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Hip-Hop and Rap

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Hip-Hop and Rap

Hip-Hop and Rap.ppt
1Chapter 18 Hip-Hop and Rap. 10introduction, then 8 bats of vocals repeat
Manipulating sound with just your hand is a phrase that returns at the end of each
like a miracle. The basic root of of five refrains. The refrains and verses
scratching is that the turntable is a vary in length Features: Even beat
musical instrument. Youre figuring out subdivisions Strong backbeat Vocals are
all these time signatures and rhythms and sometimes spoken within the 4-beat
patterns and notes. DJ Q-Bert. patterns, but sometimes are syncopated
McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Copyright 2011 by The around it Ascending and descending
McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights electronic sounds begin at bar 3 and
reserved. repeat through the vocal verses Melle Mel
2Spoken Word. Importance of spoken is the principal rapper, but Duke Bootee
poetry in Africa and by African Americans: and others are added at the final verse as
Griot singers Spirituals with two levels a dialogue that adds a real-life setting
of meaning in text, called signifying Lyrics: Mel presents a collage of urban
Harlem Renaissance writers use of ghetto decay and degradation. The refrain
language Spoken sections in country blues reiterates his struggle to keep his sanity
and other music during the twenties and and integrity in such dehumanizing
after The Last Poets, 1970 in New York conditions Charts: Pop, #62, R&B, #4,
used patter-spoken lyrics in support of British hits, #8. 18-10.
civil rights and African polyrhythmic 11Run-DMC. Run-DMC did much to
drumming as accompaniment Jamaican disc popularize rap to widespread white
jockeys use of patter-talk called audiences during the mid-eighties Its
toasting. 18-2. Like That introduced style hard-core
3Hip-Hop Culture and East Coast Rap. rap that stressed hard realities of life
Popularity of competitive break dancing in Hard-core rap opened the door for gangsta
New Yorks South Bronx, Queens, and rap on the West Coast Walk This Way
Brooklyn Disc jockeys provided music for (1986) rapped to Aerosmiths song popular
dancers on street corners DJ Kool Herc, with general listeners. 18-11.
from Jamaica, added the use of two 12Listening Guide. Its Like That by
turntables and sound manipulation used in Run-DMC (1983) Tempo: 126 beats per
Jamaica for New York dancers Jamaican minute, 4 beats per bar Form: 13-bar
style of toasting or patter talking to instrumental introduction, 8-bar verses
recordings added to DJs style Afrika and 28-bar instrumentals. The verses end
Bambaataa, another early hip-hop disc with the title text Features: Two rappers,
jockey and toaster organized neighbors Joseph Rev Run Simmons and Darryl DMC
into the Zulu nation and further developed McDaniels trade off rapping lines in
turntable techniques Tagging, developed verses The background is created by drum
into elaborate urban graffiti art form. machines and occasional synthesized
18-3. accents and other sounds, including Jason
4Break Dancing Techniques. B-boy/B-girl Jam Master Jay Mizells work as a DJ
A breakdancer Electric boogie Even beat subdivisions Strong backbeat by
Controlled movements that begin at one drum machine Vocals syncopate rhythms
appendage and gradually shift to other around the steady drum sound and often
parts of the body in a wavelike motion stress the half- beats after the main
Locking A move in which appendages relax beats, not unlike the hesitation beats in
and then jerk back into position Moonwalk ska Lyrics: The rappers focus on the theme
A mimelike motion in which the dancer of unbending reality, particularly hard,
stays in one place while moving as if economic reality Charts: R&B, #1.
walking Popping A move in which 18-12.
appendages jerk as if put out of joint 13Public Enemy. Formed in 1982 with
Robot A style in which individual body original members Chuck D and Flavor Flav,
parts move while the rest of the body is signed to Def Jam in 1986 Other members
stationary Spins The dancer places his were brought on to perform with them Began
or her head, back, or hand on the ground touring opening for Beastie Boys Used
and spins around like a top Up-rocking lyrics to report problems in African
Martial-arts-like motions. 18-4. American neighborhoods and therefore
5The Language of the Hip-Hop Disc called the CNN (Cable News Network) for
Jockey. Backspinning Turning or spinning African Americans Remarks at concerts
the record back to the desired place Beat included emotional attacks on unfair
box- A Vox percussion box with keys that treatment. 18-13.
play the sounds of bass and snare drums as 14Listening Guide. 911 Is a Joke by
well as high-hat, castanets, and timbales Public Enemy (1990) Tempo: 104 beats per
Beat juggling Re arranging the beat with minute, 4 beats per bar Form: 8 and 16 bar
fast changes from one record to another phrases with some extensions Features:
Breakdown A DJs slowing down a drum Even beat subdivisions Strong backbeat in
pattern by stopping the record between drums Bass, guitar, and horn (or
beats and playing beats from a second synthesized horn sound) sections play funk
record between them Cutting Segueing one polyrhythms Production includes much
recording into another using a varispeed mixing and overdubbing, creating a very
control to maintain a constant beat full background Call-and-response vocals
