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Incorporating Video Into Your Worship Service

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1Incorporating Video Into Your Worship 15need? The “Let’s Upgrade” Level Technology
Service. By Dr. Tom Cheyney Greater – Add another visual projector Purchase a
Orlando Baptist Association video camera for clips Do your
tcheyney@goba.org. announcements in a live or pre-recorded
2Incorporating Video Into Your Worship feed. Play them during pre-service times
Service. Many preachers and church in the building and worship center. Add
planters are experimenting on ways to video monitors to the platform area Just a
include video into their worship format. few additions will begin to add visual
It has become a viable tool in sophistication to your worship style.
communicating the message to today’s 16Incorporating Video Into Your Worship
electronic generation. We are living in Service. So what kind of stuff do you
the MTV-generation and using video is not need? “I need more power Scotty!”
only helpful, in some cases it is Technology Level – Add intercom to the
expected! mix, but that might be over-the-top Add
3Incorporating Video Into Your Worship video feeds to the vestibule and overflow
Service. Do not become a church that falls rooms Go live with “Man in the Parking
behind just because you as the pastor Lot” interviews Begin duplicating your
refuse to incorporate video into your messages for immediate sells.
services. Especially when it is so easy if 17Incorporating Video Into Your Worship
you develop a team of people to assist you Service. So what kind of stuff do you
in this area! need? The Geek Squad Comes to Church
4Incorporating Video Into Your Worship Technology Level – OK, perhaps a little
Service. A few questions: Do you desire to over-the-top, but you could add live
keep your messages on the cutting edge? service web casting. You could purchase
Are you afraid of using video in your additional cameras and shot /edit your own
worship? Do you think it will take up too video packages of the service.
much of your time to find adequate clips 18Take Me…Take Me to Best Buy Now!
for sermon illustration? Though you could find some items you need
5Incorporating Video Into Your Worship for worship in such a store, careful
Service. These are all viable questions! planning before you rush out and buy is
6Incorporating Video Into Your Worship essential. Make a list of what you need
Service. Today, the average person in and what you can afford. Remember it is
America spends over 110 hours a year better to buy one piece at a time and
watching TV or using the internet for slowly add to your capability than to
entertainment. We are a visual society throw down large sums on stuff you might
that has grown up substituting the tube not us later.
for a baby-sitter. 19Incorporating Video Into Your Worship
7Incorporating Video Into Your Worship Service. I wanted a portable TV camera for
Service. Video and TV make us comfortable my television program so bad once that I
and make us laugh! We are a visual media pushed it ahead of what we really needed,
today. only to discover it was a wasted piece of
8The Traditional Worship Service equipment except on mission trips! Go
Format. Most traditional services are slowly and carefully.
designed around a totally auditory 20Incorporating Video Into Your Worship
service. One sense is used and regardless Service. Here are some items to consider:
of the effectiveness of the communicator Projector screens Visual projectors PC’s
it can eventually become dull and routine. or laptops Media software DVD players
Today's audiences long for more. & duplicators Internet connection
9The Traditional Worship Service Cameras.
Format. Most traditional services, who 21Incorporating Video Into Your Worship
focus on just auditory formats, are still Service. What to visually show during
using a model that is over 100 years old. worship: Pre-worship music video Worship
These services focus on: singing, hearing, songs Recorded announcements Sermon
spoken testimony, spoken message, and outline & Scriptures Worship video or
spoken prayers. video illustration Symbolic visuals Humor
10The Traditional Worship Service visuals Skits that make a point.
Format. As a kid, I was told to stop 22Incorporating Video Into Your Worship
fidgeting or pestering my twin brother! Service. Video works with today’s
Yet, it was the longest hour of my week. generations, so start using it or be left
Today my daughter loves to go to worship behind. Video is very effective in the
because it is so visual and participatory. right place, at the right time. Develop a
11Post Modern Worship Services Are creative team to help you. Constantly
Incorporating Video Into the Mix! With the think about meaningful ways to use
visual generation leading the way in North technology.
America, it stands to reason that the 23Incorporating Video Into Your Worship
worship they prefer has a degree of visual Service. Make sure this technology
components in it. When video is used reinforces the message and does not take
appropriately, it can have a valuable away from the message! All of this
effect on those viewing the material. “geeked-out gizmo stuff” is to support the
12Post Modern Worship Services Are message and not take the place of the
Incorporating Video Into the Mix! With the message. It should help move the message
visual generation of hymns and choruses on along and get people thinking more about
the screen, it has a way of drawing every God than anything else.
one together. When a symbolic picture 24Incorporating Video Into Your Worship
flashes on the screen while you are Service. Things to do: Find a tech expert
partaking of the Lord’s Supper, there is a and develop a plan Go to the internet and
visual effect that draws you into the shop around Buy a projector that is high
experience. Candles in a Christmas Eve lumens Get a PC Buy a 100 + VGA or DVI
service is an example of the visual in cable for your PC Learn how to use your
worship. presentation software.
13Post Modern Worship Services Are 25Incorporating Video Into Your Worship
Incorporating Video Into the Mix! Today, Service. Things to do: Start with a single
even Scripture appears on screen as the visual addition to your format. Slowly add
audience is asked to read it together. new elements as you master the previous
Another visual experience. These visual ones. Try a pre-worship praise video. Put
experiences all draw the visually oriented your messages outlines on screen. Try a
believer closer to God during worship. The video clip to make a point. Keep getting
result: everyone seems to be paying closer better!
attention to what is happening in the 26Go “Down Town!” It’s going going gone!
worship experience. Once you have perfected your visual
14Incorporating Video Into Your Worship presentation and your worship services are
Service. So what kind of stuff do you much stronger and more effective, you
need? Entry Level Technology – A visual might want to aim for the fence! Try web
projector A laptop computer with casting!
presentation software & DVD A link to 27Go “Down Town!” It’s going going gone!
the internet An audio feed to your sound Learn from experts how to take your
system As you begin with these tools, you service and send it to the web stream.
will find you can implement choruses, Learn how to upload your worship to the
sermon outlines, scripture, and basic DVD web. The result is that you and your
videos well. church will be sending the message of
15Incorporating Video Into Your Worship Jesus out into all the world!
Service. So what kind of stuff do you
Incorporating Video Into Your Worship Service.ppt
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Incorporating Video Into Your Worship Service

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