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From nirvana to navan
From nirvana to navan
From nirvana to navan
From nirvana to navan
From nirvana to navan
From nirvana to navan
From nirvana to navan
From nirvana to navan
From nirvana to navan
From nirvana to navan
From nirvana to navan
From nirvana to navan
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From nirvana to navan

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1FROM NIRVANA TO NAVAN. Dr. Aisling 10case load 38 assessments scheduled, 2
Denihan, Consultant Psychiatrist for Older DNA’s, 4 pending 32 full assessments, most
People, Co. Meath. within 4/52 19 (59%) female, 13 male Mean
2 age (range 51-85y).
3WHY? My time in M.I.R.A. From M.I.R.A. 11
To Navan Green-field site Lots of “no’s” 12REFERRALS NOT SEEN. 10 (20%) in total
Oh, and no office 2003-2010 MMSE, CDT, Reasons – Incomplete referrals - 5 Patient
abbrev. CAPE Tertiary referral. deceased - 1 Established dx., on Rx - 2
4TIME PASSES.... Ceiling effect – MMSE MMSE < 19 - 2.
Resources even scarcer Unmet need, late 13DIAGNOSES. DIAGNOSIS. NUMBER.
presentations Early 2009 – something new Alzheimer’s Disease. 10 (early onset = 2)
needed Enthusiastic SR, keen team Support 31%. Mixed AD/VaD. 6 19%. Pure VaD. 3 (MID
of Robert Coen/M.I.R.A. = 1) 9%. Frontal Dementia. 1 3%. Alcohol-
5 Related. 1 3%. MCI. 8 25%. Other Dx. 3 9%.
6PLANNING STAGES. Where? Who to 14FOLLOW THROUGH. 28/32 (88%) came for
contact? Cognitive Assessment team feedback 3 DNA, 1 did not want feedback
Clerical support? Pharma money? Referral 15/32 – drug Rx. Suggested Information
form Exclusion criteria. folder provided Follow-up - GP 13 Us 11
7FORMAT MAY 2009. Patient plus Doctor Other 8.
and S/W Informant plus Doctor and S/W 15PRACTICAL ISSUES. To scan or not?
Collateral Hx., NPI, PSMS, IADL S/W – Blood dementia screen? No physical exam
supports, legal, financial Patient plus Copyright issues – MMSE Managing
Nurses – neuropsych. testing MDT consensus expectations - preseniles ADL in males?
meeting Feedback session. 16
8TESTS USED. Addenbrooke’s Cognitive 17
Examination Montreal Cognitive Assessment 18POINTS TO PONDER. Truth-telling or
(MoCA) Delayed Word Recall Test (DWR) MMSE fudge? Driving advice – rural pop.
+/- Frontal Assessment Battery (FAB) Schiz/BAD neuropsych. No-shows for
Interesting observations. feedback? MCI is not a dx. Ref. Rate waxes
9TEETHING PROBLEMS. OPD unsuitable Too and wanes No monitoring clinic.
many chiefs... 2 locations do not work 19FUTURE. MCI Link up with GM
Quality-control issues Inappropriate regionally? Monitoring Clinic at 6/12? No
referrals Incomplete referrals. S/W for 9/12 – buy sessions? Carer support
10OVER 18 MONTHS... 48 referrals, – Zarit B.I., group Not in Vision for
38(80%) met criteria Of 38, 28 via GP, 5 Change.
via Cons. Psychs., 5 via our community 20
From nirvana to navan.ppt
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From nirvana to navan

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