pattern through the change Double backing used in extensions to refrains Fade out
Playing two copies of the same record at ending Lyrics: The singer claims he had
the same time, but with one slightly ahead called the emergency number 911 a long
of the other Dub reggae Hip-hop to a time ago, and no one has responded,
DJs music Loop A short drum pattern indicating that the support teams are not
that is repeated over and over there for those in African American
Merry-go-round Cutting from the favorite neighborhoods Charts: Pop, #34, R&B,
section of one recording to a favorite #15. 18-14.
section of another. 18-5. 15West Coast Rap. Ice-T, Tracy Morrow,
6Mixing Fading down one recording as heard Rappers Delight while in the
another increases in volume level army, returned to L.A. and began rapping
Ready-made music Recordings on the and using turntables Gangsta rap began in
records manipulated by disc jockeys L.A., where gangs were a constant problem
Sampling Taking selected sections from Tupac Shakur shot to death (1996), murder
previously recorded records and repeating never solved N.W.A. (Niggas with Attitude)
and mixing those sections to create a in late eighties Dr. Dre, Andre Young,
background sound to accompany new vocals founded Death Row Records and recorded:
Scratching Changing the records Snoop Doggy Dogg Eminem, Marshall Mathers.
rotation from forward to backward 18-15.
repeatedly to create a rhythmic pulse 16Listening Guide. Straight Outta
Turntablist A DJ form whom a deck of Compton by N.W.A. (1988) Tempo: 104 beats
turntables is played like a musical per minute, 4 beats per bar Form: The
instrument Varispeed control A recording is introduced by an
phonograph control that allows disc unaccompanied spoken statement followed by
jockeys to vary the speed (and hence the 4-bars of instrumental sound, then three
pitch) at which a recording is played. The long sections of rapped vocals and
Language of the Hip-Hop DJ, continued. instrumental interludes of varying lengths
18-6. Features: Steady beat and strong backbeats
7Disc jockeys turntable work and on drum machine A 2-bar drone and
toasted, or rapped vocals recorded and turntable scratches accompany the drum
circulated around New York Sylvia machine Three rappers take turns doing the
Robinson, owner of Sugar Hill Records, vocals: Ice Cube, MC Ren, and then Eazy-E
heard rappers live at a party and asked Straight Outta Compton repeated during
them to let her record them in a studio interludes Lyrics: The rappers glory in
Rappers Delight released by the rappers their willingness, as gang members, to
calling themselves the Sugar Hill Gang, kill or mistreat anyone who gets in their
first hip-hop pop-chart hit Sampling, way, particularly fellow African
permissions problems and sharing of Americans. 18-16.
royalties Bass player and producer for 17Latino Rap. Spanish-speaking Puerto
Good Times by Chic given partial Ricans, Cubans, and others in New York
writers credit for Rappers Delight Mexicans, Chicanos, Cubans, and others in
because their music was copied, although L.A. Break dancing, turntable music, and
it was rerecorded by new musicians, for rapping popular Kid Frost, Arturo Molina
Rappers Delight background. The Jr., among many L.A. Latino rappers
Language of the Hip-Hop DJ, continued. Generally used Latin music for backgrounds
18-7. and Spanglish as a language. 18-17.
8Listening Guide. Rappers Delight by 18Listening Guide. La Raza by Kid
the Sugar Hill Gang Tempo: 108 beats per Frost (1990) Tempo: No real contrasting
minute, 4 beats per bar Form: Constant sections, the form is based on the
repetition of a 4-bar pattern with lyrics repetition of a 1-bar riff. After a 3-bar
rapped over it Features: The instrumental introduction, the vocals and instrumentals
backing was copied from the instruments form 8-bar sections, but the riff remains
used in Chics recording of Good Times constant Features: Backbeat in drums Both
The three members of the Sugar Hill Gang, even and uneven beat subdivisions used,
Wonder Mike, Big Bank Hank, and Master Gee even in drums and uneven in vocals and
take turns rapping The backbeat is hand saxophones Distinctive electric bass
clapped Lyrics: All three rappers take guitar riff Guitar plays a 2-bar pattern
turns assuming larger-than-life across repetitions of the 1-bar riff 2
descriptions of their sexual abilities and saxophones play the same melody one beat
magnetism Charts: Pop, #36, R&B, #4, apart, creating a reverberation or echo
British hits, #3. 18-8. effect A xylophone improvises in the
9Grandmaster Flash. Born Joseph Saddler background of the last part of the
(Jan. 1, 1958- ) Perfected many turntable recording The instrumental background is
techniques copied by turntablists to based on a sample from Viva Tirado-Part1
follow him including: Scratching (1970) by El Chicano Lyrics: English,
Backspinning Cutting Use of varispeed Spanish, and Gypsy patois used to express
control. 18-9. pride in La Raza (the race). 18-18.
10Listening Guide. The Message by 19Discussion Question. Rap music often
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, tends to have a racial identity. To what
featuring Melle Mel and Duke Bootee (1982) degree does that reject the idea of racial
Tempo: 102 beats per minute, 4 beats per integration as an ideal? 18-19.
bar Form: 18-bar instrumental
Hip-Hop and Rap.ppt

Hip-Hop and Rap

Hip-Hop and Rap

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