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Facts about Belarus
Facts about Belarus
NPP in Belarus
NPP in Belarus
NPP in Belarus
NPP in Belarus
NPP in Belarus
NPP in Belarus
Dose assessment process
Dose assessment process
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Dose Assessment for Population around New NPP in Belarus

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1Dose Assessment for Population around 10representative of the most highly exposed
New NPP in Belarus. EMRAS II WG1 Meeting, individuals in the population. This
“Reference Methodologies for Controlled individual is de?ned as the
Discharges” IAEA HQ, Vienna, 22-24 ‘representative person’. The
September 2009 Viktoryia Kliaus Minsk, representative person may be hypothetical.
Belarus. Nevertheless, it is important that the
2Where is Belarus situated? RUSSIA. habits used to characterize the
BELARUS. UKRAINE. POLAND. representative person are typical habits
3Facts about Belarus. Minsk. LOCATION - of a small number of individuals
Eastern Europe An inland country. It is representative of those most highly
surrounded by Lithuania and Latvia to the exposed and not the extreme habits of a
northwest and Russia to the north and single member of population.
east. Ukraine lies to the south and 11The Concept of the ‘Representative
southeast and Poland to the west TIME - Person’.
GMT +2 AREA - 207,595 sq km (80,153 sq 12Dose assessment process. Sum to give
miles) POPULATION - 9,7 million (2009) annual effective dose for critical group.
CAPITAL CITY - Minsk - Population 1,7 13Total Effective Dose. Total Effective
million CURRENCY - Belarus Rubel (BYB) Dose ET = total effective dose Eext =
LANGUAGE(S) - Belarussian and Russian effective dose from external radiation
RELIGION(S) Christian with an Eastern Einh = committed effective dose from
Orthodox and Roman Catholic majority, inhalation Eing = committed effective dose
Jewish and Muslim minorities. from ingestion.
4The Competence of State Organizations 14Effective Dose from Ingestion. The
in the Area of Nuclear and Radiation dose from consumption of food or dirt:
Safety. According to the Law “About Eing – effective dose from ingestion, msv;
Radiation Safety of Population”. сf,i –activity concentration in food of
Department of Nuclear and Radiation isotope i , kbq/kg; uf,i –the amount of a
safety. Approve medical standards, rules food consumed by the population of
and hygienic norms Established the unified interest, per day; cf5,i – ingestion dose
system of control and registration of conversion, msv/kbq; dii – days of intake
individual doses. Organize carrying out of is the period food is assumed to be
the radiation monitoring of environment. consumed. If T1/2 > 21 days use 30
Licensing. days. If T1/2 < 21 days use the mean
5NPP in Belarus. Type: NPP-2006; life (тm) of the isotope. Т1/2 –
Reactor: WWR (PWR)-1200; General radiological half-life; RF – reduction
contractor: “Atomstroieksport” (Russia); factor is the fraction of the
Possible location: Ostrovets, Kukshinovo, contamination remaining after decay or
Krasnaya Polyana areas; Planned some process j used to reduce the
construction time: 54 month; Lifetime at contamination before food is released for
90% capacity factor : expected 50 years; consumption.
The WWR 1200 will produce: 1200 MW(e) 15Effective Dose from Ingestion.
electric power and 3200 MW(th) heat power. Consumption of milk, l/day. Consumption of
Possible location of the NPP. milk products, g/day. Age, years. Rural
6NPP in Belarus. Safety features: population. Urban population. Age, years.
containment building and missile shield; Rural population. Urban population. <1.
Dose for public during normal operation: 10. 70. <1. 0,24. 0,30. 1-2. 75. 130.
100 µSv/year; During normal operation such 1-2. 0,30. 0,22. 2-7. 85. 145. 2-7. 0,30.
types of NPP make an insignificant impact 0,20. 7-12. 190. 175. 7-12. 0,50. 0,25.
on environment (radiation impact no more 12-17. 230. 180. 12-17. 0,51. 0,25.
than 0,1 – 0,01 from background radiation >17. 260. 180. >17. 0,50. 0,20.
level). Model of the Belarusian NPP. 16Effective Dose from Ingestion.
