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Dialogues. How healthy is your friend ? Ask some questions using the following table!

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«Youth problems» - Проблемы молодежи. Smoking. Look and learn: Say not! Alcohol addiction. Form adverbs: Метод: интерактивный Тип:обучающий. Youth groups. Dangerous exciting Hard easy Serious silly Boring false True safe. prison. real ly hard ly frank ly actual ly Luck ily honest ly Personal ly. Youth problems: date. Adult jails-тюрьмы для взрослых.

«Subculture» - That’s right. What are pros and cons? Задачи: Gothic music encompasses a number of different styles. Цель: Развивающий аспект – развитие способности к обобщению, развитие логичности и доказательности. On the contrary, it is … Emo. What are your arguments for and against the subculture? You are right.

«Different subcultures» - Rappers. Have created the need for a rocker style and practicality. Hip - hop. hairstyle - mohawk. Cyber ??Goth. DJ -. Gamers. Goths -. Unlike normal motorcycle, the biker motorcycle is part of the lifestyle. a person who listens to music or he sings hip-hop. Skinheads -. Bikers. Punk. Informals -. On their heads they are often quite fashionable leather caps.

«Женщина the woman» - A good wife makes a good husband. As great a pity to see a woman cry as a goose go barefoot. Chicken’s mind- Куриные мозги. Муж - голова, жена- шея; куда хочу- туда верчу. A woman’s tongue wags like a lamb’s tail. Баба слезами беде помогает. Бабий язык, куда ни завались, достанет. Холостому помогай боже, а женатому хозяйка поможет.

«Kinds of sports» - Sailing. Boxing. It is a game played between two teams of eleven players. Table tennis, also known as ping-pong. Table tennis. Спорт в Великобритании. Football. Practice in oral speech. Gymnastics. Tennis. Please, read. Chess. Physical exercises. Drills for skills. Rugby. The rocat is suitable for all kinds of recreational rowing.

«Healthy lifestyle» - Smoke (курить). football. Ballet. Sit-ups. To go in for sports(заниматься спортом). Being healthy can also be fun! all these exercises for muscles. Быть здоровым может также быть забавой! Push-ups. Healthy lifestyle!!! (Здоровый образ жизни!!!). For this purpose what to observe a healthy lifestyle it would be necessary:

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