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GSI Data Assimilation System
GSI Data Assimilation System
Rapid Refresh Domain
Rapid Refresh Domain
Rapid Refresh Domain
Rapid Refresh Domain
Rapid Refresh Domain
Rapid Refresh Domain
Rapid Refresh Domain
Rapid Refresh Domain
Moisture analysis
Moisture analysis
Moisture analysis
Moisture analysis
Observation Errors
Observation Errors
Observation Errors
Observation Errors
Observation Quality Control
Observation Quality Control
Observation Quality Control
Observation Quality Control
B-O Histogram
B-O Histogram
User’s Website
User’s Website
GSI User’s Guide
GSI User’s Guide
On-line Tutorial (Beta Release)
On-line Tutorial (Beta Release)
On-line Documents (Beta Release)
On-line Documents (Beta Release)
GSI Web Brower
GSI Web Brower
Single Observation Test
Single Observation Test
Observation fit - statistic files
Observation fit - statistic files
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GSI Data Assimilation System

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1GSI Data Assimilation System. 35machines are: 1. AIX xlf compiler with
Acknowledgement: NOAA, AFWA, NCAR. Hui xlc. 35. 35.
Shao, Ming Hu, Laurie Carson, Louisa 36Configuring GSI, cont. configure.gsi
Nance, Xiang-Yu Huang, Bill Kuo Created by the ./configure command
Developmental Testbed Center John Derber, contains compilation options, rules, etc.
Russ Treadon NOAA/NCEP/Environmental specific to your computer can be edited to
Modeling Center. WRF-DA Tutorial, 20-22 change compile options, if desired. At
July, 2009, Boulder, CO. this time, the IBM option is well tested.
2Primary Developers. NOAA/NCEP/EMC John Working on Linux option test. The
Derber, Jim Purser, Russ Treadon, Wan-Shu arch/configure.defaults file can be edited
Wu, Dave Parrish, Lidia Cucurull, Dave to add a new option if needed. 36. 36.
Parrish, Manuel Pondeca, Paul van Delst, 37Compiling GSI. To compile: ./compile
Daryl Kleist, Xiujuan Su, Yanqiu Zhu, and >& compile_gsi.log To get compile
others NASA/GMAO Ricardo Todling, Ron help message: ./compile -h If the
Errico, Runhua Yang, Ron Gelaro, Wei Gu, compilation is successful, it will create
and others And NOAA/GSD, NCAR/MMM,… 2. one executable under bin/: gsi.exe. 37.
3Session Outline. GSI System and 37.
Community Support (30 minutes, presented 38Clean Compilation. To remove all
by Hui Shao) Installation, Running, and object files and executables ./clean To
Diagnostics (30 minutes, presented by Ming remove all built files, including
Hu). 3. configure.gsi ./clean –a Clean is
4GSI System. 4. recommended if compilation failed want to
5Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation change configuration file. 38. 38.
(GSI). 3D variational assimilation (same 39Running GSI User’s Guide: Chapter 3.
as WRF-VAR) J =1/2 (x-xb)TB-1(x-xb) + 39.
1/2(H(x)-y0)T(E+F)-1(H(x)-y0) + JC Fit to 40To run GSI, you need: GSI Executable
background + Fit to observations + Background (first guess) file Observations
constraints x = Analysis (Output) xb = Not needed for single observation
Background (Input) B = Background error experiment Fixed files (within GSI
covariance (Input) H = Forward model package) Run script (namelist included).
(within GSI) y0 = Observations (Input) E+F 40.
= R = Instrument error + 41Background. GSI can use WRF NMM input
Representativeness error (Input) JC = file in binary format WRF NMM input file
Constraint terms (within GSI). 5. in netcdf format WRF ARW input file in
6Operational GSI Applications. * binary format WRF ARW input file in netcdf
Collaborated with NASA/GMAO and others. format GFS input file in binary format
System. Implementation date. Primary GMAO global model input file in binary
Developers. Physical SST retrieval. format DTC has only tested regional
9/27/2005. NCEP/EMC*. NAM (regional). analysis with WRF input On IBM: both
6/20/2006. NCEP/EMC*. RTMA. 8/22/2006. binary and nedcdf format On Linux: netcdf
NCEP/EMC*. GFS (Global). 5/1/2007. format only. 41.
NCEP/EMC*. HWRF. 6/19/2007. NCEP/EMC*. 42Observation. All observations have to
Rapid Refresh (RR). 2010. NOAA/GSD. AFWA be in BUFR format prepbufr: NCEP flavor
operational. 2010 or 2011. NCAR/MMM. 6. BUFR Need NCEP BUFR library. 42.
