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Equation Editor Tips

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1Equation Editor Tips. 13to Edit or right click, Equation Object,
2Equation Editor. Equation Editor is a Open Under View select Zoom between 25% -
watered down version of the full MathType 400%.
program (www.mathtype.com) developed by 14Tip 10: Kerning Headlines. Insert an
Design Science Used in Access, Excel, equation where you want the headline to
Outlook (using MS Word as email editor), be. Set the font and size you want the
PowerPoint and Word. headline to be using Equation Editor's
3Review of Equation Editor. There are Other Style and Other Size commands. Type
19 palettes in equation editor The top row the headline. Find the first pair of
contain symbols The bottom row contains characters from the left whose spacing you
templates. want to adjust. Select the text from the
4Commonly used Keyboard Shortcuts. rightmost character of the pair to the
Command. Shortcut. Zooming to 400%. right end of the text. While holding the
Ctrl+4. Inserting Greek letters. Ctrl+G, Ctrl key down, use the right and left
followed by a letter key. Fraction. arrow keys to adjust the spacing to your
Ctrl+F. Superscript. Ctrl+H liking. Before. After.
("high"). Subscript. Ctrl+L 15Tip 11: Change Color of Equation in
("low"). Square root. Ctrl+R PowerPoint. Create the equation the usual
("root" or "radical"). way using Insert Object. Select the
Integral. Ctrl+I. Thin space (e.g. before equation by clicking on it. Right-click
"dx" in an integral). the equation object to bring up a menu of
Ctrl+space. Adding plain text. commands. Click on "Format
Ctrl+Shift+E. Going back to math after Object", the last item on the menu.
adding text. Ctrl+Shift+=. Add overbar to This will bring up a dialog. Click the tab
character. Ctrl+_. titled "Picture". Under the
5Tip 1: Help Menu. In Equation Editor Picture tab, click "Recolor".
go to the Help menu and select Equation When the "Recolor Picture"
Editor Help. dialog appears, you can change the color.
6Tip 2: Creating a Toolbar button in MS There should be black and white rectangles
Word that Inserts and Equation. To add the in the "Original" section; you
icon, choose the Customize command on the don’t need to change the white background,
Tools menu to display the Customize just the black text color. Click the
dialog. Click on the Commands tab to dropdown box next to the black color in
display the list of commands. You will see the "New" column, you can select
a list of Categories on the left and a any color shown there. You can preview
list of Commands on the right. On the your selection to see if the color is what
left, click on "Insert." On the you had in mind. If it looks fine, click
right, scroll down and near the bottom of OK on both dialogs.
the list will be this button . Click on 16Tip 12: Animated Equations in
this button and drag it to the toolbar, PowerPoint. Insert your equation into
placing it wherever you want it. Click PowerPoint. Right-click on the equation,
"Close" on the and from the menu select Grouping, then
"Customize" dialog. Ungroup. A dialog will appear with a
7Tip 3: Putting a Box Around an warning about the action you’re about to
Equation. Create a 1-by-1 matrix. In the do. Click Yes. Your equation will then
matrix dialog box, click in the preview appear as individual characters and
pane outside the matrix on all four sides. templates, which you can animate using
This will insert solid lines around the SlideShow/ CustomAnimation.
matrix. If you want the lines to be 17Tip 13: Printing Equations Black and
dashed, click twice. If you want them White without Changing the Color. With
dotted, click three times. Click once more your equation colored to white, select
to remove a line. Grayscale, right click on equation and
8Tip 4: Placing an Arc over More than select Grayscale Setting, select Black
One Character. Insert the with White Fill.
"small-over-large" template 18Tip 14: Automatically Number Equations
(it's on the 3rd template palette from the in MS Word. Inserting a sequenced equation
left). Type the material to go under the number Place the insertion point where the
arc into the lower slot. In this case, equation number should go, use the Insert
"ABC". Click into the smaller Field command to insert a SEQ (sequence)
slot to place the insertion point there. field. In the Field dialog, choose SEQ
Use the Other command on the Style menu to from the Field Names list. SEQ will also
select the MT Extra font. Type a appear in the field command area at the
")". This will insert the arc. bottom of the dialog. In the field command
Select the arc. Use the Other command on area, add " EqnNum" after SEQ so
the Size menu to increase the size of the it reads "SEQ EqnNum". EqnNum is
arc until it covers the characters. You an arbitrary variable name that Word will
may not be able to cover them completely increment each time you insert a new
before the arc starts to look ugly but do equation number using this same variable
the best you can. If the characters under name. Close the dialog. The new field will
the arc are 12 points, you may need to show up in your document as "1".
make the arc around 40 points in size. The next one you insert will show up as
9Tip 5: Word is Partially Italicized. "2".
When you type a word like “variation” or 19Tip 14: (con’t.) Renumbering the
“single”, it will show up in the equation Equations. Renumbering the equations after
editor as “variation” or “sin gle” because changes to the document Go to Tools,
“var” or “sin” is a recognized function Options, Print tab and select Update
name. Press Ctrl+Shift+E (or go to Style Fields Print Preview (numbers
and select Text) to place equation editor automatically update) (note: instead of
into text mode To change back into math the above you can also do Edit, Select
model press Ctrl+Plus (or go to Style and All, press F9).
select Math). 20Tip 15: Equation Autotext. Insert
10Tip 6: Enter Text in Equation. Using equation/symbol Highlight and go to
Text Style Mode will allow you to use the Insert, Autotext Assign name to
space bar to add space between words Place equation/symbol As you type the name in
insertion point and go to Style, select the document, a dialog box will come up
Text, type using space bar To return to with the name of the equation/symbol, just
Math style, choose Math from Style menu. press enter to insert.
11Tip 7: Template Replacement. Select 21Tip 16: Equation Not Displaying. MT
the template and its contents Hold the Alt Extra font not installed Not using
key down while choosing the replacement TrueType fonts Printer doesn’t support
template in the palette menus. TrueType fonts When you see {EMBED
12Tip 8: Template Wrapping. Just select Equation.3} instead of the equation, that
the part of the equation to be wrapped is because MS Word is displaying field
(ex. a parenthesis template), then insert codes. Go to Tools menu Click Options
the wrapping template in the normal way. Click the View tab, and then clear the
An inserted template will wrap itself Field codes check box.
around anything that is selected. 22Tip 17: More Tips.
13Tip 9: Change Display Size. To Change http://www.mathtype.com/en/products/ee/ee_
Display Size of an Equation in MS Word Go ips.htm.
Equation Editor Tips.ppt
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Equation Editor Tips

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