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Modern Stack Train Loader
Modern Stack Train Loader
Clifford Maersk 6600 TEU, 24
Clifford Maersk 6600 TEU, 24
Loading Chassis for Drayage and Linehaul
Loading Chassis for Drayage and Linehaul
The Dromedary Drayman
The Dromedary Drayman
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Автор: Michael Wolfe. Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока английского языка, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «CVO Intermodal Freight: ITS Benefits for Business.ppt» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 1402 КБ.

CVO Intermodal Freight: ITS Benefits for Business

содержание презентации «CVO Intermodal Freight: ITS Benefits for Business.ppt»
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1CVO & Intermodal Freight: ITS 36such as temperature, load/empty,door open
Benefits for Business. Courtesy of Michael 4. Mobile location determination 5. Long
Wolfe. Used with permission. Michael Wolfe range communication. Backup slides
1.212, Introduction to ITS, Lecture 11 illustrate all 5.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 37Dimension 2: Three Types of Business
March 17, 2003. Benefits. 1. Efficiency and productivity
2Making Sense at the Intersection of 2. Service quality 3. Shipment and service
Supply Chain Systems Freight Operations integrity.
Tracking & Monitoring Technologies 38The North River AIT Business Benefit
Business Economics Security. Matrix ™.
3Objectives and Outline. Put CVO in 39AIT Benefits Vary by User. AIT
context Major challenge of Intransit benefits are not uniform across types of
Visibility Key technologies Business industries, nor within industries There
benefits for freight operations Intermodal are typical patterns within industries,
freight security Technology trend that especially within segments Sophisticated
will change best practices Looking ahead vs. less sophisticated firms.
to Dynamic Flow Control. 40Applying the Model to Different Types
4Putting CVO in Context. of Industry. Shippers Manufacturers,
5The Big Picture on CVO & Freight. distributors, retailers Transportation
6Evolution of CVO. Traditional ITSA carriers Container operators, air freight,
approach Emphasis on public-private railroads, truckers Transportation-based
interfaces Electronic credentialing service providers include Refuse haulers,
Regional automated oversize/overweight cement delivery, package delivery.
permitting Transitional IFTWG approach 41Dimension 3: The Type or Class of
Emphasis on intermodal freight Enhance User. Backup slides fill in matrices.
fleet operations Improve customer service 42Intermodal Freight and Security.
Emerging CWG approach Emphasis on security 43Three Views of Supply Chain Security.
balanced with efficiency. Containerization magnifies security risks
7Supply Chain Integration. Major trend Security measures threaten efficiency
knits together shipper, carrier, and Supply chain tools can improve security
receiver information systems & while improving efficiency. Technology can
business processes Competition & support both goals. when well conceived
financial incentives drive it New and well executed!
information & communication 44Requirements for Supply Chain
technologies make it feasible. Security. Assured integrity of conveyance
Inefficiency anywhere in the supply chain loading and documentation Significantly
affects everyone in the supply chain. Try reduced risk of tampering in transit
replacing “inefficiency” with Accurate, complete, and timely information
“vulnerability”. about shipments.
8The Really Big Picture. Info. Tech. 45Improve Visibility and Control. This
Revolution. Deregulation set the stage to is the most common recommendation to
exploit IT. improve both security and productivity
9CVO Also Feeds Intransit Visibility. There are major institutional and
ITV Quality data on status of goods & technical challenges.
equipment in trans. pipeline Accuracy 46Visibility Discussion is Confusing.
Timeliness Completeness Security. ITV--a Visibility of what? Visibility of items
buzzword that began in DoD and moved to and assets By what means? Event-driven
industry. data and integrated systems In what
10The ITV Challenge. timeframes? Timeliness keyed to needs From
11ITV is a Long-term Challenge. Laments what sources? Data from shippers,
and complaints Operators: “Where’s my carriers, and third parties.
equipment?” Customers: “Where’s my stuff?” 47Technology Developments That Will
Nested freight relationships hinder data Change Best Business Practices.
quality Every shipment is a chain of 48Powerful, long-term trend in
transactions. information technology will move us beyond
12Nested Freight Relationships. ‘license plate’ barcodes-and-databases.