7Rapid Refresh Domain. Air Force 43Fixed files. Collection of statistic
Weather Agency Domains. NAM. HWRF. 7. and control files under fix directory
8GSI Code Flow. Read in & Background and observation errors
distribute observations, background & berror_stats, errtable Observation data
background errors. Additional control file (info files) convinfo ,
initializations. User input & satinfo Bias correction used by radiance
initializations. Outer loop a) Set up analysis satbias_angle, satbias_in
right hand side of analysis equation Radiance coefficient used by CRTM
(Compute observation innovations) b) Call EmisCoeff.bin, CloudCoeff.bin. 43.
inner loop Compute gradient information 44Run script - structure. Ask for
Apply background error Compute search computer resources to run GSI Set
direction Compute step size Update environment variables for the machine Set
analysis increment. Write analysis & experiments variables (experiment name,
related output. 8. analysis time, background and observation)
9Background Fields (xb). Currently Check the definition of required variables
works for the following systems Global GFS Generate a run directory for GSI (working
GMAO global Regional WRF (ARW & NMM) - or temp directory) Copy GSI executable to
binary and netcdf NCEP RTMA. 9. run directory Copy background file to run
10Observations(yo). *Some of the data directory Copy or link observations to run
are restricted. Radiosondes Pibal winds directory Copy fixed files to run
Synthetic tropical cyclone winds Wind directory Generate namelist for GSI Run
profilers Conventional aircraft reports the GSI executable Save the GSI analysis
ASDAR aircraft reports MDCARS aircraft results. 44.
reports** Dropsondes MODIS IR and water 45Run Script - Experiment variables. #
vapor winds GMS, METEOSAT and GOES cloud analysis time (YYYYMMDDHH)
drift IR and visible winds GOES water ANAL_TIME=2008051112 # working direcotry,
vapor cloud top winds. Surface land where GSI runs WORK_ROOT=./gsi/case # path
observations* Surface ship and buoy and name of background file
observation SSM/I wind speeds QuikScat BK_FILE=./2008051112/bkARW/wrfout_d01_2008
wind speed and direction SSM/I 05-11_12:00:00 # path of observations
precipitable water SSM/I and TRMM TMI OBS_ROOT=./gsi/case
precipitation estimates Doppler radial PREPBUFR=./tutorialcases/data/newgblav.gda
velocities VAD (NEXRAD) winds GPS 1.t12z.prepbufr.nr # path of fix files
precipitable water estimates GPS Radio FIX_ROOT=./GSI/fix # path and name of the
occultation refractivity profiles SBUV gsi executable GSI_EXE=./GSI/bin/gsi.exe #
ozone profiles (other ozone data under which background error covariance and
test). 10. parameter will be used (GLOBAL or NAM)
11Observations(yo) (cont.). Regional bkcv_option=NAM. 45.
GOES-11 and 12 Sounders – thinned to 120km 46Run Script - run directory. Run
Channels 1-15 Individual fields of view directory Create a new directory for each
4 Detectors treated separately Over run Copy or link data Executable
ocean only AMSU-A – thinned to 60km Background Must be copied, will be
NOAA-15 Channels 1-10, 12, 15 NOAA-18 over-written by analysis result
Channels 1-8, 10-11, 15 AMSU-B/MHS – Observations Link or touch if not exist
thinned to 60km NOAA-15 Channels 1-3, 5 Fixed files Link. 46.
NOAA-16 Channels 1-5 NOAA-17 Channels 47Run Script : namelist. Generated by
1-5 NOAA-18 Channels 1-5 HIRS – thinned running scripts Change namelist by editing
to 120km NOAA-17 Channels 2-15. Global run script Works for both global and
GOES-11 and 12 Sounders –thinned to 180km regional analysis Detailed explanation in
Channels 1-15 Individual fields of view section 3.4. &SETUP
4 Detectors treated separately Over miter=2,niter(1)=5,niter(2)=5,
ocean only AMSU-A – thinned to 145km write_diag(1)=.true.,write_diag(2)=.false.
