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Example of a good figure
Example of a good figure
Example of Bad Figure
Example of Bad Figure
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Автор: Melissa Widerkehr. Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока английского языка, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «IEDM Powerpoint Presentation Template.ppt» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 45 КБ.

IEDM Powerpoint Presentation Template

содержание презентации «IEDM Powerpoint Presentation Template.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1IEDM Powerpoint Presentation Template. 7to a slide Rehearse your talk aloud,
Author list goes here… Affiliation goes preferably in front of a group of
here. colleagues.
2Outline of Presentation. Page Setup 8Text Slides. Slides with lots of words
Colors and fonts General guidelines for are hard for the audience to assimilate
good slides Text slides Illustrations and Minimize the number of words on text
figures Saving your file Uploading your slides. As far as possible, Use no more
presentation. than 30 words per page Use no more than 6
3Page Setup. Set up for 8-1/2 x 11” lines of text per page.
paper Do not size for A4 or 35mm slide 9Graphs and Figures. Simple line
Click on “File, “Page Setup,” click on drawings are often best Make all lines
arrow for “Slides Sized for” and pick sufficiently thick Restrict colors to
“Letter Paper: 8-1/2x11 in” Leave ?” or white and yellow as much as possible
1cm margin on all sides All pages should Dotted, dashed, or other specialty lines
be in horizontal (Landscape) format, not should be very bold and thick Fonts
vertical No logos are permitted except on embedded in figures > 24 point Make
the title page. sure fonts other than Arial bold are not
4Colors and Fonts. High contrast is incorporated into figures Often, graphical
important Use white or yellow text only on data imported from other programs will
a medium blue background Some poor font have small fonts & thin lines Fix this
and color choices are shown on the next in the source program.
page. - Alternate background color. 10Example of a good figure. Simple
5Poor Color and Font Choices. This graph, thick, bold axes, large fonts.
combination has good contrast but this 11Example of Bad Figure. Fonts &
dark back-ground will blacken the room too lines too small fonts wrong color Grey
much and if your font is too thin, it background & colored lines.
won’t be visible. This combination will be 12Saving your File. Embed true type
impossible to see - no contrast. This fonts in your file Click on “File”, “Save
combination can’t be read by people who As”, “Tools”, “Embed True Type Fonts”, or
are color blind. Click on “File”, “Save As”, and check
6Fonts. Use Arial Bold font Some fonts “Embed True Type” Save your file with the
project poorly Times Bookman Americana Use name pattern S-P_author_n.ppt S: Session
as large a font as possible Main text number, P: Paper number, n: Version
lines: 32 point Secondary lines: 28 point Example: 5-3_Smith_1.ppt.
Smallest text lines: 24 point Anything 13Uploading your Presentation. Bring an
below 24 is too small (e.g. 20 point). electronic copy with you to the IEDM using
7General Guidelines. Keep concepts as either IBM PC formatted floppy or ZIP disk
simple as possible Limit each page to one CDROM As backup, bring overhead
main idea Use several simple figures transparencies Deliver to the Speaker
rather than one complex one Make duplicate Preparation Room the day prior to your
copies of a page if you plan to refer to talk Review your materials there to verify
it more than once Do not plan to go back that your presentation works properly.
IEDM Powerpoint Presentation Template.ppt
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IEDM Powerpoint Presentation Template

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