Conveyance Container Pallet Multipack Continuing improvement in form, function,
Part. Every shipment is a chain of nested integration, reliability, and cost of
transactions that should be transparent. information technology components. What
(Courtesy of Michael Wolfe.). All rights Will Change the Business Model for Supply
reserved. May be reproduced with credit to Chain Management?
the North River Consulting Group. 49Key Developments to Watch. Cheaper
13Modern Stack Train Loader. (Courtesy real-time ID and tracking Auto-networking
of Michael Wolfe.). tags Multi-mode readers “Productizing” of
14Clifford Maersk 6600 TEU, 24.5 Knots, system integration Effective
1999. (Courtesy of Michael Wolfe.). hybridization. Cheaper real-time ID and
15Loading Chassis for Drayage and tracking.
Linehaul. (Courtesy of Michael Wolfe.). 50Cheaper Real-Time Tracking. Better
16The Dromedary Drayman. (Courtesy of technology and growing volume produce
Michael Wolfe.). dramatic cost improvements GPS and other
17Focus on Automatic Identification GLS Low Earth Orbit satcom Dual mode commo
Technologies (AIT). with satcom backup Phone location
18CVO-Related Technologies. AIT Source technologies. Prime new applications will
data automation Data exchange EDI and start with tracking untethered trailers
Internet Data integration. and chassis.
19Automated Identification Technologies. 51Cost Trend in Real-time Transportation
Bar code Linear and 2D Contact Monitoring. -Qualcomm truck system, ~$2500
technologies E.g., Smart cards, mag -Vantage trailer tracking, ~$700 -SkyBitz
stripes, laser optical Non-contact location monitor, ~$400 -E-911 cell
technologies E.g., Radio frequency, phones, ? These are illustrative examples
digital video. Costs are negotiable--volume is a big
20The Macro Trend in Freight ID is factor Monthly communication costs are
Towards Automatic Surveillance. RFID tag also important The capabilities are very
readers, 1995 Location tracking, 1988 different.
Two-way digital comm., 1988 Cell phones, 52If Supply Chains are to be. . . Speedy
>1985 Pay phones, ~1930’s Telegraphs, Nimble Precise Secure. ...then cheaper
>1844. real-time tracking and monitoring will
21Auto ID Technologies. Conveyance Bar play an increasingly important
code & 2D labels RF tags, DSRC GPS and--eventually--ubiquitous role.
capability Container Bar code & 2D 53Looking Ahead to Dynamic Flow Control.
labels Optical cards, tags, labels RF tags 54Looking Ahead. Exploiting multiple
Pallet •Bar code & 2D labels •Optical technologies for Dynamic Flow Control
cards, tags •RF tags Multipack •Bar code, ITS/CVO Supply Chain Integration ITV is
2D labels •Optical cards, tags •Embedded necessary but not sufficient.
RF tags Part •Bar code, 2D label 55Moving Beyond ITV. Worldwide Stock
•Inscribed part # •Embedded RF tags. Posture. Worldwide Transport Asset Status.
(Courtesy of Michael Wolfe.). 56Moving Beyond ITV: Dynamic
22Best Practices in Freight ID Today. Distribution Flow Control. Worldwide Stock
“License plate” identifiers on the freight Posture. Worldwide Transport Asset Status.
linked in multiple data bases Customer 57Five Elements of Dynamic Flow Control.
data bases hold contents information 1. Near real-time stock posture data 2.
Carriers track equipment location Near real-time transport asset status data
Transaction confirmations passed via EDI 3. Near real-time transportation network
or internet. condition data 4. Powerful analytic
23Best Practices by Niche. Specifics capabilities Threshold capability monitors
vary by market niche Supply chain performance monitors
Barcodes-and-databases Retail and resupply Near-optimal alternative generators Course
“Dumb” RFID tags and smart networks of action feasibility estimators 5. Timely
Railroads, few container operators ability to affect or control operation.
Satellite transponders and smart networks 58For More Information. Papers by Mike
Long haul truckers. Retail and resupply. Wolfe “Trends in Freight Identification
Railroads, few container operators. Technology” “Freight Transportation
Long-haul truckers. Security and Productivity”* “Technology to
24Approaches to Location Tracking. Choke Enhance Freight Transportation Security
point or signpost reports Fixed readers and Productivity”* www.itsa.org. Jump to
Short range communications Tag must pass CVO and Intermodal Application pages Links
close to a reader. Mobile reporting to other sites
Long-range communications Location *www.ops.fhwa.dot.gov/freight/transportati
identification Can include 2 way digital n_security.htm.
communications. 59Thank you for your attention. Mike
25Tagging vs. Tracking. Conveyance Bar Wolfe.
code & 2D labels RF tags, DSRC GPS 60Backup Slides: -Capabilities That
capability Container Bar code & 2D Produce Benefits -Benefit Matrices by Type
labels Optical cards, tags, labels RF tags of User.
