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Introduction. Time when people obeyed the law and respected authority. Economy had been severely damaged. No longer a country that has power in many parts of the world. London in 1950s.

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«Great Britain and Northern Ireland» - The flag of Scotland - St Andrew’s Cross. The bascules will open to let ships pass through. Taxis. In the middle of the square there is Admiral Nelson’s Column. Taxis in London are old-fashioned black cars. It is 245 m wide here. Paul’s Cathedral. British souvenirs. David’s Day. It is a symbol of trinity.

«Great Britain» - Her elder son is Charles. Its towers are 65 metres. THE ROYAL FAMILY. SYMBOLS. British people like it too, they have it on the 25th of December. It’s washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. Charles also has two sons, William and Harry. GEOGRAPHY. Children get a lot of presents and sing Christmas carols.

«Британский парламент» - Акты об объединении. My name is Karina. New letter. Who controls the British Parliament. Парламент Соединённого Королевства Великобритании. British Parliament. Британский парламент. Thank you very much for your help. Mrs. Ririchio. My name is Dennis.

«Elizabeth II» - Цель: The Princess, accompanied by Prince Philip, took his place. Her Majesty takes a keen and Highly knowledgeable interest in horses. In 1947 the Princess's engagement to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten was announced. HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN ELIZABETH II. King's health was getting worse. WORK AS MONARCH.

«Royal family» - THE 5TH GAME Traditions and customs. Tennis. A cushion for the head, especially. THE ROYAL FAMILY. An apparatus used to make photographs. Jigsaw puzzles. A metal vessel with a spout and a handle for boiling. Long –stemmed, deep-pink carnations. Cigar Smoke. Champagne. Charles Dickens. The cold. Bright red dress.

«The UK» - London. 1 City of London 2 City of Westminster 3 Kensington and Chelsea 4 Hammersmith and Fulham 5 Wandsworth 6 Lambeth 7 Southwark 8 Tower Hamlets 9 Hackney 10 Islington 11 Camden 12 Brent 13 Ealing 14 Hounslow 15 Richmond 16 Kingston 17 Merton. 18 Sutton 19 Croydon 20 Bromley 21 Lewisham 22 Greenwich 23 Bexley 24 Havering 25 Barking and Dagenham 26 Redbridge 27 Newham 28 Waltham Forest 29 Haringey 30 Enfield 31 Barnet 32 Harrow 33 Hillingdon.


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