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How to Apply for a SWE Program Development Grant

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1How to Apply for a SWE Program 17section/committee? Who is the audience or
Development Grant. Mary Perkinson Program benefactor of the project? (Include how
Development Grant Committee Chair. many) What is the expected completion date
2Ever had a great idea for an event but of the project?
not enough money to make the event a 18Proposal: Project Description. What
reality? Then you need to know about SWE are the details of the project? How does
Program Development Grants. your project focus on girls or women? How
3Overview. Program Development Grants is this project innovative? What/where is
(PDG) Program Background SWE Goals Project the project venue? What is the project
Examples Proposal Requirements Evaluation length and timeframe? Describe your
Criteria. management structure for project,
4Program Development Grants. PDG Fund including support from other
was established in 1998 PDG provides organizations. If all details are not yet
funding to financially support unique and known, or need more work then please say
repeatable activities of sections, MAL’s what is needed and why the information is
and National Committees The proposed not provided at this time.
programs should be oriented towards women 19Proposal: Project Benefits. What are
and girls. the tangible and intangible benefits of
5The funds are to be used for programs the project to the participants? What are
that are dedicated to: Encouraging women the tangible and intangible benefits of
and girls of all ages to pursue the project to your SWE organization or
engineering studies. Engaging practicing SWE national? Are there other benefits?
women engineers in professional 20Proposal: Project Costs and Resources.
development activities. Providing a What is the total dollar cost? How much
positive forum for Diversity Issues and are you requesting from Program
Training. What are Program Development Development Grants? What are your other
Grants? sources of funding? Are there expected
6Program Development Grants. PDG is in-kind contributions? What SWE HQ
funded through designated corporate resources are needed? What Section
donations ExxonMobil Education Foundation resources are needed, including volunteer
The Ford Motor Company Foundation time? Include the number of SWE members
Microsoft Corporation's Equal Access that will be involved. What other
Grant. resources external to your Section are
7SWE Strategic Goals. PDG proposal needed, including people other than SWE
should address at least one of SWE’s Section members. What resources do you
strategic goals: Education and Outreach - have that will contribute to the
inspire girls and women from diverse probability of success with this project?
backgrounds and life stages to aspire to Include past experience in conducting
engineering for meaningful and rewarding similar programs, availability of SWE and
careers. Inclusive Organization - embrace other volunteers, external support such as
and promote the value and power of corporate or other organizations, etc.
diversity in specialties, age, race, 21Proposal: Deliverables. What will you
ethnicity, language, gender identity, provide to SWE to facilitate replication
sexual orientation, and interests. of your project? (for example -
Professional Leadership - provide Curriculum, Videos, Kit Supply/Equipment
opportunities for women to attain, Lists, Web pages, Scripts or Manuals).
enhance, and demonstrate leadership, and 22Proposal: Metrics. How will you
professional and technical excellence that measure the impact this project has on
results in career aspiration, advancement, girls or women and how you met your
achievement, and satisfaction. Knowledge objectives? For example: Was it successful
Source - share SWE’s acquired knowledge in encouraging women and girls to pursue
and promote programs that bridge the gaps engineering? Did you raise awareness of
in recruitment, professional development, diversity? Have you improved the
and retention of women in engineering. effectiveness of SWE? How will you measure
Value and Benefit – provide value and the success of this project? For example:
benefit to SWE as a whole. Number of participants, Number of
8Examples of Projects. Example of volunteers, Requests for information or
Projects: Engineering Hands-on Activity follow-up, Publicity received, before and
Kits Internet Activity Center with online after surveys.
resources to learn about engineering Camps 23Proposal: Project Life. What is the
and activities with Girl Scouts and Girls date of this event, or timeframe during
Inc. Professional Development Seminars. which it will take place? What are the
9Project Idea: “WOW! That’s project milestone dates? (i.e. a planning
Engineering”. Excellent Wow! resources calendar.) Do you anticipate repeating or
readily available for use on line, extending this project as funded by the
www.swe.org/wow Parent presentation grant past the 12 months covered by
Experiment ideas Templates for Program Development Grants? Do you
communication – logo, flyers for girls and anticipate repeating this program in the
volunteers, nametags, and surveys for future after the grant project is
attendees and volunteers Wow! That’s complete? Explain how you will accomplish
Engineering! Program Development Grant this without additional SWE grant funding.
