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Clip Art Graphics
Clip Art Graphics
Clip Art Graphics
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File Graphics
File Graphics
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Using Sound Files
Using Sound Files
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Embedding Video
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How To Use PowerPoint A Brief Introduction to Commonly Used Features

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1How To Use PowerPoint A Brief 11Change the Speed or Even Add Sound! 0.
Introduction to Commonly Used Features. By 12Using “Canned” Sounds. To Add a Sound
Ryan McKenzie. 0. Clip to Your Slide, go to “Insert” and
2Introduction. PowerPoint is a very Extend the Menu if Necessary Place your
commonly used, fairly powerful Mouse over “Movies and Sounds” Select
presentation software from Microsoft. In “Sound From Clip Organizer” to use the
your academic career (undergrad, graduate, “canned sounds” provided by Office Select
or professional) there is a good chance Your Sound to the Right ? and then Choose
that you have been or will be exposed to Whether to Play it Automatically or on
this tool. Furthermore, most of you will Click. 0.
need to use it. This slide show is 13Using Sound Files. To Use a Sound File
intended not only to be presented as a of Your Own, Follow the Same Process
user guide to PowerPoint, but to be Except this time Select “Sound From File”
distributed as a way to practice what you Choose the File from the File Browser
learn as you learn it. 0. Notice a Small Speaker Icon is Inserted
3What Will be Demonstrated. Adding with any Sound, This WILL BE VISIBLE
Slides to a Presentation Using a Uniform during the Slide Show so Position it
Appearance/Motif How to Vary Slide Layout Accordingly. Jump Back To “Action
and Text (font, size, color) Using Buttons”… 0.
Graphics from ClipArt or a File Using 14AutoShapes. AutoShapes are Convenient
Animated Text (Timed and Manual) Applying for Making Quick Illustrations or Diagrams
Slide Transitions Adding Sound (From a such as Flow Charts Go to “Insert” and
File or the Gallery) Using AutoShapes place your Mouse Over “Picture” Select
Adding Videos and Animation Placing Action “AutoShapes” and a Small Floating Menu
Buttons for Nonlinear Slide Selection Will Appear in the Editing Area Click on a
Linking to Web Content or Email Addresses. Category of AutoShapes to see what Shapes
0. are Available Click the Desired Shape from
4Adding/Formatting Slides. Right-Click the Drop-Down and Draw it on Your Screen
the Timeline to the left ? and go to “New After Drawing an AutoShape, you and
Slide” OR go to “Insert” and select “New Position and Resize it as you Please
Slide” Open the “Layout” tab to the right Double-Click on an AutoShape to Change its
? to change the format of a slide. 0. Color and Other Options. 0.
5Appearance/Motif. You can Apply a 15Advanced AutoShapes. By selecting
Motif by Opening the “Design” tab on the several AutoShapes and right-clicking, you
right ? Then Click on the Desired Motif to can group them together. Any of the Custom
apply it to all slides Click on the small Animations we Used for Text Sections can
drop down if you wish to apply the motif be Applied to Groups or Single AutoShapes.
to only the current slide. 0. 0.
6Use the Drop Down Font and Size menus 16Embedding Video. To Play a Video in
above to vary the text. Variation in Your Slide Show, go to “Insert” and Place
Layout and Text. To Select a New Slide your Mouse Over “Movies and Sounds” then
Layout, Open the “Layout” Tab to the right Select “Movie From File” Any Movie that is
? You can Use the Font Color drop down Supported Will Automatically be Shown When
menu to change the text color. 0. you Browse for the File Once the Video is
7Clip Art Graphics. To Insert ClipArt, Inserted, Select if You Want it to Play
go to “Insert” and put your mouse on Automatically Then, you can Position and
“Picture” Another Menu will Open, select Size the Video how You Wish. 0.
ClipArt Once you Select your Image, You 17Action Buttons. You can Add Action
must Position and Resize it with the Buttons to Move Around non-linearly in
Mouse. 0. Your Presentation Go to “Slide Show” and
8File Graphics. To Insert a File Image, Select “Action Buttons” Select Your
go to “Insert” and put your mouse on Desired Button Type then Draw Your Button
“Picture” Another Menu will Open, select and a Window Will Appear Set Up your
“From File” Once you Select your Image, Properties, then you can Double Click the
You must Position and Resize it with the Button to Change Color You Can Also Resize
Mouse. 0. and Position the Button After it is
9Animated Text (Manual). 1) Set Up your Created. Go See HAL Again… 0.
Slide the Way You Want 2) Go to “Slide 18Linking to Web Content. You Can Link
Show” and select “Custom Animation” 3) to Web Content and Open it During Your
Highlight The Section You Wish To Animate Slide Show The Computer You Used During
4) Click “Add Effect” At the Upper Right ? the Slide Show MUST Have Internet Access
5) Select and Preview Your Effect 6) Highlight a Section of Text and
Highlight Your Effect and Make Sure the Right-Click it Select “Hyperlink” (Any
“Start” drop down is set to “On Click” 7) Spelling or Grammar Errors must be
To Preview Your Slide Click “Play” at the corrected or ignored to select
Lower Right? 0. “hyperlink”) Fill In the Address for Your
10Animated Text (Timed). Use the Same Target Content Click HERE to Visit
Basic Steps as Before Select the Desired www.campcaleb.com. 0.
Animation from the Right? Press the Drop 19Adding Email Links. A Good Idea is to
Down and Select “Timing” Make Sure the Add Your Email Address or other Contact
“Start Box” is set to “After Previous” Set Information to Your Slide Show You Add an
a Delay Time and You’re Done. 0. Email Address the Same Way you Link to Web
11Slide Transitions. While Working with Content, EXCEPT in the Address Field You
the Slide you Wish to Transition into, go Need to Type:
to “Slide Show” and select “Slide “mailto:youremail@yourdomain.com” For More
Transitions” A List of Available Help or Information Contact Me: Ryan N.
Transitions will Appear on the Right ? McKenzie (859) 257-8745 rnmcke0@uky.edu.
Once you Select your Transition, you can 0.
How To Use PowerPoint A Brief Introduction to Commonly Used Features.ppt
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How To Use PowerPoint A Brief Introduction to Commonly Used Features

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