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A traditional view
A traditional view
Lecture attendance for British Party Politics, Spring Semester 2014
Lecture attendance for British Party Politics, Spring Semester 2014
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Has the Lecture had its day

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Has the Lecture had its day? Mark 10Audience Participation. Plagiarism
Stuart. Court ‘Strictly Come Speaking’ ‘Play
2Problems. Low attention spans Huge Professor’ Physically getting the students
class sizes Implementation of more contact off their feet, dividing into groups
hours Low attendance. Simple Q & A to soak up concerns.
3Graham Gibbs (1981). ‘Twenty terrible 11Group Task 1. Lecture slides Suggest
reasons for lecturing’ Worse today: in groups ways of re-setting, making it
lecturer no longer seen as the font of all more interactive Pool ideas.
knowledge. 12Creating a Buzz. Personal Anecdote
4Avoidable faults. Cramming everything (Ford Mondeo) The Prop: - Party rosettes -
in Giving the buggers the lecture whether Thatcher handbag - ‘Swingometer’ - ‘Spin
they like it or not 2-hour lectures the Select Committee’ - Typo competition.
(surface learning) (Ramsden and Entwistle, 13Group Task 2. Discuss how to add a
1981!). personal dimension to a lecture.
5Solutions. Resist temptation to cover 14Potential Gains. Improved SET scores:
everything Strip out some of the detail ‘The teacher was an able communicator’
from lectures Do a regular cull of lecture ‘The teacher was approachable’ ‘The
slides. teacher was enthusiastic’ Professional
6Solutions: New Technology. Voting Pads distance is fine, but not to the point of
(‘Clickers’) Video Xerte (online-only being distant.
modules) Recording Lectures. 15Lecture attendance for British Party
7A traditional view. Politics, Spring Semester 2014.
8Re-Setting. Mentioning ‘Ballots and 16An experiment in compulsion.
Bullets’ (Induction Lecture) Bad 17Group Task 3. Should we go down the
Euphemisms: www.verbalrefuse.com compulsion route for lectures? If yes,
(Foundations) Exploring Top Target Seats what sort of weight should we give to
for the General Election of 2015 (BPP). lecture attendance?
9Other solutions. Flipped lecture: 18Other solutions. Conduct research into
presentation of content before contact how students regard lectures Evening
time (Bergham & Sams, 2012) Audience lectures (Tuesday night?).
Has the Lecture had its day.ppt
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Has the Lecture had its day

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