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Exam next Tuesday 48

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1Exam next Tuesday 4/8. 14or historical topics Orchestra very
2Review Questions. What type of piece important, often having the more lyrical
is Brahms’s German Requiem? What does melody. Vocal parts less tuneful and
Requiem mean? What type of music is Verdi memorable.
known for? What are some characteristics 15The Ring Cycle. 4 operas (Rheingold,
of his operas? Die Walkure, Siegfried, Gotterdamerung)
3Verdi’s Operas. Verdi’s music is Written over a period of c. 40 years Takes
divided into “numbers” (arias, recit, 16 hours to perform Complicated story
choruses), yet fluid drama Followed based on Norse mythology Lust for power,
conventions for incest, adultery, heroism.
arias-recitatives-ensembles Great emphasis 16Wagner’s Ring Cycle. Uses LEITMOTIFS:
of the singer: parts were written with a specific musical theme that represents a
specific singers in mind. character, event. object or concept.
4Verdi’s Rigoletto. Listening guide 51 Wagner didn’t invent the idea, but took it
Story… Based on Victor Hugo play, The King to a whole new level of complexity- some
is Amused Rigoletto is a court jester, listeners have found 200 leitmotifs in the
enemies place a curse on him. Ring Cycle!! Star Wars illustrates the
5Verdi’s Rigoletto. Gilda is his leitmotif concept well.
daughter Duke is a nasty seducer of women 17Die Walk?re. Second opera in the Ring
an he’s after Gilda Gilda gets abducted by A very simplified summary: Gold in the
Rigoletto’s enemies Sparafucile is an Rhine river guarded by maidens Who ever
assassin slated to kill the Duke. can steal it and make a ring from it will
6Verdi’s Rigoletto. Gilda and Rigoletto have power, but must renounce love The
watch as the Duke seduces Sparafucile’s dwarf Alberich does this.
sister Gilda offers herself to be killed 18Die Walk?re. The gods steal it from
in place of the Duke Rigoletto gets a body him This begins a series of events that
bag; thinks the dke is inside, but it’s end with the downfall of the gods (16
really Gilda Curse is fulfilled. hours later) Wotan is the head of the gods
7Verdi’s Rigoletto. Act 3 excerpts... Br?nnhilde is his daughter Siegmund and
Duke-sings a famous tuneful STROPHIC song: Sieglinde are his twin son and daughter,
Woman is fickle--ha ha Song captures the who have fallen in love with each other.
Duke’s character perfectly. 19Die Walk?re. Wotan must punish them
8Verdi’s Rigoletto. Ensemble… classic because Sieglinde has cheated on her
ensemble technique: each character husband Tells Br?nnhilde she must let
responds differently to situation; all Siegmund get killed in a fight with
sing together, but in different styles Hunding, Sieglinde’s husband But
(like Mozart’s Figaro. Brunnhilde disobeys him, therefore...
9Verdi’s Rigoletto. Listen for 20Die Walk?re. He puts her to “sleep”
differences in style: Maddalena and the surrounded by fire But allows her to be
Duke are passionate, singing in long woken by a hero In the next opera, this
lyrical lines.. While Gilda is angry: her hero will be Siegfried, the son of S and
singing is short and punctuated. S, Brunnhilde’s half-nephew. He is a great
10Richard Wagner. (1813-1883) Huge hero, and her lover.
innovator in German opera. 21Leifmotifs in Die Walk?re. In this
11Wagner: Philosophical Stuff. Believed excerpt you will hear the following
that traditional opera was artificial leitmotifs: Sleep Wotan’s spear (which
because Divided into numbers (like Verdi) represents his authority.) Loge, the god
Ensembles where everyone sang different of fire Siefried, the hero who will wake
things at once Solution: “endless melody” up Brunnhilde.
or continours music-no separation inteo 22French opera: Carmen. By Georges Bizet
recitative and aria. (1838-75) Example of op?ra comique (not
12Wagner: Philosophical Stuff. Believed sung all the way through used spoken
in unity of the arts, called it collective dialogue) Later the spoken parts were
artwork (Gesamtkunstwerk) Poetry, state replaced with recitative An example of
sets, the architecture of the theater, all EXOTICISM-dealing with far away people and
were just as important as music Believed places in a romanticized way.
opera should be more natural, like spoken 23Carmen. Considered very scandalous in
drama .., So he called his operas “music its time Carmen is a gypsy (the “bad girl”
dramas.”. character type) Don Jos? is a soldier who
13Wagner: misc. interesting things. loves her But he is engaged to Michaela
Pontificated on many issues, obnoxious (the “good girl” character type) When
antisemitism Participated in a political Carmen takes up with another man, D.J.,
uprising, had to go into exile. Built his kills her.
own theater at Bayreuth Second wife was 24Musical Exoticism. Bizet uses a
the daughter of Franz Liszt, his close Habanera, a Cuban dance, to depict
friend (and the wife of another friend). Carmen’s “otherness”.
14Wagner’s Music dramas. On mythological
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Exam next Tuesday 48

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