7Regulatory limit values. Dose limits Consumption of leaf vegetables, g/day.
in planned exposure situations. According Ingestion dose conversion, mSv/kBq. Age,
to the Standards of Radiation Safety-2000. years. Rural population. Urban population.
Type of limit. Type of limit. Dose limits. Age, years. Age, years. Radionuclide.
Dose limits. Occupational. Public. Radionuclide. Cs-137. I-131. <1. 0. 0.
Effective dose. 20 mSv/year, averaged over <1. 2,1E-02. 1,8E-01. 1-2. 3. 3. 1-2.
defined periods of 5 years, but it should 1,2E-02. 1,8E-01. 2-7. 6. 7. 2-7. 9,6E-03.
not exceed 50 mSv in any single year. 1 1,0E-01. 7-12. 20. 18. 7-12. 1,0E-02.
mSv/year for any consistent 5 years, but 5,2E-02. 12-17. 28. 25. 12-17. 1,3E-02.
it should not exceed 5 mSv in any single 3,4E-02. >17. 30. 25. >17. 1,3E-02.
year. 2,2E-02.
8Regulatory limit values. Values of 17Effective Dose from Inhalation. The
radioactive discharges from NPP with effective dose from inhalation. E ing –
WWR-1000 in case of normal operation. NPP. Effective dose from inhalation, mSv Cair –
NPP. Rare radioactive gases. I-131. Со-60. concentration of radionuclide in the air,
Сs-134. Сs-137. Тbq (% from leakage). MBq Bq/m3 DCF – effective inhalation dose
(% from leakage). MBq (% from leakage). conversion factor for adults, Sv/Bq BR –
MBq (% from leakage). MBq (% from breathing rate, m3/h t – exposure
leakage). NPP with WWR-1000 and WWR-440. durations, h.
NPP with WWR-1000 and WWR-440. NPP with 18Effective Dose from Inhalation.
WWR-1000 and WWR-440. NPP with WWR-1000 Breathing rate. Age, years. Breathing
and WWR-440. NPP with WWR-1000 and rate, m3/h. <1. 2.86. 1-2. 5.17. 2-7.
WWR-440. NPP with WWR-1000 and WWR-440. 8.72. 7-12. 14.2. 12-17. 20.11. >17.
Novovoronezhskaya. 110 (16). 1700 (9,4). 22.22.
350 (4,7). 41 (4,6). 140 (7). Kolskaya. 19Doses from External Radiation. Thus
4,2 (0,6). 134 (0,7). 88 (1,2). 0,01. 53 external exposure is possible from the
(2,7). Rostovskaya. 0,2 (0,02). 57 (0,3). cloud with the radionuclides which are
0,8 (0,01). 0,2 (0,03). 0,1 (0,01). released from installations, by being on
Balakovskaya. 0,2 (0,02). 223 (1,2). 7,7 radioactively contaminated soil or
(0,1). 2,4 (0,3). 7 (0,4). Kalininskaya. swimming in contaminated water; The doses
49 (7). 512 (2,8). 4,1(0,1). 0,7 (0,1). can be calculated from the activity
1,8 (0,1). concentrations in the environment by
9The Concept of ‘Critical Group’. The modeling and computation.
‘critical group’ concept is used for the 20Doses from External Radiation. 0,1
purpose of protection of the public in µSv/h. Natural dose rate. As planning
Belarus to characterize an individual who doses levels are very low it will be a big
is representative of the most highly uncertainties of dose assessment; The
exposed individuals in the population critical group will be persons who spend a
(ICRP 1977, 1985); It is important to lot of time outside. Additional dose rate
consider some aspects : The location and from the new NPP activity.
age distribution of the potentially 21Summary. For dose assessment of
exposed group; Dietary habits; Special population around new NPP in Belarus from
occupational habits; The type of dwelling; internal and external exposure are used:
Behavior factor. methods based on the monitoring of
10The Concept of the ‘Representative radiation situation round the NPP;
Person’. For the purpose of protection of peculiarity of food consumed by the
the public, it is necessary to population round the NPP.
characterize an individual who is 22Thank You for Your Attention.
Dose Assessment for Population around New NPP in Belarus.ppt
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Dose Assessment for Population around New NPP in Belarus

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