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Great Britain Часть 2

Great Britain Часть 2. Учитель английского языка МБОУ Гимназия №24, г.Междуреченск Куликова Елена Владимировна.

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«Урок Great Britain» - Trade union organization. At Buckingham Palace. Downing Street. 6. Where is the Speaker's Corner? 5. British Calendar (put the holidays in the right order). 2. Countries and capitals. What is the kilt? What parts does Great Britain consist of? In Richmond Park. How do Englishmen call their national flag ?

«Great Britain» - Easter Day is the high point of the year. British people like it too, they have it on the 25th of December. Easter eggs are important in Britain too. Big Ben is the most famous symbol of London. GREAT BRITAIN. The flag of Great Britain is red, white and blue. It’s an island. These customs are really English.

«Great Britain and Northern Ireland» - Taxis. Even big seaships can visit London. Thames flows through London. The flag of England - St George’s Cross. Beefeaters. Big Ben, the big clock tower, is the symbol of London. Northern Ireland. Telephone booths. Tartans are an internationally recognized symbol of Scotland. The building is 280 metres long.

«Royal family» - A compound of alkali and oil used in washing. Charles Dickens. Tennis. Listening to after-dinner speeches. Champagne. THE 1ST GAME Make the right choice. Long –stemmed, deep-pink carnations. THE ROYAL THEATRE. The Beatles film. Deerstalking. The Queen likes: Horse racing. THE 2ND GAME Who is this? A metal vessel with a spout and a handle for boiling.

«Соединённое королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии» - Queen Elisabeth II. Belfast. The United Kingdom of Great Britain. Wales. Edinburgh. Leek. Queen Victoria. Thistle. The Royal Family. Red rose. Shamrock. The Union Jack. Cardiff. Scotland. Northern Ireland. Queen Anne. England. Queen Elisabeth I. London. Great Britain.


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