NOAA-15 Channels 1-10, 12-13, 15 write_diag(3)=.true., qoption=1,
NOAA-18 Channels 1-8, 10-13, 15 METOP gencode=78,factqmin=0.005,factqmax=0.005,d
Channels 1-13, 15 AQUA Channels 1-6, ltim=$DELTIM, ndat=59,npred=5,iguess=-1,
8-13, 15 AMSU-B/MHS – thinned to 240km oneobtest=.false.,retrieval=.false.,l_foto
NOAA-15 Channels 1-3, 5 NOAA-16 .false., use_pbl=.false., $SETUP /
Channels 1-5 NOAA-17 Channels 1-5 &GRIDOPTS
NOAA-18 Channels 1-5 METOP Channels 1-5 JCAP=$JCAP,NLAT=$NLAT,NLON=$LONA,nsig=$LEV
HIRS - thinned to 180km NOAA-17 Channels ,hybrid=.true.,
2-15 METOP Channels 2-15 AIRS – thinned wrf_nmm_regional=.false.,wrf_mass_regional
to 180km AQUA 148 Channels. 11. .true., diagnostic_reg=.false.,
12Observation Operator (H). To use filled_grid=.false.,half_grid=.true.,netcd
observation, GSI simulates observation =.true.,
using analysis variables – observation regional=.true.,nlayers(63)=3,nlayers(64)=
operator (H) Can be simple interpolation , $GRIDOPTS. 47.
to ob location/time. Can be more complex 48Tuning and Diagnostics User’s Guide:
(e.g., radiation transfer). For radiances, Chapter 4. 48.
GSI uses CRTM. 12. 49Standard out file - stdout. Includes
13Background Errors (B). Space lots of important information First place
correlation computed using recursive to look after any GSI run If successful
filters in horizontal and vertical Data distribution Optimal iteration
Multivariate relation Flow dependent Maximum and minimum of analysis fields If
variability in background error Background fails, which part of GSI has problem what
error variances modified based on 9 and 3 is the possible reason for failure. 49.
hour forecast differences: Variance 50stdout - structure. read in all data
increased in regions of rapid change and prepare analysis: read in
Variance decreased in “calm” regions configuration (namelist) read in
Global mean variance ~ preserved Being background read in constant file (fixed
used for regional (US) surface analysis file) read in observation partition
operationally. 13. background and observation data for
14L. Surface pressure background error parallel analysis optimal iteration
standard deviation fields Valid at 00Z (analysis) save analysis result. 50.
November 06, 2007. HPC Surface Analysis. 51stdout – example(1). Top of stdout:
b) with flow dependent re-scaling. read in background End of stdout: write
rescaled. a) without re-scaling. “as is”. out analysis results. Read CRTM
14. coefficient. 0: rmse_var=T 0: ordering=XYZ
15Moisture analysis. Option 1: 0: WrfType,WRF_REAL= 104 104 0: ndim1= 3
univariate Temperature (blue) increment 0: staggering= N/A 0: start_index= 1 1 1
forces large increment in RH (shaded). 785191608 0: end_index= 69 64 45
Option 2: multivariate Temperature (blue) -1603623772 0: k,max,min,mid T= 1
increment forces increment in q (red). 309.9411316 264.5114136 289.7205811 0:
much smaller RH (shaded) increment. k,max,min,mid T= 2 310.6200562 269.5698547
16Observation Errors. Improved 295.0413208 ………. 0: k,max,min,mid T= 45
specification of observational errors 510.0127563 472.5627441 494.7407227. 0:
Adaptive Tuning. After tuning. After Read_SpcCoeff_Binary(INFORMATION) : FILE:
tuning and smoothing. Before tuning. 16. amsua_n15.SpcCoeff.bin; 0: SpcCoeff
17Observation Quality Control. External RELEASE.VERSION: 7.01 N_CHANNELS=15 0:
platform specific QC Some gross checking Read_SpcCoeff_Binary(INFORMATION) : FILE:
in PREPBUFR file creation Optimal amsub_n15.SpcCoeff.bin; 0: SpcCoeff
interpolation quality control (OIQC) – on RELEASE.VERSION: 7.01 N_CHANNELS=5 0:
its way out Analysis QC Gross checks – Read_SpcCoeff_Binary(INFORMATION) : FILE:
specified in input data files Variational hirs3_n16.SpcCoeff.bin; 0: SpcCoeff
quality control (VarQC) – implemented RELEASE.VERSION: 7.01 N_CHANNELS=19 0:
operationally in Feb 2009. Number of data Read_SpcCoeff_Binary(INFORMATION) : FILE:
rejected by OIQC. VarQC weight (W). 17. amsua_n16.SpcCoeff.bin; 0: SpcCoeff
18Bias Correction of Radiance Data. NCEP RELEASE.VERSION: 7.01 N_CHANNELS=15. 51.
