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Encouraging Initial Involvement
Encouraging Initial Involvement
Changing Behavior
Changing Behavior
Program Outcomes
Program Outcomes
Program Outcomes
Program Outcomes
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1Electri-City: Team Victorious Secret. 9budget Policy changes: retaining a % of
Energy Management for the Modern U.S. energy savings, involvement in capital
City. improvement and standard operating budget
2Energy Efficiency Program. Engagement decisions Presence of incentives,
of the city’s municipal buildings 10-year, visibility of progress, responsiveness to
20% energy reduction goal the EPA’s Energy critical evaluation.
STAR guidelines and Portfolio Manager 10Deliverables. Informal transfer of
Focus on retrofitting public buildings and information. Formal transfer of
promoting behavioral change. information.
3Our Energy Team. 11Required Technology & Resources.
4Encouraging Initial Involvement. Energy STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM)
Public statement solidifying Costs. Based on Horse. Total Estimated
municipality’s commitment to efficiency Costs. Annual Financial Savings. Energy
goals EPA Energy STAR Partner. Savings. Payback Rate (Year). GHG
5Identifying Potential Improvements. Reduction (Tons). ROI. Lighting Retrofit.
Contract consultants to match meters with $3,316,554. $521,112. 78%. 6. 9. 9%.
corresponding energy bills eQuest software Heating& Cooling. $816,563. $238,875.
to locate effective and efficient 74%. 3. 73.6. 26%. Plug Loads Efficiency.
improvements Target the best sector out $2,263. $34,760. 20%. <1. 30. 86%.
of: school buildings, public housing, Water Heating. $382,824. $133,348. 33%. 3.
municipal buildings Consult staff and 33.4. 33%. O&M. $509,022. $326,112.
employees for suggestions on improving 64%. 2. 61.1. 64%.
energy efficiency and the workplace 12Program Outcomes. Improves The City’s
environment. financial state through energy savings.
6Retrofitting. Cultivates a more
7retrofitting. environmentally-conscious city culture.
8Changing Behavior. Shifting Focus 13Thank You For Your Time! Questions?
Integrating Activity Incentivizing Eunhee Kim Lauren Iacobucci Theodore
Employees. Groben Maria Tan Tristan Turner. Team
9Sustaining the Program. Long-term Victorious Secret.
funding Procurement of special projects
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