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Evidence-Based Practice: Proving That What You Do Makes a Difference

содержание презентации «Evidence-Based Practice: Proving That What You Do Makes a Difference.ppt»
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1Evidence-Based Practice: Proving That 16aggregated and made available in charts
What You Do Makes a Difference. Audrey and diagrams Profiles
Church Longwood University VEMA 2004. available—collaboration, resource, content
2Evidence-Based Practice. The process area, research skills Download a trial
of carefully documenting how you make a version (good for five launches) from
difference in student learning The process http://www.lmcsource.com/tech/new.html.
of showing how and why your services are 17V. Link to Academic Achievement.
important to student learning The process Current VDOE Project Linking Libraries and
of gathering meaningful evidence on the Academic Achievement Documents to be
impact of your instructional role on introduced at fall 2004 VEMA conference in
student achievement. Roanoke, for LMS and for content area
3Outline. Review of statewide impact curriculum specialists Analysis of SOL
studies Collecting portfolio evidence Test Blueprints SOL which lend themselves
Participating in Project Achievement Using to collaboration and information literacy
data collection software Linking to instruction.
academic achievement Performing action 18At Your School Analysis of SOL
research. Curriculum Frameworks, Scope and Sequence
4ADVOCACY. Guides, Test Blueprints Analysis of test
5Statewide Studies: 1993 to Present. scores Classroom data, Student data
Test scores improve in schools which have Collection of data What impact did your
a school library staffed by a licensed involvement in the instructional process
librarian and assisted by adequate staff, have?
in which the library has a strong 19VI. Action Research. Also called
collection and adequate funding, in which “teacher research” and
the librarian collaborates with teachers, “teacher-as-researcher” An approach
teaches information literacy skills, designed to develop and improve teaching
provides in-service for teachers in and learning Teachers solving everyday
information technology, in which library problems in schools to improve both
resources are available outside of library student learning and teacher
walls via computer networks. effectiveness.
6“Principals, teachers, and parents 20Action Research: Nine Steps. Focus on
want to hear of local successes: they want a topic or issue Review and synthesize the
to know how their students—not other research and theory on the topic Develop
schools–are benefiting. Local outcomes research questions Collect data Analyze
matter.”. Dr. Ross J. Todd, in “School data Report results.
Libraries & Evidence: Seize the Day, 21Design an action plan based on the
Begin the Future,” LMC, 8/9-03. data Take action Evaluate the action. Dr.
7II. Collecting Portfolio Evidence. Lesley S. J. Farmer, How to Conduct Action
Lessons and assignments that connect the Research: A Guide for Library Media
library to the classroom curriculum A Specialists, p. 3.
paper trail that shows what you have done 22Action research is reflective and
that has increased student learning, how recursive!
students have benefited from your lessons 23Sample Action Research Questions. How
? does the presence of parent library
8How? End of information literacy volunteers affect student achievement? To
lesson—quick evaluation from students what degree are parents involved in their
Samples of students’ work Collaborative children’s reading? How early should
lesson plans/statements from teachers students use the Internet for research? In
Survey data from teachers and/or students what ways, if any, does filtering software
Collaborative Instructional Partnerships affect student research and student
form Test scores. learning?
9Suggested Strategies from Information 24Should information literacy standards
Power. Checklists—before and after be separate from or integrated into the
instruction Rubrics—set criteria curriculum? How can I increase
Conferencing—student reflection (their collaboration with classroom teachers?
work, skills, the benefits) What effects do book clubs have on reading
Journaling—your reflections on instruction comprehension? How can the library program
and the outcomes Portfolios—collect help increase boys’ engagement in reading?
student work over time, matched to content What effect does library appearance and
curriculum and information literacy atmosphere have on student learning? And
standards. on, and on, and on……?
10Move from quantitative reporting to 25Benefits of Action Research Process.
qualitative Reports to administrators Focus on an issue Observe carefully,
Sharing of evidence with parent teacher listen actively Review the theory Examine
organization. best practice, see what is happening in
11Evidence-Based Practice. Equals the field Ask the question Forces
assessment at a higher level Moves beyond reasonableness and objectivity Collect the
observation to collection of evidence data Forces reality check, provides
Proves students benefit from what you do baseline, demonstrates professionalism.
as a teacher and instructional partner 26Analyze the data Allows for reflective
Provides evidence that you boost student practice, see interconnections and
achievement and create a more effective interdependence Communicate the results
learning environment. Legitimizes efforts, allows for positive
12III. Project Achievement. A national proactivity Design the action
initiative to collect and present evidence Goal-centered opportunity to collaborate
at the local level that links school Implement the action Facilitates positive
library media programs to student change; demonstrates responsiveness and
achievement, 2003-2005 Sponsored by David reflection Reanalyze the issue Look at
V. Loertscher Participants agree to outcomes and impact; regroup; cycle of
collect evidence and to present the inquiry. Dr. Lesley S. J. Farmer, How to
evidence locally. Conduct Action Research: A Guide for
13Project information available at Library Media Specialists, p. 39-40.
http://www.davidvl.org/Achieve/achieve.htm 27Evidence-Based Practice. Every student
Project guidelines available at succeeds @ your library Partners for
http://www.davidvl.org/Achieve/ProjectAchi learning @ your library Teacher librarians
vementNational.pdf. make a difference @ your library Evidence
14Measurements collected in four major proves students learn @ your library.
program areas: Reading Collaborative 28Prove that what you do makes a
planning Information literacy Technology difference!
Analysis at Learner level Teaching unit 29Resources. Farmer, L. S. J. (2003).
level Organization level Direct and How to conduct action research: a guide
indirect measures. for library media specialists. Chicago:
15IV. IMPACT! Documenting the LMC American Association of School Librarians.
Program for Accountability. Instructional Todd, R. J. (2003). Irrefutable evidence:
Media Professional’s Academic how to prove you boost student
Collaboration Tool Template for Microsoft achievement. School Library Journal,
Excel that tracks contribution of LMC 49(4), 52-54.
program in three areas: collaborative 30For more information, contact: Audrey
planning, information literacy, and links Church, Coordinator, School Library Media
to state standards. Program, Longwood University, 201 High
16Customize to your school Enter basic Street, Hull 234, Farmville, VA 23909
data concerning lesson/unit, objectives, Phone: 434-395-2682 Email:
standards, resources, activities, research achurch@longwood.edu Web page:
process used, time spent Data is http://www.longwood.edu/staff/achurch.
Evidence-Based Practice: Proving That What You Do Makes a Difference.ppt
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Evidence-Based Practice: Proving That What You Do Makes a Difference

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