uses a two step process for Tb Scan angle 52stdout – example (2). 0: PROGRAM
correction – based on position Air mass GSI_ANL HAS ENDED. IBM RS/6000 SP. Read
correction – based on predictors observations. Iteration. 6: READ_LIDAR:
Predictors mean path length (local zenith bufr file date is 2007 12 20 0 11:
angle determined) integrated lapse rate READ_AIRS: bufr file date is 2007 12 20 0
integrated lapse rate ** 2 cloud liquid 5: READ_RADAR: vad wind bufr file date is
water. 18. 2007 12 20 0 1: READ_PREPBUFR: bufr file
19B-O Histogram. DMSP15 July2004 : date is 2007 12 20 0 9: READ_BUFRTOVS:
1month before bias correction after bias bufr file date is 2007 12 20 0 mhsbufr 5:
correction. 19. n,lat,lon,qm= 1 47.04 246.01 -9 -9 -9 -9
20Community Support. 20. -9 -9 -9 -9 2 3 -9 3 -9 2 -9 4:
21Community GSI Code. Goals: Provide READ_PREPBUFR: messages/reports = 872 /
current operational GSI capability to the 97301 ntread = 1. 0: 0: GLBSOI: START
research community (O2R) Provide a pcgsoi 0: penalty,grad ,a,b= 1 0
framework for distributed development of 0.160014047732364506E+05
new capabilities & advances in data 0.724764165295960149E+06
assimilation (R2O). DTC. Research 0.132279098881E-02 0.00000000000E+00 0:
Community. System. Implementation date. pnorm,gnorm, step? 1 0 0.100000000000E+01
Mode. Physical SST retrieval. 9/27/2005. 0.10000000000E+01 good 0: penalty,grad
CRTM + analytical solution. NAM ,a,b= 1 1 0.150427003330115986E+05
(regional). 6/20/2006. 3D-VAR. RTMA. 0.608359222451359266E+06
8/22/2006. 2D-VAR. Global. 5/1/2007. 0.124401271687E-02 0.83938151711E+00 0:
3D-VAR. HWRF. 6/19/2007. 3D-VAR. RR. Early pnorm,gnorm, step? 1 1 0.940086232815E+00
2010. AFWA operational. 2010 or early 0.83938982252E+00 good. 52.
2011. 21. 53Single Observation Test. A good way to
22Definition of Community Codes. Free check ratio of background and observation
and shared resource Ongoing distributed variance pattern of background error
development by both research and covariance Setup in namelist SETUP
operational communities Maintained under oneobtest=.true., SINGLEOB_TEST
version control Periodic releases made maginnov=1.0, magoberr=1.0,
available to the community Includes latest oneob_type='t', oblat=20., oblon=285.,
developments of new capabilities and obpres=850., obdattim= 2007081500,
techniques Centralized support Provided in obhourset=0., 53.
collaboration with developers. 22. 54Control Data Usage. From namelist and
23GSI Community Release Timetable. the links of observation files
Tasks. Timeline. Note. Beta release dfile(01)='prepbufr‘, dtype(01)='ps‘,
(Q1FY09). Jun, 2009. Friendly user only dplat(01)=' ', dsis(01)='ps'
(through the GSI website). First release dfile(02)='prepbufr‘ dtype(02)='t',
(Q1FY09). Sep, 2009. With user support. dplat(02)=' ', dsis(02)='t',
Tutorial. Jun, 2010. Residential tutorial dfile(27)='amsuabufr‘,dtype(27)='amsua‘,dp
and hand-on practical session. 23. at(27)='n15‘,dsis(27)='amsua_n15',
24Community GSI Code Repository. dfile(28)='amsuabufr‘,dtype(28)='amsua‘,dp
Proposed Structure. Success of this at(28)='n16‘,dsis(28)='amsua_n16', From
structure will depend on communication and info file (convinfo …) otype type sub iuse
collaboration among all GSI developers, twindow numgrp ngroup nmiter gross ermax
users, and DTC. NCEP EMC Repository. 24. ermin var_b var_pg ps 111 0 -1 1.5 0 0 0
25User’s Website. 5.0 3.0 1.0 10.0 0.000 ps 132 0 -1 1.5 0 0
http://www.dtcenter.org/com-GSI/users/. 0 5.0 3.0 1.0 10.0 0.000 ps 180 0 1 1.5 0
Release announcement System component 0 0 5.0 3.0 1.0 10.0 0.000 ps 181 0 1 0.25
descriptions Documentation User’s Guide 0 0 0 5.0 3.0 1.0 10.0 0.000 ps 182 0 1
Presentations Registration Software 1.5 0 0 0 5.0 3.0 1.0 10.0 0.000 ps 183 0
downloads Bug fix reports User support -1 0.25 0 0 0 5.0 3.0 1.0 10.0 0.000 ps
information gsi_help@ucar.edu Tutorial 187 0 1 0.25 0 0 0 5.0 3.0 1.0 10.0 0.000
information. 25. ps 188 0 -1 0.25 0 0 0 5.0 3.0 1.0 10.0
26GSI User’s Guide. User’s Guide will be 0.000 t 120 0 1 1.5 0 0 0 7.0 5.6 1.3 10.0
updated to be consistent with each new 0.000 t 126 0 -1 1.5 0 0 0 7.0 5.6 1.3
release to the community. 26. 10.0 0.000 t 130 0 1 1.5 0 0 0 7.0 5.6 1.3
27On-line Tutorial (Beta Release). 27. 10.0 0.000 t 131 0 1 1.5 0 0 0 7.0 5.6 1.3
28On-line Documents (Beta Release). 28. 10.0 0.000 t 132 0 1 1.5 0 0 0 7.0 5.6 1.3
29GSI Web Brower. 29. 10.0 0.000. 54.