Pallet •Bar code & 2D labels •Optical 61Capabilities that Produce Benefits. 1.
cards, tags •RF tags Multipack •Bar code, Read an RFID tag--or other device
2D labels •Optical cards, tags •Embedded recording an implicit transaction 2. Carry
RF tags Part •Bar code, 2D label detailed data on a read/write tag 3.
•Inscribed part # •Embedded RF tags. Record sensor input data on the r/w tag
(Courtesy of Michael Wolfe.). such as temperature, load/empty,door open
26Benefits of Real-Time Location 4. Mobile location determination 5. Long
Tracking and Status Reporting. range communication.
27Approaches to Location Tracking. Choke 62Confirm the Passing of a Tag: The
point or signpost reports Fixed readers Simplest Application. On Board. User
Short range communications Tag must pass Sites. Delivers Accurate & Timely
close to a reader. Mobile reporting Data! RFID Tags & Other AIT.
Long-range communications Location 63Adding Detailed Shipment Data: The DoD
identification Can include 2 way digital Application. On Board. User Sites. Active
communications. Data-Rich RFID. Details Available When
28Uses of Real -Time Location Tracking. Needed.
Role Play: You’re the chief planner in a 64Collecting Data During Shipment:
major transportation company The CEO has Adding Richness and Value. On Board. User
to give a speech about real-time location Sites. Active Data-Rich Tags. Readers
tracking Your job is to outline the key Capture Event Data.
benefits Notes. 65Capturing the Data That was Collected
29Value of Real -Time Location Tracking. During Shipment. On Board. User Sites.
1. Efficiency and productivity 2. Service Audit Trails for Users. Sensors &
quality 3. Shipment and service integrity. Devices. GPS Location Data. Active
301. Efficiency and Productivity. Reduce Data-Rich Tags.
errors, wasted effort, and re-work Save 66Long Range Communication: Access
process and cycle time Save labor hours Anywhere, Any Time. On Board. Sensors
Optimize assignment of equipment and & Devices. Location Data. Optional
people Improve quality of life for Active Data-Rich Tags. Wide Area
operators Optimize across functional areas Communication.
Operations, maintenance, labor relations 67Long Range Communications Enables
Reduce slack capacity and inventory. Real-Time Response. On Board. User Sites.
312. Service Quality. Improve Sensors & Devices. GPS or GLS Location
reliability Better schedule adherence Data. Wide Area Communication.
Increase operational flexibility Advance Event-Driven Commo & Real-Time
warning of disruptions More ability to Response.
respond to priority changes Ability to 68Applying the Model to Different Types
divert shipments en route Improve user and of Industry. Shippers Manufacturers,
customer confidence. distributors, retailers Transportation
323. Shipment and Service Integrity. carriers Container operators, air freight,
Better cargo security Less theft of railroads, truckers Transportation-based
services Mitigate some losses in progress service providers include Refuse haulers,
Enhance safety Reduce insurance premiums. cement delivery, package delivery.
33More Excerpts from the AIT Business 69Dimension 3: The Type or Class of
Benefits Model. User.
34AIT Capabilities, Benefits, and Users. 70Benefit Matrix for Typical Shippers.
AIT capabilities, properly implemented, 71Benefit Matrix for Typical Shippers.
yield business benefits. Benefit matrices 72Benefit Matrix for Typical Shippers.
vary among classes of users What does the 73Benefit Matrix for Typical Shippers.
benefit matrix look like for major sets of 74Benefit Matrix for Typical Shippers.
AIT users? What specific capabilities 75Benefit Matrix for Typical Shippers.
drive the realization of benefits? 76Benefit Matrix for Typical Shippers.
35AIT Capabilities, Benefits, and Users. 77Benefit Matrix for Typical
The North River AIT Business Benefit Transportation Carriers Gray Shading Shows
Model™ includes all three dimensions. Differences with Shippers.
36Dimension 1: Five Capabilities Produce 78Benefit Matrix for Typical
Benefits. 1. Read an RFID tag--or other Trans.-based Service Providers Gray
device recording an implicit transaction Shading Shows Differences with
2. Carry detailed data on a read/write tag Transportation Carriers.
3. Record sensor input data on the r/w tag
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CVO Intermodal Freight: ITS Benefits for Business

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