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Growth of credits given to individuals, 1998=100%
Growth of credits given to individuals, 1998=100%
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Credit card market in Russia

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1O. Kuzina, The State University-Higher 11clear for their clients .
School of Economics Credit card market in 12The main problem - Uncertainty. How to
Russia. differentiate who is going to be a good
2Market statistics on bank cards. By client?
the end of the first quarter 2005 Number 13What are possible solutions? To give
of cards 43 mln cards, number of cards per cards to regular customers – the majority
capita 0,4; 36% of adults have bank cards of population do not use banks To ask for
In 2001-2004 annual growth rate of the a deposit – money deposit does not make
number of bank cards was 50% VISA is in sense, non-financial pawns are not
the lead with 18 mln cards, MasterCard - interesting for banks which are not
11 mln Number of transactions 176 mln, 90% pawnshops Guarantors – who is going to
of transactions are cash withdrawals guarantee the guarantors? To implement
Volume of transactions 19 bln. dollars. different restrictions (small credits for
3Types of plastic cards available on small periods of time) – high costs per
the market. Prepaid cards Debit cards credit, not efficient Good borrowers are
without overdraft Debit cards with paying for bad ones – the problem of
overdraft Revolving credit cards The term “adverse selection” and growing rates of
‘credit cards’ is here used for 3 and 4 bad loans in the long distance.
(debit cards with overdraft and revolving 14Strategies of credit checks in Russian
credit cards). banks and pressures of the market. All
4The number of credit cards. Number of banks in our sample aim their credit
credit cards - 2 mln, difficult to checks to minimise defaults The main
estimate, some of them are issued but not methods: expert judgments, systems of
activated. rules, point systems usually in
5Which banks issue cards in July combination Scoring is not used though
2004-Jan. 2005. The largest plastic card some banks consider their point systems to
issuers Sberbank (one third of the be scoring. Banks have not got enough
market), The Bank of Moscow, Gazprombank, statistical data for real scoring on their
Vneshtorgbank, Alfa-Bank and others One own The main aims of credit card program
third of all plastic cards are issued in are: either providing credit cards for
Moscow region. In the period of our survey their clients or increasing the market
only 30 banks did issue “credit cards” share Those who want to increase their
(out of 1500 banks in Russia) Only 2 banks market share employ the strategy of high
from them were not Moscow banks. The APR. However, high rate of return attracts
biggest state bank Sberbank still have not new banks. The growing competition reduces
issued a revolving credit card. the APR and the periods of making the
6Growth of credits given to decisions, but not the risks.
individuals, 1998=100%. In 2005 volume of 15Why overcrediting may occur in Russia?
credit to individuals was almost 22 bln of If good borrowers compensate for bad ones
dollars, 6 times bigger than in 1998. banks do not have incentives to collect
7The collected data. Secondary data – debts – cheats are not confronted In the
from the Central Bank and Goskomstat absence of credit bureaus banks do not
Primary data - 13 interviews with bankers have information about other present
from different Moscow banks Either heads credit obligations of applicants. The
of the departments of risk management or better the applicant’s characteristics are
vice-presidents of those banks The period the higher his/her chance to get credit –
of interviewing:July 2004- Jan.2005 the problem of overcrediting of good
Non-random sampling (self- selection) from clients When the real APR is 1.5 higher
those 30 banks which did issue credit than advertised borrowers can reject to
cards at that time. However, we have pay back since borrowers feel themselves
managed to get a variety of banks in our cheated.
sample. 16Why do credit bureaus not function?
8Sample description. by ownership State The law on credit bureaus was passed in
banks - 1 · Foreign banks – 2 · Russian December, 2004. It was supposed to take
private banks - 10. by assets ranking 1st effect in September 2005, but failed. What
ten– 3 4th ten– 1 · 2d ten– 2 5th ten– 1 are the main obstacles? One big player
3d ten– 3 The rest– 3. · By categories of (Sberbank) Banks do not trust each other
safety ranking: · group А – 1 · group В3 – Borrowers do not trust bureaus. Only 30%
4 · group В2 – 4 · group В1 - 2. by of borrowers agree to send their credit
financial stability ranking 1st group–4 · information to bureaus, the rest either
2d group– 3 · 3d group– 1 · 4th group -2 · refuse (40%) or do not know (40%) (Survey,
5th group -1. September 2005) Russian banks do not want
9The procedure of applying for a credit foreign bureaus to play the leading role
card. Application Questionnaire (1-2 on the market.
pages) Documents Passport and any other 17Conclusions. Market is now growing and
document Official income confirmation from many banks are focused on increasing
the employer Other documents (a copy of market share. The strategy of “good
work-book, or certificates of accumulated borrowers paying for bad ones” which in
wealth) How long does it take to make a the initial stage was successful has
decision and issue a card – from 20 min becoming outdated since the competition
(Deltabank) up to 10 working days in for market share forces banks to reduce
Citibank. the APR. The attempts of a single bank to
10What are the credit limits? In hold on to high APR aggravates the problem
commercials banks advertise the following of adverse selection and results in the
limits: Citibank - 25 000$ Bank of Moscow, growth of defaults. The scoring methods of
BIN bank, MDM-bank, Alfa-bank, Impexbank, credit checks can be utilised if the
Raiffeizenbank, Rosbank – up to 10 000 $ institute of credit bureaus becomes
or euro Deltabank, Zenit – up to 3 000 $ implemented. However, this process is
Masterbank – up to 5000$. However, it is delayed due to the low level of
very difficult to get these limits. It institutional trust among banks and market
depends on the level of personal income of concentration. If nevertheless the
an applicant (white as well as grey). An institute of credit bureaus begins to work
average income in Moscow is 700$. it will be one of the rare examples when
Revolving credits - 200% of monthly rational calculation which is based on
incomes Debit cards with an overdraft - trust in institutions rather than
not more than 100% (50-90%). individuals or networks finds its way into
11How much does it cost for a consumer? Russia. Otherwise the overcrediting of
Annual percentage rate – may be more than households seems to become unavoidable.
50%, and banks try not to make it always
Credit card market in Russia.ppt
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Credit card market in Russia

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