documents online, on the PDG Community of 24Submittal of Proposal. Proposal must
Practice Page under All Resources Wow! be received by Ramona Hopkins at SWE HQ
example grant application (including (ramona.hopkins@swe.org ) by deadline
budget information) Wow! fill in the blank date. Preferred method of proposal
grant template. submission is by email. You will receive a
10Agilent After School Kits. 21 telephone or email acknowledgement upon
Engineering Kits – See all kits at receipt. If after initial review there are
www.swe.org/store Each Kit has materials deficiencies in eligibility, format, or
and instructions for four students Topics completeness, the project manager named in
range from solar power to rocketry, to the proposal will be contacted to address
hydrology Changes this fiscal year Kits these issues. You do have a chance to
available on the SWE store will remain $4 revise the proposal to supply additional
per box (for shipping) SWE members may information based on committee feedback
order up to 25 kits Agilent is unable to received.
continue funding the kits this year SWE 25Evaluation criteria. PDG Evaluation
will add 700 kits to our inventory (100 Criteria 25% Uniqueness of project to your
each of our 7 most popular) As stock is section 20% Potential impacts of
depleted, kits will not be replaced Kits deliverables 20% Alignment with SWE
may be ordered at cost (about $22/kit) at strategies 15% Proposal completeness 10%
www.yescience.com. SWE member involvement 10% Success measure
11Outreach Expo. Saturday, October 17, outlook.
10am-12:30pm, Room 104A Tables will 26Grant Notification Process.
include: SWE sections who run exceptional Notification date is ~45 days from
outreach programs Society outreach proposal submission deadline, by email
programs: Wow! That’s Engineering! – 2010 and/or US Mail. Notification will document
signature event applications due December any conditions, or changes to the proposal
1 Agilent After School kits – FY10 updates that have been discussed with you. It will
to the program Program Development Grants also list the expected deliverables not
– grant requirements have changed – No new included in your proposal. You will be
element required in events! SWE partners required to sign the letter of
involved in STEM outreach: FIRST Girl notification and return it to SWE HQ via
Scouts of the USA Other national FAX or US Mail to receive funds.
organizations. 27Fund Disbursement. First check will be
12Unaware that they exist or how to issued by HQ ~30 days from the date you
apply No ideas of projects to submit a accept the grant. First check is for 90%
grant for Resources available online of of the monies you were awarded. Upon
past projects other SWE sections have done receipt and acceptance of the final report
under the PDG Community section “WOW! and deliverables, HQ will issue a check
That’s Engineering” SWE Signature Outreach for the remaining 10% of the grant. Funds
event. Top Reasons Members do not Apply will not be disbursed in excess of the
for PDG Funds. actual costs reported in the final report
13Top Reasons Members do not Apply for submitted by the recipient. Checks will be
PDG Funds. Assumption that you will not mailed to the treasurer listed on your
receive a grant even if you apply so do cover sheet or acceptance letter.
not want to spend time on it. In FY08: 11 28Timeline of Grant Process. Tasks. Time
proposals submitted, 8 accepted, 3 not Schedule. Comments. Proposal submission.
accepted (due to event not being new to Monthly review cycles (Nov 1, Dec 1, Jan
section, no “project plan”) In FY09: 20 1……); Rolling submissions to be reviewed
proposals submitted, 13 accepted, 4 in next cycle. Complete, informative.
requested clarifications, 1 withdrew and 2 Committee evaluation. 30 days of above due
not accepted (due to event not being new date. Based on set criteria. Notification
to section, not meeting grant criteria and letter. 1-2 weeks post evaluation. From HQ
no “project plan”) In FY10 YTD: 4 to section president. Funding release. 1-2
proposals submitted, 2 accepted, 1 weeks post notification letter. 90% at
requested clarifications and 1 withdrew start up, 10% upon receipt of final
(resubmitting with a new project). report. Project start up. Upon
14PDG Proposal Submission Requirements. notification. Quarterly reports. 3 month
Proposal cover page Project details interim reports. On schedule, risk,
Proposal budget Section financials Proper recovery. Final report. At conclusion of
SWE approvals. project. Complete, informative. Project
15PDG Requirements After Grant closure. Upon receipt of final report. PDG
Acceptance. Quarterly reports: adequate Acknowledgement letter.
progress, risk assessment and control, 29Critical Success Factors. Good idea
recovery plan Final report: complete and for a project Complete Proposal (answer
on-schedule. all of the questions) Well thought out
16Proposal Format. Executive Summary event Detailed accurate budget.
Project Description Project Benefits 30Documents. Application and other
Project Costs and Resources Deliverables documents for PDG funds can be found in
Metrics Project Life Budget. www.swe.org My SWE Communities in the
17Proposal: Executive Summary. Summarize Program Development Grant community.
the project, including the objective Which 31Program Development Grant Webinars
SWE strategic priority does the project will be held in November on the 4th and
address? Summarize the need for the 10th at 8pm EST.
project How does this project differ from 32Questions? Mary Perkinson
or significantly enhance similar SWE mary.perkinson@swe.org.
projects, conducted by your
How to Apply for a SWE Program Development Grant.ppt
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How to Apply for a SWE Program Development Grant

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