to be identified and 56Group An Illustration. Here is an
applied if a document is to be effectively example of associated text with a grouped
read by assistive technology These object. 56.
specifications relate to text elements, 57Accessible Diagrams, Charts and
non-text elements (images, tables, and Graphs. Images often contain information
diagrams), organizational aids and that is too lengthy to describe as
navigation aids. 16. alternative text Describe in the body of
17Elements of Document Structure. Create the document just below the image
document structure Text Flow Titles Alternative text is not necessary when an
Headings Table of Contents Index. 17. image conveys no information (i.e., it is
18Text Flow. Text Flow refers to the decorative or redundant to the text). 57.
structure or layout of the document’s 58Captions for Images. Caption is a Word
content: Setting up columns Inserting feature that associates a numbered label
tables Using tabs All influence the way (such as "Figure 1") with a
that text flows within a document. 18. table, figure, equation, or other item
19Text Styles. A style is a set of Captions assist with organizing a page and
predetermined formatting characteristics provide readers with additional
that can be applied to text items such as information regarding the sequencing of
titles, headings, and body text In objects A caption can be generated
Microsoft Word, styles are used to apply automatically by Word or manually. 58.
these formatting characteristics. 19. 59Generate a Caption. From the Main Menu
20Titles and Headings. Are an effective select the Insert tab Select the Reference
way to communicate document structure dropdown menu Select Caption. 59.
Indicate the beginning of a new document 60Generate a Caption. The Caption window
or major section Headings communicate: appears In the Caption field, enter the
Chapters Subtopics Sections, etc. Note: caption for the image From the Label
HEADER is the material at the top of the dropdown menu choose the label named
page, and is not a HEADING, which sets Figure From the Position dropdown menu
structure. 20. choose Below selected item Select OK -
21Heading Characteristics. Should be this automatically generates the caption.
easy to distinguish from the main text Can 60.
be a different size and/or a different 61Captions Structure. When Word
font Extra space around headings is a good generates a caption, it will insert the
way to separate them from the main text. previously identified label (e.g., Figure)
21. and its corresponding number When entering
22Heading Do’s and Don’ts. Do Space text manually, be sure to enter the same
between the heading and words above Space type of label throughout the document. 61.
between the heading and words below Offset 62Accessibility Best Practices for
headings Don’t Underline – can make Images, Alternative Text and Captions. Do
reading difficult for some people Use all not use text boxes for simple graphics Do
Caps. 22. not use background images or watermarks Do
23Styles. Styles - formatting not paste a graphic into a text box Create
characteristics Assign multiple attributes captions and alternative text for all
to selected text. 23. images. 62.
24Default Styles. A default style has 63Accessibility Best Practices for
attributes that have been pre-set by Word Images, Alternative Text and Captions.
Body Text Is the style applied to the Numbers and integers can be written in
content or body of a document written in numeric format 2/3 should be written as
paragraph form Word automatically assigns two thirds Wording such as 2/3rds or one
all text the style entitled “Normal”. 24. 4th should not be used Abbreviations can
25Default Styles. Examples of Default be used, but should be fully written out
Styles Headings 1 through 9 Normal/Body the first time that they appear in a
Text Paragraph text Figure A figure title document When entering words that are
TOC List Table of Contents items. 25. joined together with no space between
26Styles Can Be Changed. The style them, capitalize the first letter of each
associated with text can be changed by: word. 63.
Applying an existing style tag (also 64Module 3: Tables and Images Summary.
referred to as a “built-in” style) We have completed Module 3 We have
Creating a customized style. 26. discussed the steps to create accessible
27Applying Styles to Text. Highlight the tables and images. 64.
words, paragraph, list, or table that have 65Resources – Microsoft Word. Microsoft
a style you want changed. 27. Tutorials
28Applying Styles to Text. Select Styles http://www.microsoft.com/enable/training/o
and Formatting from the Format dropdown fice2003/default.aspx Webaim Microsoft
menu (located on the top toolbar). 28. Word
29Applying Styles to Text. Select All http://www.webaim.org/techniques/word/.
Styles from the Show dropdown menu located 65.
at the bottom of the pane. 29. 66Resources – Government. Web
30Applying Styles to Text. Select the Communications & New Media Division
desired style The previously highlighted http://www.hhs.gov/web/ HHS 508 Training –
text assumes the characteristics contact your Webmaster Federal Government
associated with the style tag. 30. 508 Policy, Training and Resources
31Modify An Existing Style. Select http://www.section508.gov/. 66.
Styles and Formatting from the Format 67Creating Section 508 Compliant
dropdown menu Right-click the style you Microsoft Word Documents I. ASPA Web
want modified Select Modify. 31. Communications and New Media Division
32Modify An Existing Style. Change the http://www.hhs.gov/web/. 67.
Creating Section 508 Compliant Microsoft Word Documents.ppt
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Creating Section 508 Compliant Microsoft Word Documents

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