30O2R2O2R2O2R2O2R2O … 30. 55Observation fit - statistic files. 55.
31GSI: Compile. 31. 31. 56Convergence Information. stdout 0: 0:
32Requirements. System required GLBSOI: START pcgsoi 0: penalty,grad ,a,b=
libraries FORTRAN 90/95 compiler C 1 0 0.160014047732364506E+05
compiler Perl netCDF GSI system Download 0.724764165295960149E+06
GSI system tar files (GSIbeta.tar.gz ) 0.132279098881E-02 0.00000000000E+00 0:
from pnorm,gnorm, step? 1 0 0.100000000000E+01
http://www.dtcenter.org/com-GSI/users/inde 0.10000000000E+01 good 0: penalty,grad
.php gunzip and untar tar –zxvf ,a,b= 1 1 0.150427003330115986E+05
GSIbeta.tar.gz (Should see GSI/. directory 0.608359222451359266E+06
) cd to GSI directory cd GSI. 32. 32. 0.124401271687E-02 0.83938151711E+00 0:
33GSI Directory. Compile rules. Compile pnorm,gnorm, step? 1 1 0.940086232815E+00
scripts. Source code directory. Run 0.83938982252E+00 good More detail in
directory. 33. sorc. sorc. sorc. sorc. fort.220 J= 0.000000000000000000E+00
sorc. sorc. sorc. sorc. sorc. sorc. sorc. 0.000000000000000000E+00
sorc. makefile. mains. libs. libs. libs. 0.000000000000000000E+00
libs. libs. libs. libs. libs. libs. libs. 0.000000000000000000E+00
bacio. crtm_gfsgsi. bufr. sfcio. gfsio. 0.111428969204742752E+05
sigio. w3. mpeu. makefile. sp. 0.262756287766784135E+04
34Set environment. WRF_DIR WRF needs to 0.256346518803503204E+04
be compiled prior to compiling GSI GSI 0.921301367380113305E+02
uses WRF I/O API libraries to do file 0.244005730835839540E+04
input and output WRF directory specified: 0.000000000000000000E+00
setenv WRF_DIR /home/user/WRFV3 netCDF If 0.000000000000000000E+00
netCDF libraries are not located in the 0.000000000000000000E+00
standard /usr/local , then setenv NETCDF 0.000000000000000000E+00
“path for netCDF” For LINUX systems, make 0.000000000000000000E+00
sure the netCDF libraries are installed 0.000000000000000000E+00
using the same compiler (PGI, Intel, g95) 0.000000000000000000E+00
that will be used to compile GSI. 34. 34. 0.000000000000000000E+00
35Configuring GSI. To create a GSI 0.000000000000000000E+00
configuration file for your computer: 0.253237990246203207E-01
./configure This script checks the system 0.225585966101596478E+04 20 items in cost
hardware and software (mostly netCDF), and function: 5 wind observation 6 satellite
then offers the user choices for radiance observation 7 temperature
configuring GSI: Choices for 32-bit LINUX observation 8 precipitable water obs. 9
operated machines are: 1. Linux i486 i586 specific humidity obs. 20 surface pressure
i686, PGI compiler 2. Linux i486 i586 observation. 56.
i686, Intel compiler 3. Linux i486 i586 57Questions, Comments, Suggestions. 57.
i686, gfortran compiler Choices for IBM
GSI Data Assimilation System.ppt
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GSI Data Assimilation System

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