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Картинка 15 из презентации «Имидж лик или личина по мхк»

Размеры: 676 х 600 пикселей, формат: png. Чтобы бесплатно скачать картинку для урока английского языка щёлкните по изображению правой кнопкой мышки и нажмите «Сохранить изображение как...». Для показа картинок на уроке Вы также можете бесплатно скачать презентацию «Имидж лик или личина по мхк.ppt» целиком со всеми картинками в zip-архиве. Размер архива - 4044 КБ.

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«Computer» - many people buy computers. on the earned money I help the children's kindergartens. and I will be happy to open such a beneficial. Computer equipment enjoys good success. in this business a lot of competitors who are trying to thee . I very like a computer. and I want to open computer business. I love my job.

«Invention» - The BBC begins regular TV transmissions. he inventors of the first airplane were Orville and Wilbur Wright. He is considered by many Italians as the inventor of the telephone. The Invention of Television. John Baird opens the first TV studio, however, the image quality was poor. Percy Spencer invented the first microwave oven after World War II from radar technology developed during the war.

«Teddy bear» - Signicificant studies of pandas in the wild does not exist. Bear. The size of the large males Kodiak Bear exceeds 3 m and their weight can reach a ton. The polar bear can without resting 80 km by ice-cold water to swim. Bears. Polar Bear. The grizzly has 30 years an average life. Kodiak Bear (Ursus arctos middendorffi) is the largest terrestrial carnivore.

«Dreamers» - What failures they experienced? What were some of the obstacles they faced? Who is the “dreamer”, and when did they live? He/ his company have been sued several times. He has had a few health issues recently due to exhaustion. His first Business venture failed. To a business that would create a software system to run on all computers (Windows).

«Healthy life» - Exercise will make you feel better, improve your health and help you perform at your best every day. Bad habits. Healthy eating stress Have you got bad habits? Add exercise into your weekend plans. Experts say just 30 minutes of activity three to four days per week will help you stay healthier. There are many ways to exercise every day without going to the gym or to a fitness club.

«The black death» - It started in Europe in 1346, and lasted until 1353. It keeps that name for the present day. It is estimated to have killed 25 million people or 30% of the population of China. Plaque doctor. Thanks for watching! The plague reoccurred occasionally in Europe until the 19th century. The causative agent of the plague is Yersinia pestis bacterium.

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