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Sobel operator: example
Sobel operator: example. Source: Wikipedia.

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«The first flight» - The first flight. Firstly, scientific employees tamed dogs. In addition to it the dogs must be patient. Epigraph. Belka and Strelka made a flight 19 august 1960. The beginning of the exploration. Epilogue. Also people taught them to eat from automatic feeding trough. Americans began to launch rockets with animals in 1948.

«Youth subcultures» - subculture. raver. hippie. punk. goth. mod. skinhead. hacker. rocker. biker.

«Healthy lifestyle» - To observe hygiene(соблюдать гигиену). Ballet. Smoke (курить). Ways to exercise(способы тренироваться). Lifting weights. Healthy lifestyle!!! (Здоровый образ жизни!!!). For this purpose what to observe a healthy lifestyle it would be necessary: volleyball. To be healthy you are to know some tips: Попытайтесь развить положительные чувства.

«Ravers» - Dj Smash feat. Their lives a complete entertainment. Extremely popular piercing. Fast Food – Volna (video version). In my opinion subculture the ravers not as bad as it seems. Image. gloves. Beattraax – Beach Party 2009. Accessories such as chains, rings - a great success not in use. Music. Values. Contents.

«Sport» - snowboarding. Swimming. football. tennis. Canoe. Ride a bicycle. Gymnastics. jumping. Figure-skating. Sport in my life. Hors-riding. Physical Education is compulsory at all schools. Jumping with the parachute. I think that every season is good for sports. skate. skiing. Sport helps people to keep in good health.

«Youth problems» - The right to… Defendant-подсудимый judge-судья plaintiff -истец to arrest-арестовать. Look and learn: Проблемы молодежи. Alcohol addiction. Form adverbs: prison. Say not! Give antogyms: Adult jails-тюрьмы для взрослых. Метод: интерактивный Тип:обучающий. Youth problems: Smoking. Dangerous exciting Hard easy Serious silly Boring false True safe.

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