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Europe in the Middle Ages
Europe in the Middle Ages
Europe in the Middle Ages
Europe in the Middle Ages
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Europe in the Middle Ages

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1Europe in the Middle Ages. 5th 7for his/her entire life.
Century-16th Century Roman Empire—Middle 8Feudalism. Lord. King Noble Knight
Ages—Renaissance. Serf Flea. Vassal/ Lord. Vassal/ Lord.
2Europe after the Fall of Rome. Rome 9Feudalism. “What the peasants (serfs)
founded in the 8th Century BC and survived produce in a year, the lords waste in an
until the 5th Century AD Roman Empire was hour.”.
vast and extended across much of Eurasia 10Feudalism and The Church. Early on,
and parts of northern Africa Rome had a the Christian church was very involved in
very developed infrastructure and society feudalism. Bishops and abbots became
Roads and trade routes, universities, wealthy vassals to powerful lords
public baths, arenas, libraries. Interests of the lords were not always
3 that of the LORD…so Pope Gregory VII
4Europe after the Fall of Rome. Area separated the Church from the feudal
that was vacated by the Romans was taken system and exerted his control over kings
over by other groups Ostrogoths in Italy and lords through a process called an
Visigoths of the Iberian Peninsula Franks interdict Interdict- no sacraments to a
and Burgundians of modern day France and group of church goers of a particular area
Germany (Gaul) Angles and Saxons of The massive poor could revolt and cause
Britain Vandals of North Africa Feudalism. chaos, thus the king or lord often did as
5Feudalism. AHS Example. Superintendent the church wanted “The meek shall inherit
Ass’t Superintendents Building Principals the Earth”.
Teachers/Support Staff Students. 11Journal Entry. Write a page entry as a
6Feudalism. Lord. King Noble/Knight poor medieval serf struggling to get
Knight/Noble Serf Flea. Vassal/ Lord. through the day. In the entry, include
Vassal/ Lord. details about the knights, lords, king,
7Feudalism. What is feudalism? A system and the church. Discuss the effect that
of intertwining allegiances Created for each one plays in your life. (or doesn’t)
the security of the lord and the Also think about the factors that helped
vassal…and the serfs or peasants King gave this system (feudalism) develop in Europe.
land (fief) to a noble in return for Make sure that in the entry you discuss
loyalty and fidelity (fealty) Nobles often the basic structure of the social and
did the same thing with another noble or political system of Feudalism. Use your
knight At the very bottom of the textbook as a reference Pg:291-296,
structure, the serf or peasant, who 317-322.
essentially just worked on rented ground
Europe in the Middle Ages.PPT
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Europe in the Middle Ages

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