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Educational Anti-Doping Program of the Russian Federation

содержание презентации «Educational Anti-Doping Program of the Russian Federation.ppt»
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1Educational Anti-Doping Program of the 7fight against doping in sport was
Russian Federation. Boris Zhilkin Chief scheduled .
specialist-expert of anti-doping section 8Educational materials on the
Ministry of sport, tourism and youth's Anti-Doping Education. 1. For secondary
policy of the Russian Federation. schools a curriculum and handbook for the
2Objective : educational activities two-hour anti-doping conversation with
aimed at preventing the intentional or schoolchildren of 8-9 classes is beeng
unintentional use of prohibited substances developed. 2. A training plan and a guide
and methods among professional athletes for anti-doping conversations with
and the youth. students of non-core universities are
3Tasks: 1. Anti-doping activities by being in the stage of developing. 3. A
the current schemes. 2. To develop modular program for anti-doping education
educational programs aimed at preventing for different stages of sport training
the use of doping in sport. 3. (according to the age) is in the process
Implementation of developed educational of developing. Materials such programs
programs aimed at preventing the use of will be developed for trainers and
doping in sport. 4. Increasing the students. 4. Materials on Anti-Doping
negative attitude of the population of the Education for lecture course for Bachelors
Russian Federation to the use of doping in and Masters of sports universities are
sport. beeng preparing. 5. A decision was
4Target groups: 1. Sport of highest accepted to start a elaboration of
achievements – athletes and coaches, training materials on anti-doping topic
trainers, managers, agents, team staff, for advanced training courses for teachers
official, medical or para-medical of sports institutions.
personnel involved in the athletes 9Program to strengthen the negative
treatment and their training or attitudes of the population of the Russian
competitions.. 2. Sport education - Federation to the use of doping in sport.
schoolchildren of sport schools, students 1. The web-site of Non-Profit Partnership
of sports universities and teachers of NADO “RUSADA”. 2. The section about
sport educational institutions. 3. Young Anti-Doping Ensuring on the website of the
people engaged in sports - universities Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth's
and students of non-core universities. 4. Policy of the Russian Federation. 3. The
People interested in sport - people of creation of a series of sport television
different ages and social strata. programming. In the programms the problem
5Organization of educational of sport free from doping will be
anti-doping work in the Russian consider. 4. The working out of a
Federation. Ministry of Sport, Tourism and periodical publication about the fight
Youth’s Policy of the Russian Federation. against doping in sport. 5. A number of
Organizers of Large Sport Events in conferences devoted to doping in sport and
Russian Federation. Russian Sports measures to prevent its use.
Federations. Regional Executive 10Anti-doping educational work of
Authorities in the Field of Physical Russian Sport Federations, Regional
Culture and Sport. Non-Profit Partnership Executive Authorities in the Field of
National Anti-Doping Organization Physical Culture and Sport, Organizers of
«RUSADA». Large Sport Events in Russian Federation.
6Work of a non-profit partnership NADO The work at looking through the basic
«RUSADA" in the field of anti-doping anti-doping documents. The including of
education. Seminars "For honest and anti-doping section in the structure of
healthy sport!". Information and web-sites of Russian Sport federations. A
education anti-doping program «Outreach meetings with representatives of sports
Quiz». Information and education program educational institutions with a detailed
for young athletes under 15 «Know how to analysis of each specific case of
play honestly". violation of anti-doping rules. The
7Anti-doping work in the field of anti-doping seminars on the major sports
education of the Ministry of Sport, events in Russian Federation.
Tourism and Youth's Policy of the Russian 11Planned activity: the introdaction of
Federation. The introduction in the materials on activities aimed at combating
federal state educational standard of doping in sport in popular media for young
general education (secondary schools) of a people; showing a video on anti-doping
section on prevention of doping in mass propaganda in the frame of large sport
sport is being implemented with the events for young; creation and
Ministry of Education and Science of the distribution of the periodical anti-doping
Russian Federation. Section on prevention publication; development of short films
of doping in mass sport is introduced in about the fight against doping in sport in
the curriculum of physical education for the Russian Federation and about the
non-core universities is being implemented danger of doping; creation series of TV
with the Ministry of Education and Science programs “sport free from doping”, a
of the Russian Federation. The section on documentary about doping, a series of talk
the fight against doping in sport was shows on doping, a series of interviews
included to developing educational with Russian specialists who are in charge
training programs for sports schools under of anti-doping work and with well noun
the leadership of Ministry of Sport, sport piople, a series of informational
Tourism and Youth's Policy of the Russian and analytical stories about doping in
Federation. An appeal to appropriate sport and anti-doping measures in Russia;
educational authorities of physical development and spreading of anti-doping
culture and sports for taking flash game.
recommendation to teaching in sport 12THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!
universities the section dedicated to the
Educational Anti-Doping Program of the Russian Federation.ppt
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Educational Anti-Doping Program of the Russian Federation

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